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    The Hakkesshu are the 8 followers of Orochi dedicate to bringing the being back to the Earthly plane.

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    Orochi originates from antient times and was known as Gaia's Will. The Orochi clan eight strongest warriors were known at the Hakkesshu and the four members wielding the most power were known as the Heavenly Kings of Orochi.

    As humanity aged it began to affect nature and an imbalance occurred. Orochi would no longer suffer humanity and began a war against it. 1800 years ago the war came to a head and it was only the efforts of the three strongest clans of Japan (Kusanagi, Yasakani & Yata) that they were able to seal the entity away.

    660 Years ago the Orochi Seal weakened and while the clans tried to re-establish the seal the Hakkesshu managed to not only escape, but sow the seeds of discontent by framing the Kusanagi's for the murder of a member of the Yasakani Clan. The enraged Yasakani made a blood pact with Orochi to gain the power necessary to defeat their (now) sworn rivals, the Kusanagi's (also causing the Yasakani/Yagami to now wield purple flames).

    The King of Fighters 94 - 97

    In modern times Leopold Goenitz, also known as the Wildly Blowing Wind, is the leader of the Hakkesshu and began working to bring about his lords return. He first empowered Rugal Bernstein with Orochi Power to see if he could be a valid host for the entity. He tasked Mature and Vice, two of the Hakkesshu to first observe Rugal, and later Iori Yagami (heir to the Yasakani Clan). He then sought out Gaidel, father of the girl that would become Leona Heidern. Gaidel wanted nothing to do with his duties so Goenitz activated the Riot of Blood within Leona (as an heir of Orochi) who then murdered her family and fellow villagers.

    Between 1995 and 96 Goenitz enacted his goal to free Orochi. He killed Maki Kagura (Heir of the Yata Clan) and then fought Kyo Kusanagi to test the man that had beaten Rugal only to find him lacking. Knowing that events were in motion Chizuru Kagura took her twin sister's place as a Sacred Treasure and sought out Kyo & Iori to aid her in stopping Orochi's return. The three were sucessful but as Goenitz killed himself he activated the Riot of Blood withing Iori. The Wild Iori then murdered Mature and VIce who had betrayed Goenitz.

    Orochi would return to the Earthly plane in 1997 due to the final members of the Hakkesshu entering the tournement and generating the necessary energy to bring him forth. The New Face Team of Shermie, Chris, Yashiro Nanakase, and the final member Ryui Yamazaki participated in the tournement but Yamazaki wanted nothing to do with Orochi's return and his natural insanity allowed him to resist even Orochi's attempt to activate the Riot of Blood within him. Orochi was reborn from Chris after the finals of the tournement but came face to face with the Sacred Treasures. Orochi activated the Riot of Blood in Iori but Iori managed to control himself long enough to aid the treasures in defeating and sealing the entity away again.


    • Leopold Goenit: (The Wildly Blowly Wind and Leader of the Hakkesshu) Manipulates Air
    • Mature: (The Speedy Cruel Beauty) Light
    • Vice: (Throbbing Brutal Sadic) Darkness
    • Gaidel: Water
    • Chris: (Destiny of the Flames) Fire
    • Yashiro Nanasuke: (The Parched Earth) Earth
    • Shermie: (Crazed flash of Lightning) Lightning
    • Ryuji Yamazaki: Death


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