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Name Origin

The name "Andore" comes from the unusual pronunciation that the Japanese have of Andre (they pronounce it Ahn-Door-Rae). Like other characters that Capcom have created they named him after a famous athlete; the wrestler Andre the Giant.

Final Fight

In the original Final Fight the Andore family was a group of thugs working for the Mad Gear gang. The Andore family comes in multiple forms, but can be identified by the different colors of their spandex. However there are many contentious issues concerning Hugo, as it is unclear whether he really is Andore, or just renamed as Hugo Andore.

Family MemberColor
Andore Jr.Red
F. AndoreYellow
U. AndoreDark Grey
G. AndoreBlue

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact

The famous stand-off from 3rd Strike.
The famous stand-off from 3rd Strike.

He appears in the game as Alex's rival. The rivalry between Alex and Hugo is a bit of a nod to the Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant rivalry; as a matter of fact, the intro between Hugo and Alex before a match is a direct reference to the stand off between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant from WrestleMania III.

Super Street Fighter 4

Despite not being a playable character Hugo does appear in the Metro-City stage background among some construction workers wearing a security hat.


Move NameMotion
Giant Palm BomberQCB P
Moonsault Press360 P
Monster LariatQCF P
Shootdown BackbreakerF-D-FD K
Meat Squasher360 K
Ultra ThrowHCB K
Super ArtMotion
Gigas Breaker720 P
Megaton PressQCF(X2) K
Hammer FrenzyQCF(X2) P

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