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    Sakura Kasugano

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    Sakura is a young fighter found in the Street Fighter series. She is also Ryu's biggest fan.

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    Sakura made her first appearance in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter: Alpha 2, where she participated in Street Fighting after being influenced by Ryu, who won the first World Warrior Tournament. According to the backstory, Sakura and her best friend Kei Chitose were harassed by a group of boys. Sakura fought the boys, but got beaten up. Wanting to become stronger, she began to idolize Ryu and started to train herself to fight like him. One day, she decided to find Ryu, so he can train her to be strong like him. In search of Ryu, she met a number of interesting people along the way. She eventually met Ryu, who told her that he could not train her due to him having much to learn himself. However, he did spar with her for a bit, and she was able to take a picture of him to remember him by.

    By Street Fighter Alpha 3, she was still training, and once again decided to travel the world in search of Ryu. She started off in Japan, where she met and fought the sumo wrestler E. Honda, who mentioned Ryu was going off to places such as India and Thailand. She also fought a rematch between Karin Kanzuki, a rival of hers. Karin won the fight, although strangely admitted that Sakura was the better of the two and she learned then that winning was not everything. Sakura also met Blanka, and was promised a match with him. Continuing her search, she eventually found Ryu's rival and close friend Ken. Ken and Sakura found Ryu in Thailand, where he was being brainwashed by M. Bison. Ryu took on Sagat, and both Ken and Sakura took on Bison. Ryu's mind control was snapped due to Sagat pressuring such an occurance, and Sakura being injured by Bison, and Ryu forced Bison into retreat. He then told Sakura that he was not ready to fight her or train her just yet.

    She appeared once again in the console version of Street Fighter IV. When the game opens she was being trained by Dan, but he told her that Ken was entering a new tournament, she left to enter as well, hoping that Ken would lead her to Ryu. She eventually caught up with Ryu during the tournament and had a friendly bout with him. In her ending cutscene, she and Ryu escaped from the exploding SIN laboratory together.


    Hadouken (Fireball): Sakura casts a ball of energy at the opponent. This move has 3 levels that depend on how long you hold the button.

    Level 1 - Tapping the button will send a small ball that goes almost to the extent of the screen, so if you and the opponent are as far away as possible it will disappear right in front of them.

    Level 2 - Holding the button briefly will make the Hadouken do slightly more damage and stun, but only goes about halfway across the screen, and also moves a bit slower.

    Level 3 - Holding the button until the move launches itself will increase the damage and stun significantly, but travels very slowly and has an extremely short range.

    The EX Fireball is the size of a Level 3 Hadouken, does two strong hits and doesn't disappear. Charging it will do more damage.

    Shou'ou ken (Dragon Punch): Sakura takes a couple steps and jumps up into the air with a powerful uppercut, giving multiple hits in the process. Pressing a stronger punch button will cause more hits, damage and stun, along with a longer running start and a higher jump.

    The EX Dragon Punch does a small uppercut followed by a bigger one, causing massive damage.

    Shunpukyaku (Hurricane Kick): Sakura jumps into the air while spinning quickly with an extended leg. Performing this move in the air will cause her to soar across the screen, similar to Ryu's Hurricane Kick. Stronger kick buttons mean more spins, hits/damage/stun and startup/recovery time.

    The EX Hurricane Kick adds a final kick, launching the opponent into the air for juggling opportunities.

    Sakura Otoshi (Jump Smash): Sakura leaps towards the opponent. Hitting the punch button up to 3 times will hit the opponent, sending both of you up into the air. Stronger kicks cause a longer leap.

    The EX Jump Smash leaps much farther and faster, making it easier to hit the opponent.

    Super Move - Haru Ichiban: Sakura spins rapidly, giving several low kicks, and finishes with a standing kick that knocks the opponent away.

    Ultra Move - Haru Ranman: Sakura attacks with two low spinning kicks, followed by an upward kick that sends the opponent flying. She then jumps at them and punches them straight back to the ground to finish them off by landing directly on them.

    Note - all moves listed are based on her moveset from Street Fighter IV.

    Alternate Costumes

    Sakura's alternate costume from Street Fighter IV:

    Fight class outfit...
    Fight class outfit...

    Selecting color 10 for Sakura's alternate costume removes her karate gi, allowing her to fight in a t-shirt and shorts. She is the only character in Street Fighter IV to have this type of "third" costume.


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