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    Known as The Water Storm Dragon, Yun is a Chinese martial artist and the older twin brother of Yang introduced in the Street Fighter III games.

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    Yun is a martial arts fighter hailing from Hong Kong in the Street Fighter series. Along with many fighters including his brother Yang originally served as replacements for previous series characters in the Street Fighter III games.

    Yun fighting Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter IV.
    Yun fighting Chun-Li in Super Street Fighter IV.

    Related to original Street Fighter character Lee, Yun is half of the duo referred to as "The Lee Brothers." Both Yun and Yang are practitioners of Chinese Kenpo who want test their current skills and try to protect their home area in Hong Kong from any danger.

    Yun is the twin yet older brother of Yang. Despite being older, Yun acts as the more cocky and childish of the brothers. Yun's long hair is braided covered by a sports cap. His apparel includes black baggy pants, skateboarding shoes, and a sleeveless kung fu shirt. Both brothers enjoy extreme sports which Yun skateboards while Yang roller blades.


    Both orphaned, Yun and Yang who were claimed by an adoptive grandfather who raised them under the supervision of Hong Kong's underground crime bosses who acted as step-uncles. Their grandfather taught Yun and Yang martial arts while having them work in his restaurant. Both brothers would act as sort of leaders in their Hong Kong town.

    Street Fighter Alpha 3

    Yun is fighting his favorite movie star Fei Long in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.
    Yun is fighting his favorite movie star Fei Long in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.

    Yun would be playable in more recent versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 but his involvement in the game is not part of the official storyline. As fans of martial arts movie star Fei Long, Yun and Yang hear rumors of him dealing with drugs. After fighting Fei Long's friend Dee Jay, the brothers discover a possible location Fei long could be at. Yun and Yang confront Fei Long and defeats him in a fight where Fei Long reveals his plans were to discover that these drug trades are related to Shadaloo.

    With Hong Kong under possible threat by Shadaloo, Yun, Yang, and Fei Long challenge M. Bison which proved successful, killing the organization leader. Giving thanks for helping, Yun and Yang were offered starring roles by Fei Long in the Hong Kong box office smash hit "Street King 2: Three Dragons."

    Super Street Fighter IV

    Introduced in the "Arcade Edition" build, Yun and Yang would appear while the original Street Fighter IV entry featured them in a introduction cinematic for Chun-Li. Both Yun and Yang hears about the S.I.N.-based tournament and enter without anybody they know in Hong Kong finding out. After their return, both realize they are going to be punished for leaving with Yun's girlfriend Hoime taking him to his uncles. Both, while working, would later encounter Chun-Li after paying her respects and hoping to see the brothers in the future.

    Street Fighter III

    Both Yun and Yang would return to participate in the third World Warriors tournament after their home was threatened by tournament director Gill. Both would eventually fight and defeat Gill leaving the Illuminati president impressed by their skills. Gill would offer them total control of their Hong Kong as in part of Gill's plan for world domination but would be turned down as the brothers only intended to stop his dangerous plans. Both return with hits from Hoimei with Yun enduring her complaining.


    Yun throughout the Street Fighter III games utilized different movesets until his playstyle was solidified in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and continued in Super Street Fighter IV. Both Yun and Yang are very quick in their attacks allowing players to engage in many combos. In return of their speed is their low power and vitality forcing players to hastily think to avoid getting hit.

    Special moves

    Yun activating the Genei Jin in Super Street fighter IV.
    Yun activating the Genei Jin in Super Street fighter IV.

    The agility in Yun would carry over to his special moves. Two of his punch-based attacks allow him to perform a small charge knockdown against an enemy. The "Zeshou Houho" has Yun performing a small hop with one of his fists targeting his opponent while the "Tetsuzankou" has him slide and his enemy with his shoulder. Another punch special move called the "Kobukushi" has both Yun and Yang stay in put but uses his palms to thrust a small temporary defensive barrier.

    Yun can perform a jump double kick called the "Nishou Kyakyu" to make combos or provide anti-air support. While jumping, Yun can dive kick ("Raigeku Shuu") as a way to setup combos or confuse an enemy.

    Super moves/Ultra moves

    Yun has kept a consistent amount of powerful moves past Street Fighter III. The "You Hou" has Yun attack an enemy to the air with the final blow when the enemy is falling down. The "Sourai Rengeki" allows Yun perform a flurry of attacks before finishing off an enemy with multiple air kicks. Yun's most popular titled the "Genei Jin" has him increase his speed giving many possible air juggling combos for a temporary amount of time. While a "Super Art" in Street Fighter III, the Genei Jin is used as a "Super Combo" in Super Street Fighter IV instead of an "Ultra Combo."

    In Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium, Yun doesn't have the Genei Jin as as super move but with equipped with Capcom's "A-ism," Yun can perform with similar qualities to the Genei Jin. In replacement, Yun has an assist from Yang to perform his super move called the "Raishin-Mahhaken."

    Yun's Win Quotes

    • " You should try skateboarding! It does wonders for your balance! "
    • " Man I'm hungry. I could go for some meat buns right now... "
    • " Cheap? Do you know how much I paid for this cap?! "
    • " What a waste of time! I want those 10 minutes back! "
    • " The secret to my success? Limitless talent. "
    • " Did you really think you'd win? "
    • " Time to hit the streets! Later, loser! "
    • " You ran out of steam that fast? Lame! "
    • " I'd better get back home soon or gramps will kill me! "
    • " No rematch today, pal! "
    • " Close, but no cigar! "

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