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    From New York, Alex is the central character of the Street Fighter III series. He represents a group originally meant to replace all past Street Fighter characters.

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    Alex parrying an attack from Elena in Street Fighter III: New Generation
    Alex parrying an attack from Elena in Street Fighter III: New Generation

    Alex is a character introduced in the Street Fighter III series. Alex is the flagship character of the series and represents one of many new characters intended to replace most of the franchise's more familiar cast.

    A native of New York City, Alex fights with mixed techniques where he utilizes wrestling and strong strikes. He wears green overalls, combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a bandanna which covers his forehead and keeps his long hair in place. Alex has a muscular physique with visible red scars on his shoulders and face.

    It's believed that real life wrestler Hulk Hogan served as inspiration to the creation of Alex. Notable characteristics include pre-match introductions where Alex rips off his shirt and where he confronts Hugo similar to when Hogan faced André the Giant.

    Alex primarily appears in the Street Fighter III games but has been subject to other Capcom games including Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars and the canned Capcom Fighting All-Stars.


    Street Fighter III

    Alex hears the bad news that his father figure and mentor Tom was seriously injured after fighting third World Warrior tournament organizer Gill. Bent on revenge, Alex signs up and ultimately confronts Gill. Alex would ultimately leave the fight successfully. He would return to see Tom back in normal condition. Alex would tell his master that he hopes to encounter more worthy fighters in the future.

    One of his encounters was with Ryu. Their first fight would result with Ryu victorious. Alex swore that he and Ryu will fight once again. Their second time results in an ambiguous end.

    Gameplay (Street Fighter III)

    Alex combines strikes and wrestling moves. He possesses multiple attacks including anti-air throws, rushing attacks, and grappling throws. He has low mobility but has a good amount of power in his attacks, and inflicts an abnormal amount of stun with each hit. While Alex's playstyle is offensive in nature, his ability to apply mixup to his opponents is low due to a lack of effective hit confirms and cancellable low pokes. Effective Alex play requires patience and more than a little flair for reading the opponent, as Alex can very quickly kill opponents if any of his very damaging attacks connect. This lack of effective mixup and limited poking ability result in Alex being considered one of the game's weaker characters, despite his enormous damage and stun output.

    Special moves

    Various movements and attacks of Alex in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    Various movements and attacks of Alex in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

    Flash Chop (QCF + P) has Alex strike with his arm. As the strength of the punch button used increases, the chop becomes slower, does more damage, and leaves the opponent in more hit stun. The jab and EX versions of flash chop will combo when cancelled into from normal moves such as close stand forward and stand strong, with the EX version also doing very heavy damage and stun. The strong and fierce versions of flash chop will not combo, but cause a unique stun state that changes the function of some of Alex's moves; his power bomb becomes a more damaging suplex, his back + fierce headbutt becomes a sleeper hold, and his hyper bomb super art inflicts several suplexes before the power bomb finisher.

    Power Bomb (HCB + P) is Alex's command throw. Like all command throws, it cannot be blocked or broken. The range on this throw is quite short for a command grab and leaves Alex very far away, requiring the player to use Alex's quick dash to close with the opponent again after performing it. It is also not very fast, and requires clever application of tick normal moves, empty jumps, and dashes if the player hopes to connect with it consistently and avoid punishment. Ticking into this move can also prove difficult, as many of Alex's normal moves push him out of power bomb range very quickly. If Alex performs this move to the opponent's exposed back, he instead performs the more damaging Back Drop.

    Slash Elbow (charge back, forward + K) is a fast-moving elbow attack that serves as a surprise strike and mobility tool. The stronger the kick button used, the farther across the screen Alex travels, with the EX version travelling full screen, hitting twice, and causing a knockdown. This move is often parried if used predictably, so the player must be careful when performing it from far away and should attempt to hide their charge with normal moves. The EX version of this attack is quite useful in that it is extremely fast, hits twice, and causes a flying knockdown that often sends the opponent to the corner, where Alex is most effective.

    Alex performs a flash chop.
    Alex performs a flash chop.

    Air Knee Smash (DP + K) is an upward-traveling attack that catches airborne opponents and slams them to the ground after flying across the screen in an arc. This has limited anti-air utility despite its appearance, and should generally be avoided unless it is absolutely certain to connect. The EX version is faster, causes more damage and stun, and can hit grounded opponents. A common use for the EX version is to cancel into it after hitting an opponent with a stand strong anti-air, which will cause the air knee smash to catch and slam them.

    Spiral DDT (KCB + K) is a flying command grab that only catches standing opponents. This is Alex's least useful move. It travels slowly, has an unreliable hitbox, can only grab standing opponents, and leaves Alex open for punishment if it misses. It does, however, deal a reasonably large amount of damage and leaves Alex close to the opponent as they get up. Use with extreme caution, if at all.

    Air Stampede (charge down, up + K) is a jumping attack that moves Alex a set distance forward, after which he quickly crashes down with his boots. This move is somewhat of a mixed bag. It's quite fast and causes a very favorable wakeup situation for Alex if it connects, but it is easily parried and is unsafe if it misses. Unpredictability and moderation is the key to landing air stampede often. The EX version is much faster and tracks the opponent, allowing Alex to punish fireballs from anywhere on the screen.

    Super Arts

    SA1 Hyper Bomb (360 + P) is Alex's command throw super art. This his limited application due to the fact that it can be escaped by jumping even after the super flash. It also does not provide very much super bar to power Alex's crucial EX special moves, and thus is usually avoided. It does do a large amount of damage if it connects.

    SA2 Boomerang Raid (QCF x2, P) is the preferred super art by the majority of Alex players. It is the only super art that Alex can combo into, and provides the most super meter for Alex's EX special moves. Common ways to combo into this super art are slash elbow xx SA2, stand forward xx SA2, meaty universal overhead into SA2, low/stand short xx SA2, and a few others.

    SA3 Stun Gun Headbutt (QCF x2, P) is a strange, leaping attack that attempts to grab the opponent on the ground, after which Alex repeatedly headbutts them causing damage and a guaranteed stun. This super art is not very useful due to how easy it is to avoid and the low amount of super meter it provides for EX moves. Effective against players who do not know its properties and as a gimmick. Cannot be used in a combo.


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