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    Street Fighter X Tekken

    Game » consists of 19 releases. Released Mar 06, 2012

    The two leaders in the fighting game genre collide in this ultimate tag-team mash-up. Will you cross the line?

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    Street Fighter X Tekken (Street Fighter Cross Tekken) is the first of two fighting games released in a crossover collaboration between Capcom and Namco. Developed by Capcom, the game translates characters from the Tekken universe into a 2D gameplay system and pits them against the Street Fighter roster in 2-on-2 tag-team battles. While Namco's input was largely limited to roster selection, they are currently working on their own game, Tekken X Street Fighter, which will introduce Street Fighter characters to fighting in a 3D arena.

    The game's story revolves around a box, nicknamed "Pandora," that is found amongst the remains of a fallen meteorite. This box reacts to the conflict between living creatures.


    Street Fighter X Tekken's gameplay is best described as a combination of Street Fighter IV's 2D-styled fighting and Tekken Tag Tournament's 2-on-2 mechanics. Determining when to switch characters is key, as only one character needs to be knocked out for the round to end.

    Basic Actions

    SFxT, like many Capcom fighters, uses six buttons: three for punches and three for kicks. For Tekken characters, the Light and Medium buttons correspond to their equivalent attacks in Tekken, while the Heavy buttons are new attacks. Throws are performed by pressing Light Punch+Light Kick, a carryover from Street Fighter IV. Medium Punch+Medium Kick performs a tag, while Heavy Punch+Heavy Kick performs a Launcher.

    Cross Rush is a universal combo system, not unlike the Magic Series of the Darkstalkers and Marvel vs. Capcom games. Light attacks can be cancelled into Medium attacks, which can then be cancelled into Heavy attacks. After this, pressing Heavy a second time will cancel into the Launcher attack. However, like Darkstalkers' chain combos (and unlike Marvel vs. Capcom's), Cross Rushes cannot be canceled into standard special moves; players must either use an EX attack/Super Art or "link" the special with very specific timing.

    Outside of the Cross Rush, Tekken characters will be able to perform some of their signature combo strings by using the Light and Medium Buttons.

    Cross Gauge

    SFxT's "Cross Gauge" is split into three segments, akin to Street Fighter Alpha 3's A-ism meter. EX attacks are carried over from SFIV and take one meter. Super Arts, which are now simplified to a single motion and three Punches/Kicks, use two meters. Additionally, by pressing HP+HK while blocking an attack, the character will burn one meter and immediately counterattack.

    The Super Charge system offer a way to perform EX attacks and Super Arts without meter. Each character has an special move that can be "charged" by holding down the button. After a certain amount of time, the attack becomes an EX attack, and after even more time becomes a Super Art. The charge can be cancelled by a dash at anytime, like SFIV's Focus Attack. If an attack is charged enough to became an EX attack, but is then cancelled, the next attack from the character is counted as a Counter Hit.

    Tag Techniques

    The game's tag-team mechanics allow for several ways to switch between characters. Triggering a tag normally will cause the character to strike a short pose before running off of the screen, letting their partner take over. Additionally, Switch Cancelling, performed by tagging during any attack, burns one meter and causes the other character to immediately run in. Finally, Launcher attacks send the opponent into the air and automatically bring in the partner character. Each tag type has its own weakness: normal tags make the entering character vulnerable, Switch Cancels offer no invincibility to the exiting partner, and launchers are highly vulnerable if they miss or are blocked.

    Cross Art, performed with Quarter-Circle-Forward+Tag, is a special technique that causes the current character to perform a quick combination of attacks, before setting the opponent up for their partner's Super Art. It uses all three segments of the Cross Gauge, but completely erases the victim's "gray" (recoverable) life.

    Cross Assault, performed with Quarter-Circle-Back+Tag, calls in both characters. Their life bars are averaged together as they fight simultaneously for a short while. If the player doesn't have a human teammate (including 1-on-1 fights), the second character is controlled by the CPU. This uses all three segments of the Cross Gauge.


    Pandora Mode, performed by down, down+Tag while the active character's health is flashing, sacrifices the current character to give their partner unlimited Cross Meter for a small amount of time. However, if the powered-up character fails to defeat their opponent before Pandora Mode or the game timer ends, they will immediately lose the round.

    Gem System

    Perhaps the most controversial new mechanic in SFxT is the Gem System. It is a method of character-customization that allows players to equip up to three abilities onto each of their characters. These abilities fit into two general categories: Boost, which provide a temporary stat boost once a certain condition is fulfilled (such as "get hit by 3 normals", "partner connects with a launcher", or "activate Pandora"), and Assist, which provide newcomer-friendly effects at a constant cost.

    The current Boost Gems include:

    • Immense Power: Increase attack power by a certain percentage.
    • Iron Wall: Reduce damage taken by a certain percentage.
    • Fortitude: Reduce damage taken by a constant amount.
    • Divine Speed: Increase walk speed by a certain percentage.
    • Onslaught: Increase rate of meter acquisition by a certain percentage.
    • Proficiency: Reduce cost of meter-burning techniques by a certain percentage.
    • Life Force: Regain life at a constant rate.
    • Harmonize: Regain a set amount of life instantly.

    The current Assist Gems include:

    • Easy Input: Special Move inputs become easier, attack damage -10%. (The example on the official website, Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, no longer requires a diagonal input, becoming Down, Back+Kick instead of Quarter-Circle-Back+Kick)
    • Super Easy Input: Special Move inputs become even easier, attack damage -10%, might disable certain command normals. (Only requires a single directional input + proper attack button. Neither this gem nor the Easy Input gem will affect moves that require "charge" inputs.)
    • Cancel Assist: When cancelling a normal attack into a Special, an Easy Input can be used; attack damage -10%.
    • Auto Throw Escape: Automatically techs an attempted throw, with 1/2 of a Cross Gauge block used. No meter is used if a throw is correctly escaped by the player.
    • Auto Block: Automatically blocks an attack, with 1 Cross Gauge block used. An entire blockstring can be autoguarded with a single activation.

    Boost Gems obtained through pre-ordering at certain retailers have different activation conditions, and some lack the negative side effects of their normally-available equivalents. Pre-order gems also contain EX Gems, special Gems that occupy two slots but allow two separate buffs to be activated from a single condition.

    Gameplay Modes

    Street Fighter x Tekken's single-player offerings are comparable to Super Street Fighter IV's. The game includes Arcade Mode and Trials, both fighting game standards, but also includes a tutorial for new players. Arcade Mode is a series of battles against the CPU that concludes with a rival battle, a fight against either M.Bison/Juri or Jin/Xiaoyu in which the rival team is in a state of permanent Pandora Mode, and finally a showdown with Akuma or Ogre. Trials test the player's familiarity with a given character's moves, his or her ability to "link" a character's normal attacks together, and finally their ability to perform both practical and impractical combos with the character. The Tutorial, narrated by Dan Hibiki, teaches new players about SFxT's various abilities and subsystems.

    In addition to standard tag-battles between two players, there are two separate four-player modes. "2-on-2 Dual Battles" play much like the standard mode, except that each character is individually controlled by one player. On the other hand, "Scramble Mode" allows all four combatants to fight simultaneously, much like the Cross Fever mode from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.

    Briefing mode is an online training mode. The player and a friend can either train against each other, or team up to battle against a computer dummy. Fight Request can be enabled in this mode.


    Players can create their own custom color schemes, a staple of later Capcom and SNK 2D fighting games. The game will have very few colors available at launch, but the selection will be expanded with free DLC. Additionally, Swap Costumes (SFxT's version of Alternate Costumes) allow the Street Fighter and Tekken combatants to cosplay as characters from the opposing series.


    Prior to the announcement at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International, Yoshinori Ono was expressing interest in a future game that was believed to be a new Darkstalkers game. The then unannounced game was brought into attention in Evolution Championship Series 2010 fighting game tournament at Las Vegas, Nevada. Both Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada were teasing the audience of EVO to wait until San Diego Comic-Con in the following weeks for more information.

    In the Street Fighter panel in San Diego Comic-Con, Harada surprisingly came up to the stage from the back while giving away free copies of Tekken 6. Both Ono and Harada confirmed that Capcom and Namco will be respectively working on entries for the Street Fighter and Tekken crossover series. At the time of the Comic-Con presentation, Street Fighter X Tekken had been in development for only a month or two.

    According to a Famitsu article published shortly after the game's unveiling, the project began as an idea created by Ono and Harada. A deal between Capcom and Namco Bandai was made with "no hurdles;" Ono points out that the companies' previous collaborations, including Namco X Capcom and the Gundam Vs arcade games, could have contributed to this project's realization.

