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    Blanka is a fighter in the Street Fighter series. He can be easily recognized by his distinctive green skin and orange hair.

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    Blanka is a green ape-like fighter from Brazil. He is considered savage having grown up in the jungle, and his fighting style reflects this. Blanka arrived in the jungle after a plane crash separated him from his mother. Blanka raised himself in the wild, but also has connections to the local village. Like all Brazilians, Blanka's skin is green with bright orange hair sprouting from his body. Blanka is best known for his electric abilities which distinguish him from the other characters in the Street Fighter games.

    Street Fighter II Ending

    After defeating M. Bison, a lady walks out onto the floor and asks Blanka if he is her long lost son. The lady explains that her son, Jimmy, was lost in a plane crash over Brazil. Suddenly, she sees Blanka's anklet, which she recognizes to be a birthday present she gave Jimmy. Blanka then hugs her and they both start crying.


    • One easily recognizable feature of Blanka is his green colored skin. He hasn't always been like this. His in-game story tells that at one point his skin was extremely pale, leading to him being nicknamed el hombre blanco (white man), from which he derived his name. One explanation of his green coloured skin is his regular intake of chlorophyll through plants, as it would help him to blend better with the jungle environment. In time, his skin eventually turned fully green.
    • As a fighter, he has been recognized as a self-taught Savate fighting style. The USA division of Capcom has however depicted his fighting style as Capoeira.
    • He has been known to have not spoken a single word, instead using several yells and growls. Though, in a few iterations of the series, the post-fight scenes have shown him using actual words to declare victory.
    • Blanka is capable of channelling electricity through his body, which will stun other fighters if they make contact with him. Blanka's other moves involve spins and rolls to batter the enemy into submission. Blanka is also renowned for his beast-like fangs, which he uses to chomp the heads of enemy fighters.


    In Street Fighter Alpha 3, Blanka is thrown into a fight with Dan Hibiki, and it is revealed that Blanka once saved Dan's life. Blanka then teams up with Dan and Sakura to fight Shadaloo and destroy M.Bisons "Psycho Drive" weapon.

    In Capcom VS SNK 2, Blanka believes he is being flown home, but is actually tricked into becoming an attraction at a zoo.

    In Street Fighter 4, Blanka's Rival is El Fuerte.

    Electric Thunder!
    Electric Thunder!

    Special Moves

    Electric Thunder: Punch, Punch, Punch (Rapidly keep pressing punch to continue move indefinitely).

    Blanka crouches down and starts violentaly emanating electricity from his body. It doesn't harm the opponent if they are any more then a couple feet away from him although if they touch him they will be shocked and knocked to the ground. This move can be used in combos, does good damage and is relatively safe; unless used from an unsafe distance or for too long. It is beaten out by many special moves from other characters, most namely Fireballs.

    Beast Roll: (charge) Back, Forward Punch (Strength of punch button determines distance traveled and damage caused).

    Blanka flies horizontaly across in a ball, slamming into the opponent. Against a vast majority of the cast of the game's that Blanka has this move it is safe to use and cannot be punished if the opponent blocks it. Against some characters though, this move is very dangerous for Blanka as it can be punished quite badly (for instance, Cammy can hit him with a Cannon Drill or even her Super and Ultra if she blocks it). This move has an Armor Breaking property in the Street Fighter IV series which means it beats out Focus Attacks. The EX version can also go through most Fireballs (excluding multiple hit fireballs ie. Akuma's Shakunetsu Hadoken).

    Backstep Roll: (charge) Back, Forward Kick.

    This move isn't widely used as it is very punishable if blocked. Blanka hops backward and rolls in an arcing angle toward or over the opponent, can be used as a crossup and the EX version can be controlled in the air.

    Upwards Beast Roll: (Charge) Down, Up Kick. (Strength of kick button determines distance traveled and damage caused).

    A good anti-air move, it is basicaly the same as the Beast Roll but should you miss it is quite punishable by most characters.

    Hop: Back or Forward Kick x3.

    A very good trick for Blanka is to use the Hop move to jump around the stage and confuse the opponent. If you hold either Down-Back or Down-Forward while doing the hop you can maintain charge for your Upwards Beast Roll to surprise your enemy. Coupling the Hop with the throw, Beast Roll and electricty makes for a fearsome mixup game.

    Beast Slide: Down-Forward Hard Punch.

    A useful tool in Blanka's arsenal. He slides across the ground a reasonable distance and clips the feet of the opponent. A good move for going under fireballs. Not advisable to use this too often or too close as it can be punished if blocked in most cases.

    Coward Crouch: Down Punch x3.

    Blanka on Safari!
    Blanka on Safari!

    Yet another tool against fireballs. Blanka hits the deck and can stay there for quite a while, although it can be recovered from earlier if you want by moving.

    SUPER Combo

    Grand Shave Roll: (charge) Back, Forward, Back, Forward Punch (can delay if desired by holding punch)

    A weaker version of his Ultra 1 but this one can be comboed into more easily. It is up to the player if they wish to use this super in favour of the very useful EX moves that Blanka has. The Super does do quite alot of damage as far as Supers go, though.

    ULTRA Combos

    Ultra 1 - Lightning Cannon Ball: (charge) Back, Forward, Back, Forward Punch x3 (hold to delay the roll after first hit for full damage)

    Blanka unleashes his full electric potential with this Ultra. He does a combination of a quick Upball and then goes strait into a devestating Forward Roll. If you hit the enemy with the upball it is required to delay the Roll in order for the combo to fully connect. If your opponent is close it can be quite hard for them to know how to block it but if they are experienced then this move isn't very safe as it can be punished very easily. It does a surprising amount of chip damage if blocked and it is sometimes damaging enough to even to finish them off.

    Ultra 2 - Shout of Earth: (charge) Down-Back, Down-Forward, Down-Back, Up-Forward Punch x3 (Anti Air) or Kick x3 (Ground Based)

    The Green Beast unleashes a massive surge of electricty, pounding the ground voilentaly. There are two versions of this Ultra, one for hitting an airborne opponent and one for hitting an opponent on the ground.

    Appearances in films

    • Street Fighter 2 animation film
    • Street Fighter motion picture

    Blanka's Win Quotes

    • " The king of the Jungle is the King of the world. "
    • " I've gotta get stronger! I can't go home until I'm good enough for my mama! "
    • " Until you forget mankind's rules and fight like a beast, you can't beat me! "
    • " Crocodiles are good, but I prefer the taste of a nice pirarucu! "
    • " I liked living in the jungle, but I'd rather be with my moma now. "
    • " You can't defeat me with moves like that! "
    • " You're stong! We should hang out! "
    • " You didn't keep your mind on the fight. That's why you lost! "
    • " I'm stronger than you! I'm better than you! "
    • " Ogwow! Oh! Oh! "
    • " Arooooo! "


    In the live-action film released in 1994, Blanka is a Brazilian named Carlos Blanka, his nickname is Charlie and he is friends with Guile da A.N, he is a composite character of Blanka and Charlie Nash. This version appears in Street Fighter: The Movie and the Street Fighter animated series, both released in 1995.


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