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Capcom Fighting Evolution (known in Japan and Europe as Capcom Fighting Jam) is a 2D two-on-two fighting game developed and released by Capcom for arcades (powered by the Namco System 264 hardware) on October 2004 (later ported to the PlayStation 2 on November 16, 2004 and the Xbox on June 14, 2005). The game features characters from multiple Street Fighter franchises (including Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter III), the Darkstalkers franchise, and the obscure Red Earth game, each with their own unique fighting systems (similar to the "-ism" system of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and the "Groove" system of the Capcom vs. SNK series). One new original character made her debut in Capcom Fighting Evolution (complete with her own unique fighting system): Ingrid from the unreleased Capcom Fighting All-Stars.

The game has similar two-on-two mechanics as Rival Schools: United by Fate, as the game is primarily one-on-one battles. Depending on which version of the game is being played, what happens as the player loses the first round is different. In some versions, the losing player is forced to use the other character in the next round. In other versions, the losing player can pick either character for the next round. Regardless, the winning player can pick either character for the next round.

Characters and Fighting Styles

Capcom Fighting Evolution includes 23 playable fighters (two of which are bosses) spanning five different fighting game franchises (with the exception of Ingrid). Each of these fighters are split into six fighting styles, each based on their corresponding game series.


Ingrid uses her own fighting system, in which she can roll instantly after a block at the cost of super meter.

  • Ingrid (fightable as a mid-boss by winning the first three matches and having at least one perfect round)

Street Fighter II

Although these characters' gameplay and system resemble their Super Street Fighter II Turbo counterparts, their sprites resemble their Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium counterparts. Although they have only basic combo ability and one simple super bar, they can dish out a powerful Super Combo, punish opponents who "air block" with physical attacks, and delay the wake-up of their fighter after being knocked down (also known as "tactical recovery").

  • Ryu
  • Guile
  • Zangief
  • M. Bison
  • Shin Akuma (secret boss, unlockable in console versions, fightable by winning all rounds, having at least three perfect rounds, having at least one round won by a Super Combo finish, and fighting Ingrid)

Street Fighter Alpha

Characters from the Street Fighter Alpha series can perform serious combos using the Custom Combo system, block in the air against most enemy attacks, perform a "safe fall" (in which the fighter, while hitting the ground after being knocked down, can roll towards his/her opponent to avoid mix-ups), and can perform an "alpha counter" (in which the fighter, at the cost of some of his/her meter, can perform a simple counter-attack while blocking).

Street Fighter III

Characters from the Street Fighter III trilogy have two super meter gauges, which can be used for Super Arts (their variation of super attacks, which take up one gauge and can be cancelled-into from a special move) and EX moves (more powerful versions of their special moves, which take up a half of one gauge). They also have a variety of utility moves, including dashing (both forwards and backwards), parrying (in which the player can risk their blocking to strike at an attack, trading damage taken for an increase in the super gauge), "quick standing" (in which the fighter, while hitting the ground after being knocked down, can jump up immediately), and super jumps (which allow the fighter to jump slightly higher, used for farther cross-up attempts and projectile avoidance).


Characters from the Darkstalkers franchise can air block, dash, guard cancel, and perform boosted special moves and chain combos.

Red Earth

Characters from Red Earth are unique in that they can use their super meter to "level up" and become stronger.

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