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After five iterations of Street Fighter II, Street Fighter III: New Generation finally gets released on February, 1997 in the arcades. Street Fighter III: New Generation features a brand new fighting engine & a brand new graphic engine called CPS III.The CPS III engine allowed Capcom to create beautifully animated 2D fighting-games with stunning sprites and turn around state--in which a character can have his or her back turn when being hit by a certain strike. The old Street Fighter II style gameplay was revamped from the ground up; many features were added to the game's formula--some of them coming from past Capcom fighting-games.


One of the most notable feature is, "The Parry" which allows the player to evade attacks from the player's opponent. The way the parry is done, is by a tap forward (High attacks) or a tap down (Low attacks) on the joy-stick or the D-pad right on the same time when the attack makes contact to the player's character.

Alex parrying one of Elena's attack.
Alex parrying one of Elena's attack.

attacks) on the joy-stick or the D-pad right on the same time when the attack makes contact to the player's character.

Another feature that was added to the game's formula is the ability to dash forward and back. Also the ability to perform high jumps. The two feature originally debut in DarkStalkers.

Street Fighter 3 also introduced the "Universal Overhead" move. This move can be done with all characters by pressing medium punch and medium kick. Your character does a short hop, creating throw invincibility, and does an air move. This move hits high, and forces your opponent to not block low.

Another inclusion is the "Super Art"--formerly know as the "Super Combo" from Super Street Fighter II: Turbo & Street Fighter Alpha.The rule for the "Super Art" is after the Player picks his or her character, the player also has to pick one "Super Art". Each of the "Super Art" varies in two ways; the amount of stocks the "Super Art" can hold up--one,two, or all three--and the length of the meters.


The character select screen.
The character select screen.
  • Ryu - The face of the Street Fighter series return in Street Fighter III for the third Street Fighter tournament to seek a challenge.
  • Ken - Ken finds out his friend, Ryu,enters the Street Fighter tournament; he decide to do the same to rematch his old friend,once again.
  • Alex - The lead character of Street Fighter III. Alex finds out his mentor Tom was injured by Gill, he joins the Street Fighter tournament to seek revenge.
  • Sean - A Shoto-style fighter with some original moves of his own.He's also becomes Ken's student.
  • Elena - The African beauty who is also a capoeria master. She travels to Japan as a exchange student and hope to form new friendship.
  • Necro - A Russian man who was kidnapped by the Illuminati--that's being lead by Gill--to be experimented as part of the "G-Project".
  • Yun - A cocky young kung-fu expert who protects hie hometown in Hong Kong.He's also know as "The Water Storm Dragon".
  • Yang - The twin brother Yun, Yang is a Kung-fu expert like his brother, Yun,.And also known as, "The Wind Gust Dragon".In New Generation he was a palette swap.
  • Ibuki - Ibuki is a ninja.She fights in the tournament as part of her ninja training.
  • Dudley - England's number one boxer. Dudley's car was stolen by Gill and he enters in the tournament to get it back.
  • Oro - The 140 year old hermit, who enters the tournament to seek a powerful fighter worthy of learning his fighting style.
  • Gill - The leader of the Illumati.Gill has the power to manipulate fire and ice; he also wants restore balance in the world.

Soundtrack List

The soundtrack CD.
The soundtrack CD.
  • "Jazzy NYC (Underground Edit)"--New York stage 1
  • "Leave Alone"--London stage
  • "Crowded Street"--Hong Kong stage
  • "Sharp Eyes"--Japan stage 1
  • "Good Fighter"--Japan stage 2
  • "Tomboy"--Africa stage
  • "Get on a Train"--Siberian Railway stage
  • "Cave Man"--Brazil stage
  • "The Judgement Day"--Greece stage
  • "Jazzy NYC (Street Edit)"--New York stage 2

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