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    Mad Gear Gang

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    The Mad Gear Gang is a street gang that plagues Metro City in Final Fight. A number of its members went on to make appearances in Capcom's Street Fighter franchise.

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    Mad Gear is a street gang that appears as the antagonistic force in the original Final Fight. The gang, led by Horace Belger, plagues the city and is responsible for much of its worst crime. They kidnap Mayor Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica and make demands, but in response, Haggar takes to the streets with Cody and Guy to fight back. In the end, the gang is defeated when Belger is defenestrated out of a window and falls to his death.

    Post-Final Fight

    A number of figures in Mad Gear's ranks were subsequently transitioned into Capcom's Street Fighter series. Characters like Rolento and Sodom became playable in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Hugo Andore became a playable fighter in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, joined by Poison as an NPC manager. Poison herself became a playable Street Fighter character in Street Fighter X Tekken.

    Outside of the Street Fighter series, the 3D fighting game Final Fight Revenge features a playable roster dominated by Mad Gear members including Poison, Damnd, El Gado, Edi E., and Rolento.


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