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    Guy originally appeared as a playable character in Final Fight, and went on to appear in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series. In addition, Guy is also one of the ten new Challengers in Super Street Fighter IV.

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    Guy has mastered the art of ‘Bushin’ style ninjitsu and isn’t afraid to use it. Teaming up with his sparring partner Cody Travers and Mayor Mike Haggar in Final Fight, the two set out on a brawl across Metro City to save the former's girlfriend and latter's daughter respectively from Belger, the leader of the Mad Gear gang. Apparently unable to perform a good deed without justifying it through personal gain, Guy justifies the challenge as a way to put his skills to the test.

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    In the original Final Fight, Guy is the speediest playable character. His quick attacks and movement can be used by the player to their advantage, covering up his weakness as least powerful of the three. An off-the-wall jump can catch thugs off guard, launching Guy towards them with a long range kick. Guy is also a specialist with the katana and can attack faster with the blade than either of his two companions should he pick one up. His special attack, the Bushin Whirlwind Kick, is an airborne spinning kick that makes quick work of nearby enemies.

    Guy is also a fighter in the Street Fighter Alpha series, on a quest to find the greater evil, Melvin Bison. His constant incentive is to become a stronger fighter, seeking out his master in order to become the next Bushinryu leader. His supers are different here; the Bushin Gourai Kyaku is a combo of different punches followed up with a kick, and the Bushin Hassou Ken is an aerial combo which takes the opponent upward then a kick back down to earth.

    Guy appears in Super Street Fighter IV as one of the ten new challengers, alongside Cody (another Final Fight character).

    Endings (spoilers)

    Street Fighter Alpha

    • Non-canon

    Guy has found his inner power after defeating M. Bison. He also laments that Bison could not use his power for good and leaves, never knowing that the still alive Bison would vow to make Guy pay for his bravado.

    Street Fighter Alpha 2

    • Semi-canon

    Guy has finally found his inner strength, then his master Zeku appears giving a lecture that his pupil not to be impressed by his style's label, the Bushin fighting style is only created, simply not handed down. Guy stakes to overcome everything then begins a match with Zeku; No hatred is shown between master or pupil.

    Street Fighter Alpha 3

    • Non-canon

    M. Bison is weakening from his fight with Guy, and Guy realizes that the Shadaloo leader is indeed the source of evil Zeku warned about. Bison attempts one last Psycho Crusher, but is intercepted by the Bushin-ryu fighter's Bushin Musou Renge obliterating him. Having been entrusted with the Bushin-ryu, Guy sets out to continue perfecting the Bushin-ryu style.

    Guy's Win Quotes

    • " May the power of Bushin-ryu be etched forever into your retinas! "
    • " Bushin-ryu allows me to pierce the sky and split the earth with my blows! "
    • " Never attempt the same move after you have been once thwarted! "
    • " Most fighters could not have lasted as long as you did. "
    • " Sneakers are well-suited to swift-footed techniques! "
    • " A restless spirit is no good in battle. Always meditate in preparation for war. "
    • " This fight is over! Leave this place at once! "
    • " What good is your defense if you cannot keep up with my speed? "
    • " I am not your enemy! You must overcome yourself before you take on others! "
    • " Sayonara! "
    • " This is Bushinryu! "

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