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    Kyle Travers

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    Kyle is the main character of final fight streetwise. He is the younger brother of Cody Travers. The hero of the first final fight game. Although they are brothers they are different in many ways. Kyle is a street punk with nothing to lose.

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    Kyle is the newest addition to Final Fight. In the beginning of the game, he is being trained by his brother. People look at him as having undeveloped potential. At first he is an average fighter and when things get rough and his brother gets in to trouble his skills become flawless. He evolves from an amateur to a trained fighter. using his gun combat skills and weapon skills. He becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    Kyle learns moves from certain characters in the game. At first he learns the hurricane kick and nose breaker. Those are his two of his signature counter moves. Along with his Flying elbow and reverse counter kick. And his own signature moves are his full Back flip kick and Uppercut. As kyle continues his journey he learns certain moves from the original characters of the first final fight. He learns the drop kick from Haggar and other special grapples. He also learns Martial arts moves from guy. Kyle is also a trained marine. He made it through basic training and has his certificate of honorable discharge. Kyle being a marine means he knows how to use a gun. He prefers to use a custom Silver 9mm Beretta. Kyle can also use shotguns,SMGs,Molotovs,Grenades,Knives and baseball bats.

    When the game begins Kyle is in his first pit fight. His brother Cody is talking him up. Kyle is beaten up pretty bad but continues to fight. His nickname is "That bloody looking guy in the corner.". As kyle wins the fight and many more after that his reputation gets bigger and better and he becomes better known through out metro city. He also remains to keep his upbeat attitude. Also he smokes when he is stressed. Usually after a pit fight kyle goes to the bar fly. And plays a game of pool with his girlfriend and has a round of beer. His favorite brand of beer is Cammy lager.

    Kyles Attire consists of a gray jacket with rolled up sleeves and orange stripes. A muscle shirt dog tags and cargo pants with black sneakers and has slicked back blondish brown hair. During pit fights he is shirtless. In earlier previews of the game Kyle was shown wearing a black jacket with a symbol on the back with a black and white shirt and cargo pants.


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