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    Fei Long

    Character » appears in 27 games

    Fei Long is one of the four "New Challengers" added in Super Street Fighter II, created in the likeness of Bruce Lee.

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    The English localization of the original arcade game pays tribute to Bruce Lee by having Fei-Long state "there could never be another legend like the great one and his son", a reference to Bruce Lee and his son Brandon, these references however were excluded from the GameBoy Advance version of the game. Fei Long's name is also a homage to Bruce Lee, as Bruce Lee's name written in Chinese was 飛龍 (Flying Dragon).

    Super Techniques (Street Fighter IV (and SSFIV))

    • Super - Rekkashinken - (QCFx2 P) Fei Releases a flurry of punches.
    • Ultra 1 - Rekkashingeki - (QCFx2 PPP) - Fei releases a flurry of punches ending with a jumping flame kick.
    • Ultra 2 - Gekirinken (Counter Ultra)- (HCFx2 KKK) - Only usable as a counter to certain moves, Fei Releases a flurry of punches and then finishes with a One Inch Punch.
    Fei Long about to strike with the One Inch Punch in his Gekirinken Ultra.
    Fei Long about to strike with the One Inch Punch in his Gekirinken Ultra.

    It is the Only Counter Ultra next to Cammy's CQC Ultra.

    Fei Long's Win Quotes

    • " It takes more than that to satisfy me! Come back after some training! "
    • " When all's said and done, the winner is decided by the strength of one's spirit! "
    • " There's no time to stop! Gotta keep moving! "
    • " Life is too short to waste time not trying your best! "
    • " Maybe I should set up a dojo to promote Hitenryu... "
    • " Kung fu is invincible! "
    • " We could both use some more training! "
    • " Don't make excuses for your loss! Go train and try again! "
    • " Stand up! This is no time for a nap! "
    • " When all's said and done, the winner is decided by the strength of one's spirit! "
    • " Too weak. "

    Endings (spoilers)

    Super Street Fighter II/Super Street Fighter II Turbo

    • Semi-canon

    After the victory over M. Bison, a film director approaches Fei Long for the rights to his story promising to make him a big star. Fei Long declines knowing there can be another legend like a father and his son. He leaves promising to train for the real fights. In memory of the greatest martial arts teacher, millions train around the monument. Fei Long is possibly among those students.

    Street Fighter IV/Super Street Fighter IV

    • Semi-canon

    In the midst of the fight, Fei Long interrogates Seth on why he ordered the attacks on the former's film crew. Seth explains while the media represents great power, Fei Long doesn't realize the falsehood he is fed. Seth also says he would crush irksome people who get too close to the truth, before a kunai to his neck kills him.

    Later, Fei Long trains for another film scene when Abel comes in. As Abel is curious about Fei Long's investigation of S.I.N. and Shadaloo and the dangers, Fei Long assures it is not a problem. This leaves Abel to wonder where they begin.


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