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    Rolento is the fourth stage male boss in Final Fight and the fifth stage boss in Final Fight 2. He would later go on to be a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3.

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    Rolento Schugerg wears a military inspired outfit with weapon belts going over his shoulders. He wears a red beret on his head. This appearance also reflects in his fighting style as his fighting style is being listed as Special Forces training. He uses a baton while fighting, and if he is low on energy, he will often resort to using grenades. He will also blow himself up with his own grenades if he is defeated.


    His first appearance in the Final Fight series was as a fourth stage boss in the first Final Fight game. His characterization is that of an former special forces operative who was left in charge of the drug plants of Mad Gear. He appears as the fifth stage boss, Italy in the sequel Final Fight 2 which was exclusive for the SNES. His debut as a outright fighting game character would come in Street Fighter Alpha 2 in 1996. He would be the third character introduced to the Alpha sub-series. In the game, he is no longer affiliated with Mad Gear, and he is now seeking to build his own utopian nation. Even though, he didn’t appear in the Street Fighter EX games, he is mentioned as being responsible for injuring Holger, Guile’s former subordinate.

    Endings (spoilers)

    Street Fighter Alpha 2

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    Rolento gives a speech pledging to put an end to politics and build a new country with discipline, order, strength and power. While Mike Haggar is phoned on the situation, Rolento begins his utopia campaign starting with Metro City.


    The Industrial Area stage, and the proxy version of Rolento, were not included in the SNES version of Final Fight, and neither in it’s re-release Final Fight Guy. It appears in the GBA and Sega CD versions however, and Rolento appears as Alpha Cody, who jokes about Rolento’s omission in the SNES version by saying, ”he took a shortcut, after beating the policeman” and, ”walked the coast”.


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