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    Demitri Maximoff

    Character » appears in 19 games

    Vampire in Capcom’s Darkstalkers fighting game series.

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    Aliases: Demitri Maximov
    Birthdate: 1483
    Birthplace: Romania
    Race: Vampire
    Height: 6'6" (197 cm)
    Weight: 223 lbs (101 kg)

    Demitri Maximoff is a vampire of the Maximoff clan and one of the otherworldly fighters originally from Capcom's Darkstalkers series. He appeared in all three entries in the franchise, and has since appeared in numerous Capcom crossover titles, though not always as a playable character.

    Game Biographies

    Darkstalkers: Night Warriors Revenge

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    Prince of Darkness


    Demitri has called together the Darkstalkers to prove he is still lord of the night. Even after 500 years, his fighting skills have not dulled, and he is up to any new challenge.


    The Vampire is a good, standard character. His normal moves are powerful and useful. Utilize the Jumping Hard Punch and the Standing Heavy Punch. Be careful, though, as these attacks are ineffective against J. Talbain and Morrigan.

    Darkstalkers 3

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    The prince of Darkness


    I shall let them know.. I'm the ruler of this world.


    The night before his final battle with Morrigan to decide who will be the true ruler of the Dark World, Demitri's castle is drawn to the Dark Dimension by a mysterious power.

    Midnight Bliss

    Jedah turned into a woman by Demitri.
    Jedah turned into a woman by Demitri.

    Demitri is somewhat infamous in fighting game circles for his special attack known as Midnight Bliss. A close range attack, it has the unique property of transforming male opponents into women. Female opponents are affected by being dressed in fetishistic, sexy or cute costumes. Though the attack's effect on Morrigan is a bit different in that she shrinks down to a pint-sized, kewpie doll-like figure that is the polar opposite of her normally sexually attractive appearance.

    Once the target is transformed, Demitri grabs his opponent and drains the blood from him/her. The opponent returns to normal upon the attack's conclusion. Demitri is also capable of using Midnight Bliss in his playable appearances in fighting games outside of the Darkstalkers series; notably in SVC Chaos and Capcom Fighting Evolution. However, the blood effects are noticeably omitted from these games.


    • Demitri in the Darkstalkers series is voiced by Nobunaki Hiyama.
    • Demitri's favorite blood type is AB.
    • Demitri is one of few characters in Darkstalkers to retain his stage through out the series. Morrigan and Donovan are the other two.
    • Along with Morrigan, both Demitri and Morrigan appear in Monster Hunter Frontier as downloadable skins.

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