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    Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Jul 12, 2017

    iOS mobile fighting game released by Capcom. Resembles the Street Fighter IV console version using 2D sprites instead of 3D models and different command inputs for each character and their respective moves and specials making this game more accessible for the casual user.

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    This game is an update to the previous Street Fighter IV mobile game. They added 9 new characters to this version: Dudley, Poison, Ibuki, Guy, Gouken, Evil Ryu, Elena, Rose and Juri making it a total of 31 characters. It resembles the Street Fighter IV console version in its gameplay. Capcom made this game with 2d sprites instead of 3d models so it to runs smoothly on mobile devices. Each character has been trimmed down of its normal attacks and special moves to be playable on the iDevices touchscreen having in mind the game uses 6 buttons and a V pad. The game was updated to fit the new iDevices screens and the graphics have been boosted.

    Game Features:

    Inputs - The game uses a special assist move to make special moves easier to perform but manual inputs are also available. Supers and Ultra attacks are activated by taping the energy bars on the top of the screen.

    Modes - The game has an Online multiplayer mode via Wifi. It also provides friendly matches and has a ranked mode. The game provides Arcade mode, a training mode, a combo challenge mode, survival mode. There is also a in app Battle Network that allows players to communicate, create teams, upload and download replays. Capcom removed the free battle mode and also removed the bluetooth mode to play locally vs others.


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