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    Goenitz is the leader of the Hakkesshu, and is one of the 4 Heavenly Kings of Orochi. He is known as The Wildly Blowly Wind.

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    Leopold Goenitz has known since he was young that his sole purpose in life was to restore Orochi to this world. Goenitz became a religious missionary to travel and seek out the other seven members of the Hakkesshu. At the age of 18 he encountered Rugal Bernstein and easily defeated the much older man and was responsible for taking out Rugal's right eye. See the man's potential, Goenitz bestowed a portion of the Orochi power in Rugal and ordered Mature and Vice, two of the Hakkesshu to observe him.

    Leopold next sought out the Hakkesshu member Gaidel. Gaidel did not wish to have anything to do with his Orochi duties and thus Goenitz activated the Riot of Blood in Gaidel's daughter Leona. Leona, not in control of her actions, massacred her family. Goenitz then deactivated the girl's blood lust and blocked the memory withing her mind. Sensing the seal keeping Orochi was too strong fro his master to penetrate, Goenitz sought out the possessor of the Yata Mirror, Maki Kagura who he murders.

    After the events of the King of Fighters 95 tournement Leopold ordered Mature and Vice to convince Iori Yagami to join the new tournement (and to keep an eye on him). He decided to investigate the final Sacred Treasure and took on Kyo Kusanagi who he easily defeated.

    During the 96 tournement which is being hosted by Chizuru Kagura, Leopold Goenitz confronts all three sacred treasures. The trio manage to defeat the leader of the Heavenly Kings much to his dismay. However, before he takes his own life he activates the Riot of Blood within Iori Yagami who attacks and mortally wounds his partners, Mature & Vice.

    It is revealed that his soul was contained in the being known as Verse during the most recent King of Fighters tournement. When Verse is defeated his soul was released and he may have been restored to life.

    Fighting Style

    Goenitz fighting style is known as the Orochi Wind. He utilizes his control over wind with little concern for utilizing any established combative techniques. He has shown to possess a "true" version of the Yasakani-Style martial art.


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