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    Adon is fighter in the Street Fighter franchise. His moves are based on Muay Thai kickboxing.

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    Adon first appeared in the original Street Fighter, as the second-to-last fight before Sagat. Adon would later appear as a playable character in the Street Fighter Alpha Series, as well as Super Street Fighter IV. Though Adon is Sagat's pupil, and a fellow Muay Thai kickboxer, his moves and attitude are very different from his former master.


    Adon became Sagat's student three years after Sagat rose to the rank of God of Muay Thai. Frequently likened to a "lesser version of Sagat", even though he strived to differentiate himself with more acrobatic techniques, Adon entered the first World Warrior tournament to prove he was more than that. The cocky Adon let his guard down when he faced Ryu, who took him out with a single Shoryuken. Afterwards, Ryu went on to defeat Sagat, which would lead to Adon's eventual breakdown.

    Adon was not mad at Ryu for defeating him, he was mad at Sagat for being unable to uphold Muay Thai's honor - though conveniently forgetting how Ryu had bested him during the World Warrior tournament. He challenged Sagat for the title of God of Muay Thai and won, but the enraged Sagat had done so much damage to him in the fight that Adon had to be hospitalized for months.

    Adon's injuries would eventually heal and a new fighter would captivate his attention. Rumor had reached his ears of a fighter who had mastered the power that had enabled Ryu to win the first World Warrior Tournament. Adon swore to find this mysterious fighter and claim the power as his own.

    In Street Fighter IV it is revealed that Sagat fights and retakes his title from Adon using the Tiger Destruction to do so.


    Nationality- Thai

    Birthdate- Unknown

    Height- 5'11 1/2" (182 cm)

    Weight- 161 lbs. (73 kg)

    Blood Type- B

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Adon is tall and lanky with broad shoulders and a muscular back, allowing him to deliver ranged attacks effectively. The range of his normal attacks was increased significantly between Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter Alpha 3. Adon's special moves are generally fast-moving strikes that can be punished if missed. Therefore, Adon player ideally confuse their opponents and overwhelm them with his speed.

    The Jaguar Kick allows Adon to leap over projectile attacks to strike his opponent. The Rising Jaguar is a double knee thrust capable of passing through projectile attacks and intercepting airborne attackers at a low angle. The Jaguar Tooth, Adon's most versatile special move, allows him to leap off the edge of the screen to either strike his opponent, or surprise them by landing early and delivering an alternate attack. These techniques are all highly effective at countering projectile-users, making him effective against fighters such as Ryu and Ken.

    Adon has the distinction of being perhaps the only character in Street Fighter history with a special move activated by a single press of a single button. When using Adon's X-Ism version in Street Fighter Alpha 3, pressing any kick button while jumping will execute his trademark Jaguar Kick. However, this version of the Jaguar Kick does not inflict block damage, unlike the technique's incarnations in other fighting modes (or every other non-grapple special move, for that matter).

    Adon returns in Super Street Fighter IV, with his trademark special moves intact. His super move, the Jaguar Varied Assault, has three different attacks, depending on which buttons the player presses after beginning the super move. His first ultra attack, the Jaguar Revolver, begins with three Jaguar Kicks. If they connect, Adon follows up with several hard strikes in the air, ending with a devastating Rising Jaguar. His second ultra, the Jaguar Avalanche, begins with a Rising Jaguar, followed with a series of attacks in the air. He then smashes his opponent to the ground, and follows up with a stomp.

    Endings (spoilers)

    Street Fighter Alpha

    • Non-canon

    Adon stands victorious over Sagat and vows to decimate anyone who crosses him. Just then, M. Bison proposes to conscript Adon into Shadaloo. But Adon rejects and prepares to engage M. Bison trash-talking to the drug lord.

    Street Fighter Alpha 2

    • Non-canon

    Adon wickedly smiles over his victory against Sagat having ended his reign as Muay thai god. He also proves his point by breaking the Reclining Buddha statue. Months later, Adon learns that his would-be opponent for his title was killed by Akuma. Intrigued by the Satsui no Hadou, Adon sets his sights on Akuma to prove he is the better man.

    Win Quotes

    SSF4 Selectable win quotes

    • Muay Thai is the single most powerful art on the face of the planet!
    • Like the mighty jaguar, I grow more powerful with each victory!
    • No one is strong enough to face me! No one!
    • There is no value in allowing the weak to live!
    • A new legend is born this day! All hail the mighty Adon!
    • Feast your eyes on the new King of Muay Thai!
    • Not bad, but not good enough to dethrone the king!
    • Annoying worm! Begone with you!
    • Remember this day, for it is the day you truly understood your own weakness!
    • I am the king!
    • Fool!

    SSF4 Character Specific Win Quotes (Arcade Mode only)

    • Vs. Dhalsim: The flames of your god cannot harm the king!
    • Vs. C. Viper: Sniff around somewhere else, you meddlesome rat!
    • Vs. Dudley: Now you know the power of Muay Thai! Peddle your boxing nonsense elsewhere!
    • Vs. Hakan: Your pitiful little tricks are useless against a Muay Thai master!
    • Vs. Sakura: Give up your ridiculous quest for strength while you still can, child!
    • Vs. Honda: Your moves are so ancient, they are actually covered with putrid mold!
    • Vs. Sagat: It is over! A new era of Muay Thai begins now!
    • Vs. Seth: Even a monkey can imitate moves, you subhuman ingrate!
    • Vs. Gouken: Your power nullifies the Satsui no Hado? I'll extinguish that power here and now!
    • Vs. Blanka: King versus beast? Don't waste your time, fool!
    • Vs. Dee Jay: Knock off that racket, you!
    • Vs. Fei Long: I dont have time to play with has-been B movie actors!
    • Vs. Cammy: The sting of the killer bee cannot harm a wild jaguar!
    • Vs. Akuma: Satsui no Hado? What utter nonsense!
    • Vs. Juri: The insane flailing of a lunatic is no match for the king of jaguars!
    • Vs. Ryu: Witness the glorious return of Muay Thai to its rightful place upon the throne!
    • Vs. Ken: A sniveling coward like you is no match for me!
    • Vs. Ibuki: I'll tear you apart with my fangs, you troublesome child!
    • Vs. Gen: Hurry up and die, old fool! You're wasting precious oxygen!
    • Vs. Dan: Get out of my sight, you pathetic excuse for a man!
    • Vs. Chun Li: Did you think your pitiful kicks could actually harm the king of Muay Thai?
    • Vs. Abel: Obsession with the past is a sign of weakness, worm!
    • Vs. Cody: Back to the doghouse with you, cur!
    • Vs. Guile: Is this all a professional soldier has to offer?
    • Vs. Zangief: All the muscles in the world don't matter when you're slow as molasses
    • Vs. Rufus: Leave my sight at once or face the wrath of a jaguar enraged!
    • Vs. El Fuerte: Get that putrid garbage away from me!
    • Vs. Vega: For my finale, why don't I crush your head under my heel, worm!
    • Vs. T. Hawk: Only the strong survive! Best you learn that lesson now, worm!
    • Vs. Rose: Your predictions are worthless to me! I shall forge the future myself!
    • Vs. M. Bison: Your cheap tricks aren't enough to dethrone me!
    • Vs. Guy: Your legs are swift, but they cannot deliver you from the jaguar's rage!
    • Vs. Makoto: Choose to stay here at your own peril! This jaguar has claws, child!
    • Vs. Balrog: I can see why the* call you the buffalo. You're about as smart as one! (Note: That is a mistake in the game)

    Alternate Costumes

    Adon's alternate costume from Super Street Fighter 4:

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