    Street Fighter Characters


    No Caption Provided

    Abel was found abandoned with no memories of his past in a Shadaloo base by an American soldier named Charlie. While he was content to live a life of training for a time, Charlie's eventual death inspired Abel to embark on a quest to discover his true identity. His journey led him to participate in the S.I.N. Tournament where he learned that he was genetically engineered to be a replacement body for M. Bison.

    Fighting Style - Full Contact Karate, Judo, MMA, Wrestling

    Official Teammate - Guile

    Super Art - Breathless


    No Caption Provided

    Unlike his brother Gouken, Akuma had an appetite for the murderous nature of the unnamed Ansatsuken style taught to them by Goutetsu. Giving over his compassion to the power of the Satsui no Hado, Akuma's continually increasing strength compelled him to eventually kill his master and put his brother into a coma. He now travels the world seeking opponents worthy of his strength while he waits for Ryu to reach his true potential by succumbing to the Satsui no Hado as well.

    Fighting Style - Unnamed Asatsuken style

    Official Teammate - N/A

    Super Art - Misogi, Raging Demon


    No Caption Provided

    Balrog rose from a life of poverty to become a champion prize-fighter. His skill in boxing was unparalleled, but the well of aggression he used to fuel his strength began to elude his control. Although he permanently injured a number of his opponents, it was not until his penchant for illegal maneuvers resulted in the death of a challenger that he was ejected from the world of professional fisticuffs. Down on his luck, Balrog eventually joined the criminal organization known as Shadaloo where he eventually rose to his current executive position.

    Fighting Style - Boxing

    Official Teammate - Vega

    Super Art - Crazy Buffalo


    No Caption Provided

    Originally a clone of M. Bison, Cammy was embedded with the Dolls, a group of brainwashed young women that worked as assassins for Shadaloo. She was sent on a mission to eliminate a man named Dhalsim but unexpectedly found herself granted with self-awareness by his spiritual powers. Inspired to fight against her former masters, Cammy managed to rescue the other Dolls from Bison's control at the cost of her memories. She has since regained knowledge of her past and works in the employ of the British paramilitary group known as Delta Red.

    Fighting Style - Delta Red Auto Defense Training, Shadaloo Assassination Techniques

    Official Teammate - Chun-Li

    Super Art - Spin Drive Smasher


    No Caption Provided

    Chun-Li's work as an investigator for Interpol gave her the access she needed to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father's death. A clue provided by her father's old friend Gen put her on the tracks of the criminal organization Shadaloo, and eventually it's leader M. Bison. Having thwarted Bison's plans apparently for good, Chun-Li has retired from street fighting to continue her work as a police-officer and teach martial arts to children.

    Fighting Style - Chinese Kenpo, Tai Chi

    Official Teammate - Cammy

    Super Art - Serentsukyaku


    No Caption Provided

    A yoga master with an impossibly long reach, Dhalsim first entered the world of street fighting to test his strength and earn money for his impoverished village. After being exposed to the evils of the criminal organization Shadaloo, however, he realized his true purpose in the world. While he now finds great difficulty in betraying his pacifist beliefs, he is always prepared to do battle against the forces of evil.

    Fighting Style - Yoga

    Official Teammate - Sagat

    Super Art - Yoga Inferno, Yoga Volcano


    No Caption Provided

    Guile originally learned his unique fighting style from his superior officer, Charlie, during his early days with the U.S. Airforce. The two became fast friends and, when Charlie went missing while on a secret mission, Guile to decided to mount his own investigation. He succeeded in finding his former teacher, but their reunion was short lived and Charlie was last seen apparently giving his life to thwart the plans of M. Bison. Since then, Guile has dedicated his life to the eradication of Shadaloo while harboring a hope that Charlie may still be alive.

    Fighting Style - Freestyle Brawling, U.S. Airforce MAC

    Official Teammate - Abel

    Super Art - Sonic Hurricane


    No Caption Provided

    Originally a farm boy from Germany, Hugo moved to America at the age of twenty where his massive frame led him to a career as a professional wrestler. His natural talents caught the eye of the Mad Gear gang, and he and his family members ended up terrorizing Metro City for many years as enforcers. Eventually he gave up the life of crime and, alongside his friend and former Mad Gear member Poison, has embarked on a search for a suitable tag team partner.

    Fighting Style - Profession Wrestling

    Official Teammate - Poison

    Super Art - Gigas Breaker


    No Caption Provided

    Ibuki was born in a ninja village where she was trained from a young age in the arts of ninjitsu. She longed for the live of a regular schoolgirl, but her skills came in handy when she became entwined with the activities of the S.I.N. organization and the mysterious group known as the Illuminati. While she has since graduated as a ninja and enrolled in a regular university to further her education, Ibuki has not been able to hang up her kunai quite yet.

    Fighting Style - Ninjutsu

    Official Teammate - Rolento

    Super Art - Yoroitoshi


    No Caption Provided

    A skilled tae kwon do user at an early age, Juri's life was shattered when her father's work as a criminal prosecutor caught the ire of the criminal organization Shadaloo. With her family dead and her left eye wounded beyond repair, she was taken in by the S.I.N. organization where she received an operation to replace her defunct eye with the experimental new Feng Shui Engine. With the new power she had been granted, Juri became an operative for S.I.N. while continually planning her ultimate revenge against M. Bison.

    Fighting Style - Tae Kwon Do

    Official Teammate - Bison

    Super Art - Kaisen Dankairaku


    No Caption Provided

    Ken was born into the life of luxury as the privileged son of a rich hotel tycoon. Fearing that their son would be unable to learn proper discipline in his home environment, Ken's parents sent him to Japan to train in martial arts under the tutelage of their old friend Gouken. There Ken met Ryu and the two kindled an eternal friendship and passionate rivalry. Although he was able to attain great skill and focus as a fighter, Ken has since been torn between his life in America as a family man and his desire to keep up with Ryu whom he knows is continually growing stronger.

    Fighting Style - Martial Art rooted in Ansatsuken

    Official Teammate - Ryu

    Super Art - Shippu Jinraikyaku


    No Caption Provided

    The enigmatic leader of the criminal organization Shadaloo, Bison has alluded to living a life spanning centuries on multiple occasions. While the truth of this is impossible the verify, the amazing Psycho Power that he wields lends credence to his claims. Despite being beaten numerous times by Earth's various heroes, he has always managed to return with a new plot to strengthen himself and revive Shadaloo.

    Fighting Style - Psycho Power

    Official Teammate - Juri

    Super Art - Knee Press Nightmare


    No Caption Provided

    Poison's life is one shrouded in mystery, with no information available about her prior to her tenure as a member of the Mad Gear gang. Since giving up her life of crime, she has accompanied Hugo as his manager. Her sharp wit and aggressive femininity make her the perfect foil for her quiet giant of a friend.

    Fighting Style - Self-Taught Martial Arts

    Official Teammate - Hugo

    Super Art - Love Storm


    No Caption Provided

    A former member of the Red Berets special forces unit, Rolento's post military career saw him utilizing his expertise as a prominent member of the Mad Gear gang. Deciding that a life of crime was not for him, he dedicated his efforts instead to the founding of a utopian nation in his image. Together with his old ally Sodom, he is trying to build the army he needs to fulfill his vision.

    Fighting Style - Special Forces Training

    Official Teammate - Ibuki

    Super Art - Patriot Sweeper


    No Caption Provided

    Rufus dedicated his life to teaching himself kung fu after being inspired by the martial arts films he viewed as a child, even traveling around China for a time. After returning to America he eventually came across an article praising Ken Masters as the country's greatest martial artist. In order to correct this mistake, he became involved in the S.I.N. tournament in the hopes of finally meeting his "eternal rival" and proving to the world who truly is the deadlier warrior.

    Fighting Style - Self Taught style of Kung Fu

    Official Teammate - Zangief

    Super Art - Big Bang Typhoon


    No Caption Provided

    Orphaned at a young age, Ryu was adopted by a martial arts master named Gouken who served as the boy's guardian and teacher. At the age of 23, with his surrogate father's lessons under his belt, Ryu began to travel the world seeking strong opponents to help improve his own skills. While Gouken returned briefly to help seal the evil Satsui no Hado that had been building up inside Ryu during his time abroad, Ryu knows that he must remain ever vigilant with his training if he hopes to ultimately overcome his murderous urges.

