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    The yashichi is a pinwheel-like item that appears in several Capcom games, usually giving the player a score bonus or some sort of power-up.

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    The Yashichi is an iconic special item in various Capcom video games. It resembles a four-bladed pinwheel against an orange circular background. It first appeared in Vulgus as an enemy. Since then it has reappeared in numerous games as a powerup with varying effects.

    Yashichi Appearances in Games

    Mega Man

    Completely fills Mega Man's life bar and special weapon energy bars, and awards 100,000 points. Appears in the fourth Dr. Wily stage. It also appears in Mega Man 8, when Mega Man summons out one of Rush's abilities, Rush will drop a random item which might be a Yashichi.

    UN Squadron

    Completely refills the energy bar.

    Dark Void Zero

    Generates an electric force field around Rusty, which makes him invincible and damages enemies upon contact for a short period of time.


    Grants the player an extra life.


    Awards 5000 points.

    1943: The Battle of Midway

    Refills the player's energy.

    Forgotten Worlds

    Grants the player an extra continue.


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