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    Sean Matsuda is one of the many featured characters in the Street Fighter III series. He is the protégé of Ken Masters and hopes to become the strongest fighter in the world, despite his inexperienced and outgoing behavior.

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    Sean is a character in the Street Fighter franchise but only appeared in the III series. Sean and many others introduced in Street Fighter III were to serve as replacements to previous characters in the series. 
     Sean fighting Gill in Street Fighter III: New Generation.
     Sean fighting Gill in Street Fighter III: New Generation.
    Born of Brazilian and Japanese ancestry (last name Matsuda), Sean is the student of Ken Masters for whom he was inspired by. Sean wears similar clothing to Ken and Ryu; wearing a gi, a martial arts belt and fighting gloves. Noticeable physical characteristics are his tanned skin as well as small dreadlocks. During his time not fighting, Sean loves playing basketball
    During the development process of Street Fighter III: New Generation, Ryu and Ken were supposed to be omitted and have Sean utilize various techniques from them. Throughout the III series, Sean gone through different iterations with previously becoming of the top characters to use and later jokingly referred to as the Dan Hibiki of Street Fighter III.


    Sean's first foray into fighting was when he saw Ken grabbing another U.S. Martial Arts Tournament victory. Sean would swear to himself that Ken will have to teach him. 

    Street Fighter III

     Ryu defeating Sean multiple times
     Ryu defeating Sean multiple times
    Sean would pursue Ken in becoming his teacher to no avail. To impress him, Sean enters the third World Warrior tournament. One of the matches had Sean lose to Ken. Annoyed, Ken tells Sean to find Ryu and defeat him. As Sean finds Ryu, he also gets defeated battle after battle to the point Sean is injured. After recovering, Sean practices by himself for a year. 
    Sean would try to pursue Ken again by entering another edition of the U.S. Martial Arts Tournament. After losing to random fighter, Ken tells Sean that he lacks the necessities to become an excellent fighter. After Ken takes another tournament victory, he offers Sean the trophy but would decline. Sean's response is that he will win a championship one day.   

    Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

    Should Ken Masters be one of the selected fighters in MSH vs SF, Sean will sometimes makes a cameo where he'll appear alongside Ken before a fight starts.


    Generally, Sean throughout ever Street Fighter III game has the same moves. He has similar movements to Ryu and Ken. His taunt allows him to throw a basketball allowing an opportunity to attack from another angle. During Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Sean was considered the top character to use due to his high damage moves and ease of combos. His move set and stats would change when 3rd Strike released. His moves become less effective and powerful rendering him weak in comparison to his previous iteration. It's sometimes joked that Sean is the Dan Hibiki in 3rd Strike. 

    Special moves

     Sean fighting Oro in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
     Sean fighting Oro in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    Unlike Ryu and Ken, Sean does not have a regular "Hadouken" (fireball) but does have a (Shoryuken) (dragon punch) in the first two versions of Street Fighter III. Called the "Dragon Smash," Sean can perform a Shoruken and if successful can punch an opponent down to the ground. In 3rd Strike, the Dragon Smash changed to a slower motion of Sean jumping in the air with his arms aiming upward. 
    As a replacement to the "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku" (hurricane kick), Sean has the "Tornado" where he spins while having his legs more outward depending on side. Adopted from Ken, the "Zenten" is an evasive roll that is used to avoid high hits. Sean also has a tackle where he dashes low and attempts to keep the opponent locked in. The "Ryuubi Kyaku" has Sean do a flip kick that can vary in distance and high depending on which kick button used. 

    Super Arts

    Sean can perform a special Hadouken called the "Hadou-Burst" which is a quick one hit fireball that sends an opponent across the screen when hit. The "Shoryu-Cannon" is very similar to Ken's "Shoryureppa" super move where Sean can perform 10 hits on an opponent if the punch buttons have be rapidly press during the attack. The "Hyper Tornado" has Sean charge in and perform multiple hits before finally finishing with a strong Tornado to Ryuubi Kyaku.

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