    Fighting Style - Martial Art rooted in Ansatsuken

    Official Teammate - Ken

    Super Art - Shinku Hadoken


    No Caption Provided

    Sagat reigned as the world's supreme martial artist until his unexpected defeat at the hands of a young unknown fighter named Ryu. Left with a massive scar across his chest by their encounter, Sagat became obsessed with Ryu and ultimately joined Shadaloo when its leader promised him a chance for a rematch. He eventually managed to defeat Ryu, but the victory was a hollow one as Ryu had let him win when he realized that Sagat's spirit had been consumed by revenge. Realizing the errors of his ways, Sagat has since rededicated his life to strengthening himself and rediscovering his passion.

    Fighting Style - Muay Thai

    Official Teammate - Dhalsim

    Super Art - Tiger Genocide


    No Caption Provided

    Psychologically scarred by his mother's murder at the hands of his ugly stepfather, the young cage fighter known as Vega became obsessed with beauty. This obsession, matched with his deadly fighting abilities, made him the natural choice to lead the Dolls, a group of young female assassins under the employ of Shadaloo. Since Shadaloo's fall, he has turned his attention towards obtaining eternal youth with the help of data he stole from S.I.N.

    Fighting Style - Arranged Ninjutsu, Bullfighting

    Official Teammate - Balrog

    Super Art - Bloody High Claw


    No Caption Provided

    Zangief's awe-inspiring strength and immense national pride caught the attention of his government, and by promising to represent Russia in tournaments worldwide he was granted the full support of his country. When the criminal dealings of Shadaloo began to impact his motherland, he was sent in to help turn the tide. Since Shadaloo's fall, however, he has fallen out of the limelight and has rededicated himself to earning the admiration of his country's children and to prove that Russian wrestling can still stand toe-to-toe with other martial arts.

    Fighting Style - Mix of Russian and American Professional Wrestling

    Official Teammate - Rufus

    Super Art - Final Atomic Buster

    Tekken Characters


    No Caption Provided

    The daughter of a dojo master near Osaka, Asuka Kazama was trained in martial arts from an early age. When her dojo was destroyed and her father hospitalized, she immediately set out to find the man responsible. Failing in this, she was content to return to her regular life at home until she discovered that Jin Kazama, the man at the center of the conflict consuming the world, was her cousin. She has since rededicated her life to capturing Jin in order to bring him to justice.

    Fighting Style - Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts

    Official Teammate - Lili

    Super Art - Kishin Enbu


    No Caption Provided

    Bob was once a famous martial artist in America who eventually hit a brick wall when he found himself unable to defeat opponents significantly larger than himself. He disappeared from the competitive fighting scene for a time before eventually resurfacing as a morbidly obese man. Determined to prove to his fans that his fighting skills have been enhanced by his sudden image change, not diminished, he has reentered the world of tournament fighting.

    Fighting Style - Freestyle Karate

    Official Teammate - Julia

    Super Art - Giga Meteo


    No Caption Provided

    With a deep history of violence and betrayal, Heihachi Mishima's family was the epitome of dysfunction. After numerous murder attempts and usurpings between Heihachi and his son Kazuya, Heihachi eventually turned his attentions toward combining his DNA with the mysterious entity known as Ogre. He ultimately failed and was rendered unconscious by a mass explosion of Jack-4 robots. Since awakening, he has refocused his efforts in an attempt to regain control of the Mishima Zaibatsu from his grandson.

    Fighting Style - Mishima-style Fighting Karate

    Official Teammate - Kuma

    Super Art - Raijin's Wrath


    No Caption Provided

    Hwoarang came to question his life of rigging fights for money when he challenged the Mishima Group but was only able to draw with their representative, Jin Kazama. Returning to his dojo to seek guidance, he discovered that his teacher Baek Doo San had been apparently killed by the mysterious entity known as Ogre. He immediately set out seeking vengeance against both Ogre and Jin, but was ultimately unsuccessful when Jin revealed his devil form and beat Hwoarang within an inch of his life. Awakening in a hospital, he has rededicated himself to his training under the watchful gaze of Baek.

    Fighting Style - Tae Kwon Do

    Official Teammate - Steve

    Super Art - Heel Explosion Combo


    No Caption Provided

    The illegitimate child of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, Jin lived a life of seclusion where he trained under his mother's gentle care. His lineage eventually caught up to him, however, when his mother's disappearance at the hands of Ogre thrust him into the world of the Mishima family. After years of fighting for and against various members of his family the devil gene within him activated, granting him the power to become the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. His newly acquired army is now inciting war around the world in order to awaken the demon Azazel whom he hopes will prove powerful enough to kill him in battle and end his cursed existence.

    Fighting Style - Kazama Self-Defense, Mishima-Based Karate, Traditional Karate

    Official Teammate - Xiaoyu

    Super Art - Devil Beam


    No Caption Provided

    Julia was discovered as a baby by Michelle Chang abandoned in the ruins of an ancient Native American settlement. Raised in a loving environment, Julia grew to be a loyal member of her tribe and formidable martial artist. After receiving a vision from the Great Spirit, she has set out to stop the battle between Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima which she believes will result in the return of a great evil.

    Fighting Style - Lucha Libre Wrestling, Xing Yi Quan-Based Kung Fu

    Official Teammate - Bob

    Super Art - Iron Mountain Rush


    No Caption Provided

    Thrown down a cliff at the age of five by Heihachi, his father, for being too weak, Kazuya Mishima made a deal with the devil in order to survive and seek his revenge. Although he managed to usurp Heihachi for a time as leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he was eventually killed after being thrown into an active volcano. In hopes of studying the devil gene residing within his body, Kazuya was resurrected by the G Corporation although he was ultimately betrayed. Killing those responsible, Kazuya has taken over G Corporation and is using his new found influence to try and recover the second half of the devil gene that resides inside his son, Jin Kazama.

    Fighting Style - Advanced Mishima-style Fighting Karate

    Official Teammate - Nina

    Super Art - Devil Beam


    No Caption Provided

    King the Second was raised in the orphanage owned by the original professional wrestler known as King. When his foster father's untimely death at the hands of Ogre put the future of the orphanage in jeopardy, he made the decision to don the jaguar mask and enter the world of professional fighting. He quickly caught the attention of Armor King, an old friend of the original King, who trained him to fight until he was worthy of the name he had inherited. Armor King was eventually murdered in a bar brawl inspiring King to seek revenge against the perpetrator, Craig Marduk. After their second battle the two found the path to friendship, but shortly afterwards Marduk was brutally attacked by an assailant bearing a striking resemblance to Armor King. Now the two unlikely allies are on the search for the mysterious wearer of the black jaguar mask.

    Fighting Style - Lucha Libre Wrestling

    Official Teammate - Marduk

    Super Art - Wonderful Mexican Special Combo


    No Caption Provided

    The second bear to be raised by Heihachi Mishima and trained in the Mishima style of martial arts, Kuma burned with a desire to restore his father's honor by defeating Paul Phoenix. Discovering the true strength of his animal instincts, he was ultimately able to defeat the man that had bested his father. His quest fulfilled, he was able to devote his full attention to protecting the interests of his master. With Heihachi ousted from control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Kuma now fights to overthrow the usurper, Jin Kazama.

    Fighting Style - Kuma Shinken

    Official Teammate - Heihachi

    Super Art - Fatal Wind


    No Caption Provided

    Marshall Law was a martial artists and chef who managed to successfully open both a dojo and restaurant. Much to his dismay, his son Forrest chose to spend his time getting into fights alongside Law's old friend, Paul Phoenix. Shortly after a series of business disasters forced him into bankruptcy, Law received news from Paul that his son had been involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. This event has forced Law to reentered the world of competitive fighting alongside Paul in hopes of earning enough money to pay for his son's massive medical bills.

    Fighting Style - Jeet Kune Do

    Official Teammate - Paul

    Super Art - Junkyard Soul


    No Caption Provided

    Born into the lap of luxury, Lili unexpectedly found she had a natural knack for fighting after incapacitating a group of would-be kidnappers at the age of 12. With the help of her father's vast resources, she secretly traveled the world, winning tournaments wherever she went. Her father eventually caught on to her activities and placed her under house-arrest, but this became moot when her father's lands were seized by the Mishima Zaibatsu, propelling her family into ruin. Lili has decided to take the fight to the enemy, in hopes that she will be able to use her natural talents to end their reign of terror.

    Fighting Style - Street Fighting

    Official Teammate - Asuka

    Super Art - Wind Up Spear


    No Caption Provided

    Craig Marduk's success as an undefeated vale tudo fighter was not enough to protect him from scrutiny, and his involvement in a minor scandal cost him his sponsorships. Imprisoned for committing manslaughter during a bar fight, he was eventually released thanks to the influence of an unknown benefactor. This benefactor turned out to be the professional wrestler known as King whose mentor Armor King was the man Marduk had inadvertently killed. After a number of altercations, one of which resulted in Marduk's hospitalization, the two were able to work through their differences and become friends. This peace was short lived, however, as Marduk was unexpectedly attacked by a figure dressed in the attire of Armor King. Now Marduk and King are working together in the hope of discovering the true identity of this mysterious assailant.

