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    Known as The Wind Gust Dragon, Yang is one of the series of new characters to appear in the Street Fighter III. He is also featured in Super Street Fighter IV along with his brother Yun.

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    Yang is a Chinese martial artist in the Street Fighter series. First appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Yun and his older twin brother Yun are one of the many characters originally intended to replace the regular Street Fighter cast. Originally, Yang served as a palette swap to Yun but would later become a unique character after subsequent Street Fighter III games

    Yun fighting Ryu with the Ultra Combo the
    Yun fighting Ryu with the Ultra Combo the "Tenshin Senkyuutai" in Super Street Fighter IV.

    Both Yang and Yun are relatives of original Street Fighter combatant Lee and are generally referred to as "The Lee Brothers" in their home town in Hong Kong. Yun and Yang practice Chinese Kenpo but differentiate themselves with their own unique set of moves.

    While Yun is older, Yang acts as the more mature and serious of the twins. Yang has spiked quiff hair and wears similar clothing to Yun (kung-fu shirt, baggy pants, and sneakers). While Yun enjoys skateboarding, Yang inline skates.


    Both brothers Yun and Yang were orphaned when young but would be adopted by a grandfather while being supervised by Hong Kong's underground crime bosses serving as step-uncles. Their adoptive grandfather taught the brothers martial arts while having them help him in his resturant. They would later gain reputation for being well known in their home area in Hong Kong.

    Street Fighter Alpha 3

    Yun and Yang's involvement in Street Fighter Alpha 3 are non-canonical and Yang acts as a special assist to Yun. Both brothers hear rumors of their favorite martial arts movie star Fei Long has been dealing drugs. Yun and Yang get to the bottom of the situation and eventually stumble to Fei Long's friend Dee Jay who reveal a possible location Fei Long is dealing at. Yun and Yang discover Fei Long and fight him to reveal the reasons behind the drug dealing. Defeated, Fei Long tells the brothers that he is trying to see if the drugs are related to Shadaloo which would later turn out true.

    Hong Kong would be under the threat of M. Bison's organization and Fei Long, Yun, and Yang attempt to stop the dictator once and for all. Successful, Bison dies from the trio's hands. Grateful for their help, Fei Long asks Yun and Yang to help star in the latest Hong Kong fighting film "Street King II: Three Dragons." The film becomes successful with Yun and Yang enjoying their stardom.

    Super Street Fighter IV

    Yang and his girlfriend Shomei.
    Yang and his girlfriend Shomei.

    Yun and Yang would be two of the featured characters in the "Arcade Edition" build in Super Street Fighter IV. Both brothers appear in a introduction cinematic for Chun-Li.

    Yun and Yang hears about the S.I.N. tournament and participate to help examine their skills with no one from Hong Kong knowing. After the tournament, Yun and Yang returned to Hong Kong realizing that they will be in trouble for their absence. Later on, while working, Yun and Yang would see Chun-Li leaving after paying her respects to Lee. Yun and Yang hope to see Chun-Li once again in the future.

    Street Fighter III

    Yun and Yang would participate in the third World Warriors tournament after Hong Kong becomes threatened by tournament leader Gill. Both brothers confront Gill and defeat him. Impressed, Gill offers the brothers ownership of Hong Kong as part of his plan for world domination. They turn him down leaving them temporarily troubled. Returning to Hong Kong, Yun and Yang receive hits from Yun's angered girlfriend Hoimei. Stressed out, Yang is cheered up by Hoimei's sister Shomei.


    Yang was originally a palette swap to Yun in Street Fighter III: New Generation. Yang had the same exact moves from Yun but following games would differentiate Yang with his own set until finalized in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Yang is a quick character like which encourages use of his quick poke attacks. Like Yun, Yang has low attack power and vitality so it forces quick thinking.

    Special moves

    Yang landing the final strike of the
    Yang landing the final strike of the "Torou Zan."

    Different from Yun, Yang has a special move that can be comparable to Fei Long. The "Torou Zan" performs almost exactly as Fei Long's "Rekka Ken" but Yang does slash motions and knocks down an enemy on the final strike. Depending on kick buttons, the "Senkyuutai" has Yun perform a ground to air kick to send an opponent flying and can help dodge projectiles. Yang can perform a dash teleport called the "Kaihou" can confuse enemies. Like Yun, Yang can perform the palm defense "Byakko Soushoda" and can set up combos by transferring positions with the "Zenpou Tenshin."

    Super moves/Ultra moves

    The "Raishin Mahhaken" is a powerful attack with Yang performing a deadly single strike across the screen. In Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium, one of Yun's super moves has Yang assisting with his Raishin Mahhaken. In Super Street Fighter IV, Yang has his Raishin Mahhaken performs multiple strikes. The "Tenshin Senkyuutai" has Yang performing the Senkyuutai and then immediately landing more hits in the air. The "Seiei Enbu" can be comparable to Yun's "Genei Jin" but Yang's variant doesn't focus on speed but has shadows mimics his attacks increasing attack power when moves land.

    Yang's Win Quotes

    " Where my potential will take me, no one knows. "

    " Go home and watch more match videos. Leave the actual fighting to the pros! "

    " Is that all you have? You'll need more if you wish to defeat me. "

    " Keep your cool in battle next time. It'll do you wonders. "

    " Talent or brainpower? You need both to win in this world. "

    " That ought to put you out of commission for a while. "

    " Don't assume similar tactics you have used on others will work on me. "

    " I understand not being able to keep up, but that was faster than I anticipated. "

    " Why don't you try using your head for once? "

    " Every wound you have is punishment for your careless training. "

    " I guess I just wanted victory more than you. "


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