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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Feb 07, 2006

    The PSP version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, featuring all new modes and four new characters.

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 is now available to play on the PSP. It includes all the modes from the original Alpha 3 but adds some new characters to the already massive list. Characters specials and supers all depend on the "isms" that they choose before battle. Each "ism" makes you play diferently with each character. The Alpha series is known for faster pace and more crazyness than the regular SF series.

    Singleplayer Modes

    World Tour Screen
    World Tour Screen
    • Arcade- Choose a character and fight 10 enemies. Then watch your character's ending.
    • Training - Choose your fighter and practice your moves under your own conditions.
    • World Tour - Train your character in your own way during a handful of battles. Fight certain matches to improve.
    • Survival - Keep fighting until you lose, with small health gains in between matches.
    • Vs 100 Kumite - Try to battle through 100 consecutive matches.
    • Final Battle - Fight the final boss without advancing through Arcade mode first.
    • Free Battle - Choose some characters and fight under your conditions.
    • Dramatic Battle - Two on One battle. You and a CPU versus another CPU.
    • Reverse Dramatic Battle - Two on One battle. You versus two CPU's.
    • Variable Battle - Two characters team up and you can switch between them in battle.
    • Edit and Entry Mode - Modify your characters/stuff

    Network Modes

    • Vs Mode - Standard head-to-head gameplay
    • Team Battle - Use teams and fight
    • Variable Battle - Two human players and a CPU battle
    • Dramatic Battle - Three human players battle each other

    Battle Types

    Survival Mode
    Survival Mode
    • Normal - Defeat the enemy however you wish.
    • Gauge Hyper - A regular battle, but the enemy's Super Combo gauge will fill faster.
    • Dramatic Battle - Fight with a teammate against the CPU.
    • Time Attack - Hurry up and beat your opponent within the time limit.
    • R Dramatic - Fight against multiple CPU enemies at once.
    • Combo Attack - Use combos to damage your enemy, single hits are useless.
    • Power Battle - Your enemy possesses superior strength.
    • Survival - Make your way through a gauntlet of characters. Be careful not to lose too much health in each battle.
    • Super Combo Attack - Similar to Combo Attack, but this time only Super Combo's work.
    • Dramatic Survival - Combines Dramatic Battle and Survival. Fight with a teammate in a slew of battles.
    • Recovery Battle - Hurry up and deal some damage, your opponent will regain health during the fight.
    • Target Attack - You can only damage a specific enemy, so be careful as to who you attack.
    • Guard Crush - Perform a Guard Crush, then attack.
    • Stun Attack - Your enemy will stun you with their hits, so watch out.
    • Gauge MAX - Your opponent's Super Combo gauge will be full at all times, so be careful not to get caught in a Super Combo.
    • Throw Attack - Use some throws against your enemy in order to deal damage.
    • Custom Combo Attack - Use your Custom Combos to damage the opponent.
    • Team Battle - Battle on teams to the end.

    How to Play



    The player must try to defeat their enemy by lower its health gauge. In order to do this the player can use different forms of attack, usually of the kicking and punching variety. These attacks can be performed from several different positions. For example, you can either be crouched, standing, or jumping. Special attacks can also be performed by inputting a certain command sequence as defined by each character's individual moveset. Stringing together multiple quick hits in succession will result in a Combo, which will be evident in the hit count that appears on screen during. Combining the ideas of a Combo and a Special attack are the Super Combos. Each character has their own individual Super Combos, each defined by how full the players Super Combo gauge is. There are 3 levels of the gauge, and using a Super Combo of a specific level will deplete the gauge that many levels.


    The player can block the opponents attacks, and in doing so will reduce the amount of damage dealt. Each fighter has a Guard Power Gauge, and whenever they block some of the gauge is depleted. When the gauge is empty, as the result of too much blocking, they will be stunned momentarily and be susceptible to a free attack, known as a Guard Crush. In addition to blocking, the player can use crouching and jumping techniques to avoid attack. An Alpha Counter is a technique where the player blocks an attack and performs a predetermined counter attack. Performing an Alpha Counter depletes the player's Guard Power Gauge slightly. Also, pressing a direction and any other button will slightly reduce the amount of damage taken from an attack.


    Each character has their own unique taunts that they can perform. These can be done once per round, and deal a very slight amount of damage (they can kill). Some characters can perform these in air, or while crouching, and any move that can be cancelled can be canceled straight into a taunt animation. (note:: Dan can perform multiple taunts per round).


    * Exclusive to portable consoles

    ** Exclusive to PSP


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