    Fighting Style - Vale Tudo

    Official Teammate - King

    Super Art - Mount Rush


    No Caption Provided

    Trained extensively in martial arts from a young age, Nina Williams was raised alongside her sister Anna to become an assassin. After failing to eliminate Kazuya Mishima, she was captured and turned into a guinea pig for an experiment in cryogenic suspension. Awakened nineteen years later with no memories, she returned to her career as an assassin and was tapped to eliminate the boxer Steve Fox. During the course of fulfilling her contract she discovered that she was Steve's biological mother, but was unmoved and only relented her pursuit when her employers were destroyed. Since having her memories restored thanks to the continued efforts of her sister, Nina has been hired by Jin Kazama whom she is serving as a bodyguard.

    Fighting Style - Aikido

    Official Teammate - Kazuya

    Super Art - Double Explosion


    No Caption Provided

    Ogre is an entity shrouded in mystery. Shortly after being discovered in an ancient Mexican temple he began to travel, challenging and defeating the best fighters around the world. Although the source of his power is unknown, he has taken on techniques of the various martial artists that have fallen before him. This awe-inspiring strength has made him the target of numerous people including Heihachi Mishim and Jin kazama.

    Fighting Style - Personal style Sampled from Numerous Fighters

    Official Teammate - N/A

    Super Art - Hell Inferno


    No Caption Provided

    Despite his amazing strength and legendary fighting skills, victory eluded Paul Phoenix in every tournament he entered. Between traffic jams and ferocious fights with bears, luck was clearly not on his side. These repeated failures ended up burying him beneath a mountain of debt. Desperate for a way out, he has allied himself with his close friend Marshall Law and new ally Steve Fox believing that three heads will prevail where one has failed.

    Fighting Style - Integrated Martial Arts Based on Judo

    Official Teammate - Law

    Super Art - Burning Fist


    No Caption Provided

    Raven's work as an international intelligence agent lead him to investigate the feud between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G-Corporation. As the conflict intensified, he found himself working alongside Lars Alexandersson as unlikely allies. Through their combined efforts, they were able to put a stop to the plot of Jin Kazama and prevent the demon Azazel from being unleashed upon the world. With his mission completed, it is unclear where or when Raven will be seen next.

    Fighting Style - Ninjutsu

    Official Teammate - Yoshimitsu

    Super Art - Doppleganger


    No Caption Provided

    With an immensely successful boxing career Steve Fox had everything he wanted except for knowledge of his past. Becoming a hunted man when he refused to throw a match for the mafia, he decided the time was right to find out where he came from. He discovered the truth that he was a test-tube baby, born without his mother Nina's knowledge, when she was forced into an experiment by the Mishima Zaibatsu. Enraged, he sought out and destroyed the laboratory where he was conceived. Now, left with no purpose, no fortune, and no job, he has begun to train with his new allies Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law.

    Fighting Style - Boxing

    Official Teammate - Hwoarang

    Super Art - Hellfire Rush


    No Caption Provided

    Ling Xiaoyu was a pupil of the martial arts master Wang Jinrei, but lacked the focus required to realize her true potential. When the opportunity arose, her desire for fortune inspired her to stow away on the boat of Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi, impressed by her fighting prowess and moved by her brazen attitude, decided to take her in and raise her as a sort of granddaughter. Although her dreams of wealth fell by the wayside, she came to love her adoptive family. Only recently becoming aware of the dysfunction within the Mishimas, she had made it her mission to repair the family by rescuing Jin Kazama from his downward spiral into corruption.

    Fighting Style - Hakkesho and Hikaken-Based Chinese Martial Arts

    Official Teammate - Jin

    Super Art - Hakkesho Combo


    No Caption Provided

    The leader of the Manji Clan, Yoshimitsu is the latest in a long line of samurai bearing the same moniker. The sword he wields has been inherited from generation to generation, absorbing the skills of its previous owner before being passed down. While he has fought at times for wealth or revenge, it has always been in the interest of his clan. In an effort to resist the corrupting nature of his sword, he has begun to wield a second blade with the power to seal demonic energies.

    Fighting Style - Advanced Manji Ninjutsu Arts

    Official Teammate - Raven

    Super Art - Sword Poke Whirlwind

    Sony Exclusive Characters

    DLC/Vita Characters

    12 additional characters will be released as DLC in an all-inclusive pack on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for $19.99 and 1600 Microsoft Points respectively on July 31st 2012. These characters will later be included as part of the updated Vita version scheduled for release during Fall 2012.



    Fighting Style - Self-taught savage fighting

    Official Teammate - Sakura

    Super Art - Ground Shave Roll



    Fighting Style - Street Fighting

    Official Teammate - Guy

    Super Art - Final Destruction



    Fighting Style - Boxing

    Official Teammate - Elena

    Super Art - Rolling Thunder



    Fighting Style - Capoeira

    Official Teammate - Dudley

    Super Art - Brave Dance



    Fighting Style - Bushin Ryu Ninpo

    Official Teammate - Cody

    Super Art - Bushin Goraisenpujin



    Fighting Style - Self-taught Imitation of Ryu's style

    Official Teammate - Blanka

    Super Art - Haru Ranman

    Alisa Bosconovitch


    Fighting Style - Original Human-Cyborg style

    Official Teammate - Lars Alexandersson

    Super Art - Trigger Shuffle

    Bryan Fury


    Fighting Style - Kickboxing

    Official Teammate - Jack-X

    Super Art - Face Crusher

    Christie Monteiro


    Fighting Style - Capoeira

    Official Teammate - Lei Wulong

    Super Art - Wheel Kicks Sao Paulo Special



    Fighting Style - Power Fighting

    Official Teammate - Bryan Fury

    Super Art - Giant Rush

    Lars Alexandersson


    Fighting Style - Military Training, Self-Taught style

    Official Teammate - Alisa Bosconovitch

    Super Art - Zeus

    Lei Wulong


    Fighting Style - 5 Form Kung Fu, Drunken Fist

    Official Teammate - Christie Moneteiro

    Super Art - Orchid Dance


    • Jurassic Era Research Facility
    • The Pitstop 109
    • Urban Warzone
    • The Half Pipe
    • Mishima State
    • Mad Gear Hideout
    • Blast Furnace
    • Cosmic Elevator
    • Antarctica
    • Pandora's Box
    • Training Stage



    This mode let's player learn or polish up on their attacks, combos, and techniques. Each characters have 20 different trial challenges.


    This mode let's player defeat a CPU opponent under special conditions.

    Fist Communication1Win with only normal moves.60
    Critical Strike1Win with only special moves.60Max Gauge Start
    A Real Tag Team2Do a 15 hit combo with a Switch.60Max Gauge Start
    The Four Kings1Defeat all your opponents99
    Attack? Defend?2Defeat your opponent30

    50% Vitality Start

    Opponent: Regenerating Gauge

    Penetrating Eyes2Win with only counter hits99

    50% Vitality Start

    Max Gauge Start

    Opponent: Max Gauge Start

    Girls Only!2Defeat all your opponents.99
    Special Battle2Win using only Super Arts.60

    Regenerating Gauge

    Opponent: Regenerating Gauge

    Don't Be Stubborn3Defeat all your opponents.99
    The Last Stand3Defeat your opponent.30

    25% Vitality Start

    Max Gauge Start

    Championship Turbo3Defeat all your opponents.99
    Raging Assault4Win only using Cross Assault.99Max Gauge Start
    Catch Me If You Can4Win via time out.60

    25% Vitality Start

    Max Gauge Start

    Opponent: Regenerating Start

    Mishima Bloodlines3Defeat all your opponents.99Opponent: Max Gauge Start
    Done And Done5Defeat your opponent.99

    Max Gauge Start

    Opponent: Regenerating Vitality

    Curse Of Pandora4Win only using Pandora.6025% Vitality Start
    Let's Get Physical4Defeat all your opponents.99
    Ferocious Instinct5Win via Perfect.99Max Gauge Start
    Being beyond Human5Defeat all your opponents.99Opponent: Regenerating Gauge
    Crazy Crossover5Defeat all your opponents99


    This mode let's player learn the basic rules of the game.

    Normal Moves: Cleared when connecting with 8 normal moves.

    Standing Block: Cleared when blocking 3 high attacks from your opponent.

    Crouching Block: Cleared when blocking 3 low attacks from your opponent.

    Mid-Hitting Moves: Cleared when blocking 3 mid attacks from your opponent.

