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Melty Blood is 2D fighting game by Type-Moon based on the characters in the visual novel, Tsukihime and was originally released on Windows PCs. Later the game was ported to arcades and the PlayStation 2 as Melty Blood: Act Cadenza. The original game contains 14 playable characters.


Melty Blood's story takes place approximately one year after Tsukihime. A series of murders occur in Misaki and Shiki Tohno attempts to search for the murderer. During his travels he meets Sion Eltnam Atlasia, an alchemist who attempts to capture him. She explains that she is attempting to find a cure for vampirism.


Melty Blood was released in December 2002 for PC and went through subsequent patches; the first of which, Re-Act, was released in May 2004. Re-Act Final Tuned was released in July 2005.


Re-Act includes an Arcade Mode, set shortly after the events of the main storyline. Many characters were re-balanced and new movesets were introduced.

Re-Act: Final Tuned

Re-Act: Final Tuned added configuration options for controllers and fightsticks, as well as four new colors for each character.

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