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    Sagat is a character in the iconic fighting game series Street Fighter. He was introduced in the first Street Fighter game, and is Ryu's arch-rival.

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    Sagat is a recurring major character from the Street Fighter franchise. From Thailand, Sagat was known as the "The King" of the Muay-Thai fighting style. He is known to associate himself with subjects including once being part of the series' antagonistic group Shadaloo as well as being the rival of series icon Ryu.

    Sagat as he looks in Street Fighter IV.
    Sagat as he looks in Street Fighter IV.

    Characterized as a menacing and muscular tall man, Sagat's other physical features include his bald head with one of his eyes covered by an eye patch and a major scar on his chest. Sagat also bears his Muay-Thai short and wraps on his hands and feet.

    Sagat has similar gameplay aspects to characters like Ryu and Ken including a fireball and uppercut but has other moves that help differentiate.

    Sagat served as the final boss in the original Street Fighter and was initially unplayable. He became a playable character in later Street Fighter games and continued to be associated as a sub-boss in the series. Sagat has long been considered to be one of the more powerful Street Fighter characters. Early iterations of him as a playable character were considered to be at the top of a game's tier list, while later iterations would see him weakened dramatically.


    Prior to the original Street Fighter, Sagat was already attained "The King" title and defended his status from many fighters. One major fight came from combatant Gou Hibiki who took out his right eye which Sagat brutally kills him for the damage.

    Street Fighter

    To test more fighters and try to proclaim the status as the strongest man in the world, Sagat initiated the first ever World Warriors tournament. During this time, Sagat also trained aspiring Thai fighter Adon. After many fights, Sagat would face a young Ryu in the final match only to be defeated. Not knowing of the triggering of the Satsui no Hadou power Ryu was using to defeat Sagat and scar his chest, Sagat vows revenge on the Japanese fighter.

    Street Fighter Alpha

    Sagat performing a Tiger Cannon on Birdie in Street Fighter Alpha.
    Sagat performing a Tiger Cannon on Birdie in Street Fighter Alpha.

    Sagat would blindly face and lose his mocking student Adon, leaving himself ashamed and full of rage. In an attempt to get his life back on track, Sagat joins Shadaloo in hopes of that the corporation finds Ryu. During his search, Gou Hibiki's son Dan would come across Sagat for revenge for the death of his father. To prevent any trouble, Sagat purposely loses to satisfy Dan's vengeance.

    In Alpha 3, Sagat would finally face Ryu but in a controlled state created by Shadaloo leader M. Bison. Sagat demanded Ryu to come back to his senses which was successful. After the defeat of Bison in the hands of a free Ryu, Sagat finally understood the Satsui no Hadou that tormented Ryu. Before departing, Ryu promises Sagat that they will fight once again.

    Street Fighter II

    Unfortunately, Ryu was knocked out in the tournament before Sagat can fight him so the Thai fighter continues to train himself.

    Street Fighter IV

    Feeling ashamed, Sagat visits a fight featuring Adon to help inspire himself. Still mocked by his pupil, the enraged Sagat immediately fights Adon and defeats him with a reinvigorating cheer by his fans. Finding out Ryu is entering the S.I.N. tournament, Sagat enters himself in order to fight his rival and discover his destiny. They would eventually fight but it's left with a vague result (depending on who player tries out). Fortunately, Sagat would be satisfied and realize it's not about winning or losing but the communication of the souls within the fight. Sagat would return to his hometown in Thailand with greetings from various townsfolk. Asking about his experiences, Sagat replied that he "actually had fun" after meeting "an old friend."


    Sagat has some similar properties to Ryu and Ken but has some distinctive moves to them. To compliment his physical character, Sagat's normal moves and long and sometimes powerful. In result though is his slow mobility.

    Special moves

    Sagat performing a throw on Ryu in Street Fighter IV
    Sagat performing a throw on Ryu in Street Fighter IV

    Sagat has a fireball move called the "Tiger Shot" which can vary in speed (depending on which button pressed). The punch version of the Tiger Shot has Sagat shoot while standing and the kick iteration has Sagat shoot while crouched. Sagat's "Tiger Uppercut" plays similar to the "Shoryuken" which he moves similarly. A distinguishable move called the "Tiger Knee" has Sagat charge fast into the air using his knee. While it's used to hit an enemy fast, it can be used to avoid projectiles as well. Super moves/Ultra moves

    The "Tiger Genocide" is Sagat's most common super move where he performs a Tiger Knee and then immediately a Tiger Uppercut. In Street Fighter IV, Sagat has a stronger version with the ultra move called the "Tiger Destruction" which adds another powerful Tiger Uppercut. The "Tiger Cannon" has Sagat perform a more powerful Tiger Shot. Variations of the Tiger Cannon exist including a ground version in the Capcom vs. SNK series. Introduced in the Alpha series, the "Tiger Raid" gives Sagat a fast series of kicks before ending it off with a charging jump kick.

    Sagat's Win Quotes

    • " Your weakness will not satisfy my vengeful rage! "
    • " How does it feel to have your body torn by my fist? "
    • " Hatred spares no one! "
    • " Pathetic... Will you now beg me for your worthless existance? "
    • " Man, beast, or god... My punch smashes all into nothingness! "
    • " Defeat has brought me anger... Anger which leads to victory! "
    • " Your flesh is soft. My fists are invincible. Realize your agony. "
    • " I promised this scar, that I would never be defeated again! "

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