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Chaos Code is a 2D fighting game developed by FK Digital, a Taiwanese game development company. The game was released in Japanese arcades in 2011. Arc System Works published Chaos Code on the PlayStation Network for North America on September 3, 2013. The NA PSN version currently does not have online netplay, but FK Digital stated on an interview in Siliconera that they are working in-house to implement online netplay for the console version of the game.

Chaos Code is currently on New Sign of Catastrophe 2.0 featuring two additional playable characters in Japanese arcades while the NA PSN version has been updated to version 1.03 on May 19, 2015.

Game Modes

Story Mode

Play through the story of all Chao Code characters.

Versus Mode

One-on-one battle against another human player or against the game's computer.

Survival Mode

The player battles through a number of computer opponents until their fighter runs out of stamina.

Practice Mode

This mode allows the player to practice their fighter against a dummy. The player can adjust the dummy's settings, such as guard, recovery, stance, etc., to their preference.



Chaos Code utilizes an eight-way directional movement to move the fighter back and forth, block, dash, jump, and execute special and super moves.

Normal Attacks

Chaos Code uses four buttons to execute normal attacks.

  • A - Weak Punch
  • B - Weak Kick
  • C - Strong Punch
  • D - Strong Kick

Normal Commands

The fighter performs a particular action when the following buttons are pressed together.

Forward Roll

Command: A + B

The fighter will perform a ground forward roll.


Command: A + B upon knock back or before hitting the ground

The fighter will quickly recover to a fighting position.


Command: A +C

The fighter will grab and throw their opponent to the ground. Pressing back with A + C will make the fighter perform a backward throw.

Chaos Gauge Commands

The following commands require an amount of chaos meter available for the fighter to perform the following actions.

Guard Break Attack

Command: Forward + C + D; Consumes 1 Chaos Meter

The fighter will perform an unblockable attack to the opponent, causes the opponent to be frozen in place if they are hit.

Tactical Guard

Command: C + D; Consumes 1/2 Chaos Meter

The fighter will counter an opponent's attack if the command is timed properly.

EX Special Move

Consumes 1/2 Chaos Meter

The fighter will perform an EX version of their special move.

Ultimate Chaos

Consumes 1 Chaos Meter

The fighter's super move. Each fighter has two super moves.

Destruction Chaos

Consumes 3 Chaos Meters

The fighter's ultimate super move.

Chaos Shift

Command: A+C during Ultimate Chaos; Consumes 1 Chaos Meter

This command will cancel the fighter's ultimate chaos attack and return them back to a neutral state.

Chaos Cancel

Consumes 2 Chaos Meters

The command allows the fighter to cancel a special move action into an ultimate chaos.

Exceed Chaos

Command: B + C; Consumes 3 Chaos Meters

The fighter will enter in exceed chaos state, where their chaos gauge changes into a time gauge.

The fighter in the exceed chaos state are given four special properties.

  1. Their stun gauge is reset back to zero.
  2. All chaos consuming moves can be used at all times.
  3. Stamina regenerates.
  4. All normal attacks are cancel-able.

Once the time gauge for exceed chaos runs out, the fighter's chaos gauge enter into overheat mode where it cannot use any chaos gauge commands and accumulate any chaos meter until the meter cools down.

Skill Selects, Run / Bounce

Chaos Code allows the player to choose the following options after the character is chosen.

Skill Selects

The player can choose two out of the four additional skills for their character. The top two skills are additional special moves while the bottom two are additional super moves. The two chosen additional skills will have their commands displayed under the chaos gauge during battle.

Run / Bounce

The player can choose the forward dash preference for the character. The run option will have the fighter run along the ground, while the bounce option will make the fighter hop forward.



MG Hikaru





Celia II






Cait & Sith



Japanese Portal Site

English Site

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