    Normal Throws: Cleared when successfully throwing your opponent 3 times.

    Throw Escapes: Cleared when successfully escaping your opponent's throw 3 times.

    Switching: Cleared when performing 4 switch.

    Launchers: Cleared when successfully performing a combo from a Launcher 5 times.

    Boost Combo & Cross Rush: Cleared when connecting a Cross Rush from a Boost Combo 3 times.

    Special Moves: Cleared when connecting with 5 Hadokens.

    EX Special Moves: Cleared when connecting with 3 EX Hadokens.

    Super Arts: Cleared when connecting with 2 Super Arts.

    Super Charge: Cleared when performing an EX Special Move and Super Art using Super Charge.

    Cross Arts: Cleared when successfully performing 2 Cross Arts.

    Cross Assault: Cleared when activating Cross Assault 2 times.

    Cross Cancel: Cleared when performing 2 Cross Cancels.

    Pandora: Cleared when activating Pandora once.

    Assist Gem: Cleared when activating a Gem's effect 3 times.

    Boost Gem: Cleared when activating each Boost Gem's effect once.

    Quick Combo: Cleared when successfully performing 3 Quick Combos.

    Titles and Comments

    Titles and comments unlockables when finishing an arcade game, comments are somehow already unlocked.


    Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4
    (none)Big BossImpure InstinctsWanna Be 2D
    Just Started SFXTKUntrained SpiritLooking For LoveThe Stud Is Here
    Love My SFXTK!Normal Class

    Loved By All

    I Win. We Date
    Part Time SFXTKerElite ClassSmart & HotMarried Life Is Good
    The AcePaperweight FighterCat LoverGrim Reaper
    Class Of My OwnBeginnerDog LoverHand Of Hell
    Love To TagIntermediate PlayerLosers Don't CryGame Of Ghosts
    Looking For PartnersAdvanced PlayerOnly Losers Run!Up In Flames
    Reading Your MindElite PlayerProcrastinatorImmortal
    Cross Assault CorpsFighting Game ManiacI'm Not TerribleNovice Killer
    Still PracticingToo PredictablePain Is PleasureConvalenscence
    Gotcha!I Love Tough GamesJust Hit Me...Walking Wounded
    Doing My PartPlaying At HomeHalf-Baked HeoDon't Hold Back
    Weekend WarriorRegular JoeSo LonelyYour End Is Now
    Agent Of ActionLegendShort-Lived DreamResourceful Fighter
    Chief Of CombatDeityCareless WonderBelow The Belt
    Manager Of MadnessPleased To Meet You!Please Forgive MeIn The Bread Basket
    CEO Of PainIn Need Of TutelageFaulty FighterLove To Throw!
    InhumanTraining My PupilsOh, My Tender Loins!Urban Legend
    CommentatorThe New KidMy Feet Betray MeTheory Fighter
    Half-Hearted EffortThe AnchorLeaderI'm Too Random
    SandbaggingBodyguardAce Of The BenchDon't Be Random
    Beyond The BoundsOld HandRambunctiousKnockdown King
    Hot Blood BroGo Easy On MeEvery Second CountsA Storm Of Strength
    Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8
    Strong FoeMysterious Fighter AThe Chairman TypeTrue Martial Artist
    Time To Get Hyped!S Rank FighterLimitless StrengthOne With Nature
    Power Level 1Masochist To SadistPimp Of PleasureFist Of Wind
    Persistent HarmonyShower Praise On MeEvangelist Of The XLove My Beans
    Not Guts No GloryComeback KidGalaxy GliderEternal Challenger
    Now I'm SeriousTrump CardInsomniacBattler
    Losing My BearingsMeet Your MakerCity LegendKarate Fighter
    Rage Mode2 Cool 4 USecret WeaponMetsu! Hadoken!
    Unemployed FighterOut Of Your League!Weekly RankerThe Hero
    On The AttackTake The HandicapYes! I'm In!The Answer Lies Here
    Super HotGodlike ReactionsJump Up!Come On!
    UndefeatedUnparalleled SpeedWoohoo!Crimson Fighter
    Just One More GameSonic FingerIt's My TimeFighting Dad
    Press Button = WinAs I PleaseA Rush Of WinsDo It With Style!
    TyrantReady For AnythingShowing PromiseDragon Dancer
    Smash And BashUnequipped FighterMoving Forward!Nice Guy
    Running WildAtrocities UntoldNo Enemies Before MeShoryureppa
    MutantExecutorTis The SeasonEternal Rival
    No Need For TitlesEternal PunishmentPopularity Rising!Mister Masters
    Can't Stop Me!Repeat OffenderOn NoticeAll American Champs
    BewitchingHand Of JusticeKamikazeSorry!
    Thunderous RoarRoyal KnightTil The Better EndFancy Footwork
    Roman StyleGeniusPast GloryOriginal Heroine
    Forever DreamingOrthodox WarriorI Don't Wanna LoseInterpol Officer
    Page 9Page 10Page 11Page 12
    Lightning LegsPerfect SoldierLegendary BikerLike A King
    Love My SweetsHate Those BeansGet A Pretty GalAngry Fist
    Dancing All Over YouMan With No PastTrash TalkerSpeak With Your Fist
    The Complete PackageSoft Mohican HairMid-Air DancerSteel Fist
    Beautiful Thigh LineWanna Pet A BearKen Maaaasters!Love Being Ruthless
    Senretsukyaku!Seeyaaa!Nice PigtailWin At All Costs
    Killer BeeDislikes OystersUltimate Super Me!Perfect Harmony
    Cat GirlSearching For MyselfTalking Is My PowerFanatical
    Delta Red MemberLost NumberGod Of YogaThe Partriot
    Emotionless SoldierControlling NumberFeiry GodI Am A Soldier!
    Army GirlSearching For My PastEnlighted OneOne Man Army
    Battlefield FlowerNice BodyTranquil WarriorRed Beret
    Love My PartnersRed CycloneMarried Holy ManEx-Mad Gear
    Moody GirlStanding PiledriverMr. McStretchyFor My New Paradise!
    Love My KittiesWatch You Step!I Am Not An AlienKunoichi In Training
    Special Forces GirlMuscle ManAstonishing PowerGirly Ninja Girl
    I'm Going HomeScars Of My TrophyKeeper Of FlamesDon-chaaaan!
    My Hair Is Too GoodSlow, Hard, StrongMeditatorPint-sized
    Deal With It!Russia's HeroOne Eyed WarriorArmor Is For Wimps
    Unmatched AccuracySolid Steel BodIndomitable EmperorBlack Ponytail
    For My FriendsFor Mother RussiaTiger Tiger Tiger!Wanna Grow Up
    Sonic ArmyTempered MusclesMan Of HonorNeed A Boyfriend
    Cutting The WindBlubbery DancerQuiet PowerLove My Pop Stars
    My Wife's A BabeMachine Gun TalkerSwear On My ScarHate Training
    Page 13Page 14Page 15Page 16
    Pink LadyOverwhelming RusherComplete ChaosHeartless
    Able-Bodied ManagerRaging BullPleasure From PainDevil In The Dark
    In Full MoonMy Fight Money!Psycho Power Is #1Devil's Power
    Wanna Spank Me?Dirty FighterMwuahaha!Original Hero
    The Queen?Crazy BuffaloImmortal DictatorEndless Charisma
    Strong MindedMoney >> ChicksTransmogrificationBig Bad Guy
    Heart-Warming LassNoble Masked ManTop Baddie In TownWind God Fist
    Sexy CoolAirborne AssassinShadaloo DictatorIf I Was King...
    Stylish FighterHyouuu!Pretty ChinFine Wine
    Seductive FleshStained With Red!No Time For ChumpsDictator
    Towering GiantDead Via ClawWorld Dominator#1 Assassin
    Crazy StrongDeadly SerpentI Control The WorldCool Beautiful
    Super TailSpanish NinjaMaster Of FistWork Comes First
    Not To ScaleSadistDie 1000 Deaths!20 Year Old Body
    Giant WrestlerSearching For BeautyDestructionDangerous Curves
    I'll Crush YouIntelligent MadmanMurderous IntentHate My Sister
    I'm Number One!Love DestructionReady For DeathCool Killer
    Not Just BigAlluring WenchEye Of A DemonHigh Battle Sense
    N.W.A.Give It To Me BabyGokuento ResidentFrom The Dark
    Heavyweight ChampCreepy SpiderFist To Tear HeavenCertain Kill
    Mister BalrogFeng Shui EnginePath Of CarnageFight Mediator
    Heavyweight BoxerSmiling DarknessPitiful!Kazama Style
    Time To Get Paid!I Like My Stuff Hot Osaka School Gal
    Not Some LapdogSpider Gonna Smack Ya!
    Page 17Page 18Page 19Page 20
    What The Heck!?White Hair DemonI Just Need CashLove My Muscle
    Never Gonna Lose!Power CharacterSpicy CookingOutta Control
    All For The LaughsSpecial Power = FartsThe Poor ManSpeeding Bullet
    Girl PowerThinking Of PandaGot A FamilyThe Wild Man
    Local GirlThe BearDown But Not OutThe Master Baek
    Dojo GirlNo Ordinary BearSecret RecipeI Want Power!
    TomboyTV KidUnstoppable DragonBlood Talon
    Hasty DaredevilKuma Shin Ken StyleMoney Is LifeReckless Rascal
    Total BeatdownLooking For MishimasWild Masked WrestlerFeet Before Fists
    Don't Tell My FatherWild And CrankyThe SuccessorStorm & Stress
    Fighting CelebrityBear FighterRing HunterNeed To Fight Him
    Tea TimeNot A PetJaguar MaskSurprisingly Serious
    Doing As I Please#1 In The UniverseFeeling ExcitedGold kicker
    Million Dollar GalFurious FighterMuscle Buster!Love To Fight
    Elegant LifeUndying PhoenixBabyfaceCool Boxer
    Looking For ThrillsCrushing FistTechnicianI Can Kick Too
    The World Is MineWild Old ManFor Armor KingQuick Combos
    Tekken LordMister ComicalQuiet RageSucker Knuckle
    Mishima Karate StyleIn DeptRoaring BeastStudly Man
    Miraculous Old ManSpirit Of A ManVale Tudo FighterSharp Edge
    Bursting With PowerNice PunchViolent WarriorHellfire!
    Unstoppable StormHot Blooded ManPower PuncherUnlocky Numbers
    Nice HairstyleMarshall ChinaDaunting AdversaryNo Match Fixing!
    Absolute RulerCooking DragonCaged AnimalWorld Champ
    Page 21Page 22Page 23Page 24
    Earth's SoldierUnique NinjaC'mon! Notice Me!Recognized Master
    Gal With GlassesDemon CutterLovely FlowerUndefeatable
    Intelligent LadyA Flash To Cut EvilFarewell To My PastUnparalleled
    Nature Is My FriendEscaping DarknessMishima Zaibatzu #1Flawless
    Ever GreenLikable DudeFateful FlashEmperor
    Cool & CuteIdiom DictionaryI Love My ForestsUnmatched
    Fight At Full PowerNice Black SuitA World In ChaosSFXTK Master
    $10,000 SmileStylish NinjaDark HeroThe Master
    Pretty Neck LineBroody ManEscaping The DevilAgainst All Odds
    Forest ChildEvening BirdDestroy The MishimasDemon God
    The Perfect BodyAgent With ShadesWild And ThunderRagnarok
    My Body's A WeaponGets The Job DoneMust Escape My FateTwilight King
    Weight Is PowerHard WorkerFrom Outer SpaceVivid Fist
    Nice Bounty HunterCross Scar FaceFighting GodFamous Person
    Super HeavyweightNinja Clone GaloreThe Green GodBlessed Blossom
    Terrifying BlubberWanted ManAncient WarriorFlying Ice Dragon
    Gun Speed StarDevoted To JinThe Herald's FistDestroyer Of Dreams
    Six Meals A DayPanda's My PetNice PonytailEnd Of The World
    Smiles Are FreeAll For Love!Not A Plant
    Handsome FattyTons Of Courage!Spirit Eater
    Manji Clan LeaderSoaring LoveI Hear A Voice
    Cursed SwordSo Shoe MeLives In A Pyramid
    Sepukku!!Lovely Pigtails
    UnidentifiableTo Protect My Love


