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    A heavily decorated coffin carved from wood or stone, used most commonly in ancient Egypt to house royalty.

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    Sarcophagi, the preferred form of burial of Egyptian royalty, appear in many games, some more prominently than others.

    Often scenes set in Egypt include a decorative sarcophagus or two. Vampire Bloodlines is a game which features this type of coffin more prominently. The "Ankaran Sarcophagus", so-called for its most recent resting place, is thought to contain an "Antediluvian", an ancient and powerful vampire, which causes no end of distress in polite vampire society. Shipped to the States on board the Elizabeth Dane , its crew is mysteriously murdered at sea and the sarcophagus is eventually brought to the LA museum of Natural History where it is the player's task to retrieve it. Drama and intrigue ensues.

    While usually found lying down, games generally feature standing sarcophagi due to the prevalence of side-on perspective. The foot or side of the coffin offers a far less evocative image.


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