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    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Jun 25, 1997

    The second entry in the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover series, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter pits fighters from Street Fighter Alpha 2 alongside fighters from Marvel Super Heroes.

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    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is a 2D tag-team fighting game developed and released by Capcom for the arcades (under the CPS-2 engine) on June 18, 1997. The second installment of the Marvel vs. Capcom crossover series (and sequel to X-Men vs. Street Fighter), the game pits fighters from Marvel Super Heroes (with some X-Men fighters from the previous installment) with the fighters from Street Fighter Alpha 2. This installment adds the concept of "assist attacks", in which the player can call the backup character, who jump into the action and performs a quick special move before jumping back out.

    The game was ported to the Saturn (in Japanese regions only) on October 22, 1998 and PlayStation on January 31, 1999. While the Saturn version retains all animations and the tag-team mechanic of the arcade version (thanks to the 4MB RAM expansion cartridge), the PlayStation version removes the tag-team mechanics for normal gameplay (restricting it to traditional 1v1 round-based fights, in which the secondary character plays an "assist" role), re-adding the Crossover mode from the port of the previous installment. (in which the tag-team mechanic is brought back, but each player's secondary character is the opposing player's primary character)


    Chun-Li and Sakura Performing a Super
    Chun-Li and Sakura Performing a Super

    The game uses the same tag-team format which was previously introduced in X-Men Vs. Street Fighter. A new feature was added to the game, the ability to call an assist attack from your other character. This allows the player to call in their partner to perform one of their special moves without having to change the character they are currently controlling.

    Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter's gameplay is an iteration on the earlier Vs Seres games. Combos can be started from the ground then launch the opponent into the air and continue the combo (known as "air combo"), and the player can finish it all off with a super combo. The game features the standard Capcom six button interface with two rows of three buttons.

    The single player game, being arcade mode is similar to the previous title, having the player pick a tag-team, then versing other tag-teams, and again ends with a two-on-one match against Apocalypse. Instead of having the player have a one-on-one match with their tag-team partner, the player has to verse a Cyborg version of Akuma in a two-on-one match. The character who deals the finishing blow to Cyborg Akuma will then have their ending shown.

    This game reuses many of the same backgrounds as X-Men Vs. Street Fighter with only minor changes being made.


    Like X-Men vs. Street Fighter, the game includes 17 playable characters on the select screen (eight from the Marvel Super Heroes side and nine from the Street Fighter side). In Japanese versions, an extra character (Norimaro) is playable. New from the previous installment is the concept of hidden alternate versions of some characters, each with different palettes (with the exception of Cyber-Akuma, who has entirely new sprites) and minor gameplay differences.

    Marvel Super Heroes

    The only characters to return from X-Men vs. Street Fighter are Cyclops, Wolverine, Omega Red, and Apocalypse.

    Spider-Man, a key character in Marvel Super Heroes
    Spider-Man, a key character in Marvel Super Heroes

    Street Fighter

    All characters from X-Men vs. Street Fighter return, with the exception of Cammy (who has been replaced by Dan and Sakura). Charlie still remains in the game, however, as a secret black-tinted cyborg known as Shadow.

    Ryu, a key character in the Street Fighter series
    Ryu, a key character in the Street Fighter series


    • Norimaro (original character, Japanese version only)

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