    Page 1Page 2Page 3
    (none)Think you can keep an eye on me?I love my fighting games!
    Don't be too hard for me.You shall feel my wrath!No arcade stick? No problem!
    Time to get hyped!Great doing battle with you!Old age won't stop me!
    Winning isn't everything!Gotta keep on truckin'I'm the stalwart of style!
    Take it easy on me.Our tears makes us stronger.I'm a creature of the night.
    I'm here to meet strong foes!Still training...I play on days off.
    Cream of the crop need only apply!I'll start trying tomorrow.Everything about me is cute!
    Come at me with all you have!Can't get over that hump...I was raised on Street Fighter.
    Time to feast!I can't decide on a character!Playing in pairs.
    You'll regret messin' with me...Recruiting friends!Comments are decorations too.
    Pleased to meet you!Yup, I'm a stubborn one.I love my Gems!
    Let's have some fun.I'll make you remember my name!I always throw the first punch.
    Please be gentle...Let's heat things up!Thanks for the support !
    Whoever has the fun is the winner!It's not over yet!Appearances are everything!
    I'll go easy on you.I never give up!Every day's a day off for me.
    No one's stronger than me!Now recharging...Today's my birthday!
    Let's settle this with our fists!Not bad, not great either.I love my tournaments.
    Bring it on any time!Forgive me for this beatdown.I was raised on Tekken.
    Only the strong survives.We're the strongest team around!Playing with friends
    I am a worthy rival.Looking for a tag team partner!I have nothing else to say to you.

    Special Edition

    A special edition of Street Fighter X Tekken was made available in all regions and included the following:

    No Caption Provided
    • Street Fighter X Tekken Game
    • Special Edition Art Work
    • Prequel Comic Book
    • 5' inch build-it-yourself Arcade Bank
    • 36 in-game Gem Power-ups
    • Pre-Order Exclusive 9 in-game Gem Power-ups

    Non-Character DLC

    Gem Packs

    To compliment the gems available with the core game, a series of bonus Gem packs were offered as pre-order bonuses through various retailers. All three of these packs were also included in the special edition in addition to a fourth special edition-exclusive pack. A fifth pack was also made available to those who pre-ordered the special edition. In mid April another nine Gem packs will be released as free DLC for both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

    Iron Curtain (May 06, 2012; Amazon Pre-Order and Special Edition Exclusive)

    Gem NameSlotsPrimary EffectSecondary EffectTime (s)Activation Condition
    Iron Wall Lv.11Incurred damage reduction +10%-20Escape a throw
    Iron Wall Lv.21Incurred damage reduction +20%-15Get hit by 8 normal moves
    EX Iron Wall Lv.22Incurred damage reduction +20%Damage output +10%20Block 10 times
    Fortitude Lv.21Incurred damage cut +130-15Your partner connects with 2 Launchers
    Immense Power Lv.21Damage output +20%-15Connect with 4 Special Moves
    Immense Power Lv.21Damage output +20%-15Escape a throw
    EX Immense Power Lv.22Damage output +20%-30Your partner connects with 2 Launchers
    EX Divine Speed Lv.32Movement speed +20%-30Connect with 4 Special Moves
    Onslaught Lv.21Cross Gauge acquisition rate +40%-15Block 10 times

    Lightning Legs (May 06, 2012; Best Buy Pre-Order and Special Edition Exclusive)

    Gem NameSlotsPrimary EffectSecondary EffectTime (s)Activation Condition
    Divine Speed Lv.11Movement speed +10%-20Escape a throw
    Divine Speed Lv.21Movement speed +15%-15Connect with 10 normal moves
    EX Divine Speed Lv.22Movement speed +15%Incurred damage reduction +10%20Have your attack blocked 8 times
    Immense Power Lv.21Damage output +20%-15Connect with 10 normal moves
    Fortitude Lv.21Incurred damage cut +130-15Get hit by 2 EX Special Moves
    Fortitude Lv. 21Incurred damage cut +130-15Get hit by 3 Special Moves
    EX Onslaught Lv.22Cross Gauge acquisition rate +40%Vitality instant restoration +6020Connect with 4 Special Moves
    EX Onslaught Lv.22Cross Gauge acquisition rate +40%Damage output +10%20Connect with 4 Special Moves
    Onslaught Lv.31Cross Gauge acquisition rate +60%-10Connect with 2 Launchers

    World Warrior Pack (May 06, 2012; GameStop Pre-Order and Special Edition Exclusive)

    Gem NameSlotsPrimary EffectSecondary EffectTime (s)Activation Condition
    Immense Power Lv.21Damage output +20%-15Perform 2 Cross Cancels
    EX Immense Power Lv.22Damage output +20%Incurred damage reduction +10%20Your partner connects with 2 Launchers
    Immense Power Lv.31Damage output +30%-10Connect with 2 Launchers
    Iron Wall Lv.11Incurred damage reduction +10%-20Connect with a Launcher
    EX Iron Wall Lv.22Incurred damage reduction +20%-30Block 10 attacks
    EX Iron Wall Lv.22Incurred damage reduction +20%Vitality instant restoration +6020Block 10 attacks
    Divine Speed Lv.11Speed +10%-20Perform 1 Cross Cancel
    Divine Speed Lv.21Speed +15%-15Connect with 4 Special Moves
    Proficiency Lv.21Cross Gauge usage reduction +20%-15Block 10 attacks

