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    Vice is a character in the King of Fighters franchise.

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    Mature (L) and Vice (R)
    Mature (L) and Vice (R)

    Vice is a woman who's entire character model is designed around two words. Cruel Woman.

    Her name means anything which is considered immoral.

    She first appeared in the game King of Figther 95. She entered the tournament with team Yagami and has mostly been in that team, each time she's entered the tournament. Whether or not she is on the Yagami team, she is always paired with "friend", Mature.

    King of Fighters Series

    Vice is a Hakkeshu, which is the KOF Universe word for the followers of Orochi. Before she even joined the competition, she was the one who brainwashed Kyo Kusanagi's father, Saisyu, which caused him to go on a Blood hungry rage and attempt to kill his son.

    The only reason she entered the King of Fighters tournament, was to recruit fighters and spectators for Orochi servitude.

    She has been known to work with several other Orochi members: including Rugal Bernstein, Goenitz, Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro Nanakase.

    When Rugal Bernstein died in KOF 95, Vice's superior Goenitz, ordered Vice and Mature to keep an eye on Iori Yagami. After Goenitz's defeat at the end of the 96 tournement, Mature and Vice think they are freed from Orochi's service. However Goenitz unleashes Iori's Riot of Blood and Iori kills the two Hakkeshu.

    Vice and Mature appear in KOF 98 and 2002 but these are only dream matches (as other deceased characters appear).

    Vice and Mature appear in King of Fighters XIII as shadow spirits that have taken physical form again. They offer Iori the option not to reclaim his power (as this would rid him of the Riot of Blood) but Iori decines their offer and takes back his power. Vice and Mature then fade away but promise to return.


    While there are many examples of evil/psychotic characters in the King of Fighters Universe, Vice someone stands out as one of the more crazy and bloody thirsry of almost all the fighters. To specific, she is very violent, even among a tournament of fighters, and takes delight and pleasure of hurting and killing people.

    She's also a comic book fanatic


    Vice has no friends, nor does she have any real loved ones. Though Vice and Mature help each other all the time, they aren't really friends. As far as anyone knows, they are only working together so they can serve Orochi. However, Vice has been known to show at least a small amount of concern for Mature and even Iori. She even put Mature and Iori's lives before those of Orochi, so maybe deep down she does love them.

    Fighting Style

    Notably one of the more physical females in the series, having virutally no projectiles throughout the series. She is the one of the only female Grapplers in the series. And as a reult requires more techincal play than others.


    No Caption Provided

    Name: Vice

    Fighting Style: Power Attacks mainly

    Birthday: November 28,1984

    Height: (178)cm(5'10in)

    Weight: 59kg(130lbs)

    Blood Type: A

    Measurements: 90cm (35in), 58cm(22in), 88cm(34in)

    Birthplace: Unknown

    Favorite Food: Japanese Plums

    Dislikes: Saisyu Kusanagi, Goenitz

    Forte in Sports: Working on bench presses


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