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    Ibuki is a character originating from the Street Fighter 3 line of games. She is an aspiring female ninja.

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    Ibuki is a ninja and all of her moves represent this. One of her specials requires her to be in midair while doing it and it will cause her to toss around throwing knives at her enemies. Her quarter circle punch move makes her slide forward a certain distance (depending on which attack button you used, high, low, medium) toward the enemy and if it touches a enemy that is not currently blocking she will quickly move behind them and snap their neck easily taking off tons of damage. This can be used over and over again due to the slight stun after words and its amazing speed. This move will essentially make it a 0-KO unblockable combo which cannot be beaten, except for Gill the final boss.
    In midair her quarter circle attack move is similar to her number 2 special in which it must be done in midair and throws little knives at the enemy. Ibuki is overall a very quick speedy character not so great defense or specials but the strength to make up for it. Ibuki also has a move similar to Taki from the Soul Calibur franchise in which she jumps over the enemy to attack,this move can be followed up by any one of her special moves, in other words you can do the neckbreaker from behind an enemy, or the endless knife fury move. She is the only character from Street Fighter III to be featured in the Gem Fighter (Pocket Fighter in U.S) fighting game.

    Appearance in Street Fighter IV

    In Fei Long's ending in Street Fighter IV, Fei Long and Street Fighter IV"s boss, Seth, have a bit of a stare-down and exchange words with each other. Then all of a sudden, Seth gets struck in the back with a Kunai sword. Ibuki and Geki (Street Fighter) are the only characters in the Street Fighter universe who use Kunai swords as one of their attack.
    Ibuki was not a playable character in the original Street Fighter IV, but she will appear and be playable in the follow-up, Super Street Fighter IV.

    Special moves

    • Kunai
    • Raida
    • Kubi Ori
    • KazeKiri
    • Tsuiji Goe
    • Kasumi Gake

    Super Art

    • Kasumi-suzaku
    • Yoroi-Doushi
    • Yami-shigure

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