    King of Iron Fist (May 06, 2012; Special Edition Exclusive)

    Gem NameSlotsPrimary EffectSecondary EffectTime (s)Activation Condition
    EX Immense Power Lv.22Damage output +20%Cross Gauge instant restoration +20020Your partner connects with 2 Launchers
    Fortitude Lv.21Incurred damage cut +130-15Get hit by a 10 combo over 10 hits
    Fortitude Lv.21Incurred damage cut +130-15Block 10 attacks
    Fortitude Lv.21Incurred damage cut +130-15Get hit by 8 normal moves
    EX Iron Wall Lv.22Incurred damage reduction +20%Cross Gauge instant restoration +20020Have 8 of your attacks blocked
    Divine Speed Lv.21Movement speed +15%-15Block 10 attacks
    EX Divine Speed Lv.22Movement speed +15%Cross Gauge instant restoration +20020Have 8 of your attacks blocked
    Proficiency Lv.21Cross Gauge usage reduction +20%-15Get hit by 3 Special Moves
    Onslaught Lv.21Cross Gauge acquisition rate +40%-15Connect with 4 Special Moves

    Cross Arts (May 06, 2012; Special Edition Pre-Order Exclusive)

    Gem NameSlotsPrimary EffectSecondary EffectTime (s)Activation Condition
    Proficiency Lv.21Cross Gauge usage reduction +20%-15Get hit by 8 normal moves
    EX Onslaught Lv.22Cross Gauge acquisition rate +40%Incurred damage reduction +10%20Connect with 4 Special Moves
    EX Immense Power Lv.22Damage output +20%Vitality instant restoration +6020Your partner connects with 2 Launchers
    Iron Wall Lv.21Incurred damage reduction +20%-15Get hit by 3 Special Moves
    Iron Wall Lv.21Incurred damage reduction +20%-15Get hit by 2 EX Special Moves
    Iron Wall Lv.31Incurred damage reduction +30%-10Block 15 attacks
    Fortitude Lv.11Incurred damage cut +100-20Escape a throw
    Divine Speed Lv.21Movement speed +15%-15Connect with 2 Launchers
    EX Divine Speed Lv.22Movement speed +15%Damage output+10%20Have 20 of your attacks blocked

    SF/TK Assist Gem Pack 1 (April 24, 2012; FREE)

    • Advance Input
    • Easy Input Lv.1
    • Super Easy Input Lv.1
    • Cancel Assist Lv.1
    • Auto Throw Escape Lv.1
    • Auto Block Lv.1
    • Vital Increase Lv.1

    SF/TK Assist Gem Pack 2 (April 24, 2012; FREE)

    • Easy Input Lv.1
    • Easy Input Lv.1
    • Super Easy Input Lv.1
    • Cancel Assist Lv.1
    • Auto Throw Escape Lv.2
    • Auto Block Lv.2
    • Ultimate Block Lv.1
    • Vital Increase Lv.1
    • Assault Timer Extension Lv.1
    • Pandora Timer Extension Lv.1

    SF/TK Assist Gem pack 3 (April 24, 2012; FREE)

    • Super Easy Input Lv.1
    • Boost Effect Time Extension Lv.1
    • Boost Effect Enhancement Lv.1

    SF Boost Gem Pack 1 (April 24, 2012; FREE [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.3
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Onslaught Lv.2

    SF Boost Gem Pack 2 (April 24, 2012; FREE [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.3
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.3
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.3
    • Divine Speed Lv.3
    • Divine Speed Lv.1
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Onslaught Lv.2

    TK Boost Gem Pack 1 (April 24, 2012; FREE [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.1
    • Onslaught Lv.3

    TK Boost Gem Pack 2 (April 24, 2012; FREE [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    • Immense Power Lv.1
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.1
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Proficiency Lv.2

    Wild Card Booster Pack 01 (April 24, 2012; FREE)

    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Life Lv.3
    • Onslaught Lv.2

    Wild Card Booster Pack 02 (April 24, 2012; FREE)

    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Life Lv.1

    Assist Gem Pack 4 (May 01, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points)

    • Cancel Assist Lv.1
    • Auto Throw Escape Lv.3
    • Auto Block Lv.3
    • Life Increase Lv.1

    SF Boost Gem Pack 3 (May 01, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    • Immense Power Lv.1
    • Iron Wall Lv.3
    • Immense Power Lv.3
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Onslaught Lv.3

    SF Boost Gem Pack 4 (May 01, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.1
    • Fortitude Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Immense Power Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.1
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Proficiency Lv.2

    TK Boost Gem Pack 3 (May 01, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.3
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Divine Speed Lv.2
    • Onslaught Lv.2

    TK Boost Gem Pack 4 (May 01, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    • Iron Wall Lv.3
    • Divine Speed Lv.3
    • Iron Wall Lv.3
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Fortitude Lv.2
    • Iron Wall Lv.2
    • Divine Speeld Lv.1
    • Immense Power Lv.3
    • Proficiency Lv.2

    SF Boost Gem Pack 5 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    SF Boost Gem Pack 6 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    TK Boost Gem Pack 5 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    TK Boost Gem Pack 6 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    World Warrior Gem Pack 2 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Cannot be purchased via in-game store])

    Iron Curtain Gem Pack 2 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Cannot be purchased via in-game store])

    Lightning Legs Gem Pack 2 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Cannot be purchased via in-game store])

    Cross Arts Gem Pack 2 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Cannot be purchased via in-game store])

    King of Iron Fist Gem Pack 2 (June 05, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Cannot be purchased via in-game store])

    SF Boost Gem Pack 7 (June 17, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    SF Boost Gem Pack 8 (June 17, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Street Fighter characters])

    TK Boost Gem Pack 7 (June 17, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])

    TK Boost Gem Pack 8 (June 17, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points [Only applicable to Tekken characters])


    A set of alternate costumes for the original roster were made available as DLC on April 3, 2012. The DLC characters characters received their own set of costumes simultaneous to their release on July 31, 2012. These costumes take their inspiration from the opposite universes, with Street Fighters dressed up as Tekken characters and vice versa.

    Swap Costumes Individual Characters (April 03, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points)

    Swap Costumes Street Fighter Pack (April 03, 2012; PSN - $12.99 / XBL - 1040 Microsoft Points)

    • Abel - Armor King
    • Akuma - Heihachi Mishima
    • Balrog - Steve Fox
    • Blanka - Hwoarang
    • Cammy - King
    • Chun-Li - Panda
    • Dhalsim - Jinpachi Mishima
    • Guile - Jack
    • Hugo - Ganryu
    • Ibuki - Yoshimitsu
    • Juri - Zafina
    • Ken - Lars Alexandersson
    • M. Bison - Bryan Fury
    • Poison - Unknown
    • Rolento - Raven
    • Rufus - Angel
    • Ryu - Devil Jin
    • Sagat - Sergei Dragunov
    • Sakura - Asuka Kazama
    • Vega - Yoshimitsu
    • Zangief - Kuma

    Swap Costumes Tekken Pack (April 03, 2012; PSN - $12.99 / XBL - 1040 Microsoft Points)

    SF/TK Swap Costume Complete Pack (June 5, 2012; PSN - $17.99 / XBL - 1440 Microsoft Points)

    Swap Costumes Individual DLC Characters (July 31, 2012; PSN - $0.99 / XBL - 80 Microsoft Points)

    Swap Costumes Street Fighter DLC Characters (July 31, 2012; PSN - $3.99 / XBL - 320 Microsoft Points)

    • Blanka - Hwoarang
    • Cody - Paul Phoenix
    • Dudley - Tiger Jackson
    • Elena - Julia Chang
    • Guy - Kazuya Mishima
    • Sakura - Asuka Kazama

    Swap Costumes Tekken DLC Characters (July 31, 2012; PSN - $3.99 / XBL - 320 Microsoft Points)

    SF/TK Swap Costumes Complete DLC Characters Pack (July 31, 2012; PSN - 5.99 / XBL - 480 Microsoft Points)

    Color Palettes

    Players have the option to download various DLC color palettes for use in the Color Edit mode

    Color Palette Add-On 1 (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Gray

    Color Palette Add-On 2 (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    • Purple
    • Light Blue
    • Light Green
    • Yellow

    Special Color Palette (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    • Fluorescent Blue
    • Fluorescent Green
    • Fluorescent Purple
    • Fluorescent Teal

    Color Palette Add-On 3 (May 01, 2012; FREE)

    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Teal
    • Orange

    Special Color Palette 2 (May 01, 2012; FREE)

    • Metallic Red
    • Metallic Yellow
    • Metallic Pink
    • Metallic Orange

    Color Palette Add-On 4 (June 05, 2012; FREE)

    • Various shades of brown

    Color Palette Add-On 5 (July 17, 2012; FREE)

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Gray

    Quick Combo

    Through both free and paid DLC, players can increase the number of Quick Combos their characters have access to

    Preset Combo 3 (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    Preset Combo 4 (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    Preset Combo 5 (April 03, 2012; FREE)

    Quick Combo Editor

    On July 17, 2012, a Quick Combo Editor mode was released as DLC for $2.99 PSN / 240 Microsoft Points. This mode allows you to arrange attacks to form your own Quick Combos for use during a match.

