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Capcom's Street Fighter series was one of the first competitive fighting game series on the market, with the original Street Fighter being released in 1987. The series didn't really take off, however, until 1991's Street Fighter II. It could be argued that Street Fighter II became a franchise of it's own with several iterations, anime and movies all being released between the early-to-mid 90's. During this time Capcom's refusal to release a true sequel became something of an in-joke with many fans stating that Capcom "couldn't count to three". Capcom eventually did release a Street Fighter 3 in 1997 to mixed reception. Apart from Ryu and Ken, the third game featured all new characters. Eventually Capcom put out an iteration that added Chun Li. but by then the damage had been done. Street Fighter 3 came and went without much fanfare. In 2008 Capcom released Street Fighter IV which was seen as a return to form for both the franchise and fighting games in general.


Final Fight

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter EX

Street Fighter III

Street Fighter IV


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