    Updates and Patches

    Version 1.02 (April 10, 2012)

    • Online sound issues resolved
    • Gem sets can now be created on the character select screen

    Version 1.03 (April 24, 2012)

    • Replay Analyzer added

    Version 1.04 (May 15, 2012)

    • Kazuya - Second hit of Rising Sun no longer forces standing, infinite removed
    • Kuro - Movement inertia bug during Switch Cancel fixed, infinite removed
    • Xiaoyu - M and H versions Hakkesho juggle limit reduced to match L version, infinite removed
    • Pac-Man - Pushback of st.LP and st.LK increased, infinite removed
    • Jin - Inner Axe mid-air hit spinning animation is now faster
    • Jin - First hit of Kazama Style 6-hit Combo now grants +2F on counter-hit
    • M.Bison - Fifth hit of Knee Press Nightmare can now be guarded normallh
    • Ogre - cr.HP can no longer be followed-up
    • Juri - L and M versions of Senpusha recovery on block increased: L Standing Guard -5F; M Standing & Crouching Guard -10F
    • Juri - Shikusen now sinks on guard
    • Rufus - Falcon Dive hitbox size increased on foot, making it more difficult to cross-up
    • Rufus - Falcon Dive recovery on block increased to be, at best, -4F
    • Zangief - Third hit of Quick Double Lariat no longer hits crouching opponents
    • Quick Combo - Input priority adjusted, character freeze from mid-air inputs removed
    • Neutral Jump - Input priority adjusted
    • Throw-Switch Overlap - Characters that successfully initiate a switch can no longer be thrown

    Version 1.05 (June 14, 2012)

    • Rolento - Stinger projectile collision freeze glitch removed

    Version 1.06 (July 31, 2012)

    • Ryu, Ken, Akuma - Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku distance traveled and hitbox size reduced
    • Ryu, Ken - Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku frame advantage on block reduced to +6
    • Akuma - Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku frame advantage on block reduced to +7
    • Rolento - LP frame advantage on block reduced to +0
    • Juri - Kaisen Dankairaku damage reduced to 300
    • Yoshimitsu - Forward Jump F+LKxxMK target combo now listed properly
    • Raven - LP frame advantage on block reduced to +1
    • Raven - D+HP juggle limit reduced to 3
    • Xiaoyu - D+HK juggle limit reduced to 3
    • Xiaoyu - Followup after F+MK>Hakkesho now possible

    Version 1.07 (October ??, 2012)

    • Cross Play between PS3 and Vita version added
    • Blanka - Pushback on Electric Thunder when it hits from behind is adjusted
    • Bryan - Combo limit on M and H Fisherman's slam is adjusted
    • Bryan - Fisherman's Slam>Atomic Throw>cr.LP no longer continues
    • Christie - Jump startup properties are standardized to match the rest of the cast
    • Lei - M Orchid Palm has adjusted combo count, number of times it can hit is decreased

    Version 1.08: Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013 (January 29, 2013)

    Version 1.08 of the game is labeled Street Fighter x Tekken ver. 2013. Like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition ver. 2012, SFxTv2013 is a comprehensive balance patch in which every character on the roster (except Kuro) receives a variety of changes. Common changes among the cast include the reduction of blockstun/pushback on Boost Combos and Shoryuken-like moves, an increase in meter gained by hitting opponents with special moves, a reduction (oftentimes, outright removal) of meter gain when special techniques miss the opponent, and, for Tekken characters, the addition of viable anti-airs.

    This version also includes a variety of system changes, which are noted below:

    • The recovery rate of health is 1/3 of its former speed
    • Recovery rolls gain 7 frames of vulnerability at the end
    • Normal throws start up in 5 frames (as opposed to 7) and eliminate the opponent's recoverable health if successful. Does not apply to air throws
    • Guard Cancels can no longer be followed up
    • In a Cross Art, the damage done by the exiting partner is increased to 150
    • Pandora changes: Active time is increased to 10 seconds. The player's Cross Gauge is immediately filled, but no longer auto-recovers. The activation time is reduced by 2 frames, and the recovery time after activation is standardized across the cast. Characters are positioned closer to the enemy. Damage increase is fixed at 15%
    • Fortitude, Life Force, and Harmonize Gems see a universal decrease in potency
    • Gems 24, 245, 62, 102, 190 see a decrease in potency, increase of active time (if applicable), and sees the "Lv" in their names changed from Lv.3 to Lv.2 (Lv.1 in the case of Gem 24)
    • Preset Combo 1 is blank, preventing it from activating. The previous Preset Combo 1 is now Preset Combo 2
    • The zoom-in when a Launcher connects, as well as the hitstop associated with said zoom-in, is eliminated
    • The color of recoverable health on the lifebar is changed from a shade of white to a dark shade of orange
    • Lifebar no longer shakes when damage is taken
    • Battle does not begin until "FIGHT" completely disappears from the screen
    • The glow created when gems are active is much more subtle


    There are 46 soundtracks which is separated into two disk. It was released on March 8, 2012.

    Disk 1

    Track No.TitleDuration
    1.Honest Eyes3:54
    2.Main Menu Screen -Street Fighter X Tekken-2:49
    3.Character Select Screen2:04
    4.VS Screen0:08
    5.Urban War Zone2:53
    6.Jurassic Era Research Facility -Upper Floor-2:49
    7.Jurassic Era Research Facility -Bottom Floor-2:56
    8.Mishima Estate -Upper Floor-2:50
    9.Mishima Estate -Middle Floor-2:54
    10.Mishima Estate -Bottom Floor-3:06
    11.Pitstop 109 -Day-3:16
    12.Pitstop 109 -Night-2:54
    13.Half Pipe -Upper Floor-2:52
    14.Half Pipe -Bottom Floor-3:01
    15.Mad Gear Hideout -Abigail Dancing-3:19
    16.Mad Gear Hideout -Sodom Dancing-3:00
    17.Mad Gear Hideout -???-2:46
    18.Cosmic Elevator2:51
    19.Blast Furnace -Normal-2:54
    20.Blast Furnace -Panic-2:45
    22.Pandora's Box -Divination-3:05
    23.Pandora's Box -Emission-3:28
    24.Training Stage2:52

    Disk 2

    Track No.TitleDuration
    1.VS Rival Battle SF Arrange12:50
    2.VS Rival Battle TK Arrange12:51
    3.VS Rival Battle SF Arrange23:05
    4.VS Rival Battle TK Arrange22:50
    5.Mid Boss Battle SF3:01
    6.Mid Boss Battle TK3:33
    7.Last Boss Battle SF3:08
    8.Last Boss Battle TK2:43
    9.Closing Credit5:34
    10.Results Screen SF0:53
    11.Results Screen TK0:57
    12.Results Screen X0:55
    13.Here Come Some New Challengers!0:09
    14.Continue Screen0:37
    16.Game Over0:13
    17.Network Screen2:51
    18.Challenge Screen1:55
    19.Tutorial -Saikyo Fighting Style-2:55
    20.Customize Screen2:57
    21.Store Screen3:31
    22.The Destiny Fight3:51

    System Requirements


    • OS - Windows XP
    • Processor - Intel Dual Core 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon II X2
    • Memory - 1 GB
    • Hard Drive Space - 10 GB
    • Video Card - Nvidia GF6600 or ATi x1600 with 256MB of RAM
    • DirectX - 9.0c
    • Sound - DirectSound compatible,
    • Requires Games For Windows Live


    • OS - Windows Vista, 7
    • Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.60 GHz or AMD Phenom II X2
    • Memory - 2 GB
    • Hard Drive Space - 10 GB
    • Video Card - Nvidia GF8800 or ATi x1950 with 512MB of RAM

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