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Xbox 360 Collection

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I was lucky enough to grab a 360 on launch day, but I wasn't even sure I wanted it at the time. I played Hexic HD for about a week before I decided for sure that I wanted to keep the system rather than sell it on eBay. I picked up Kameo and Perfect Dark, neither of which made me feel great about my decision, but eventually it became the dominant system in my living room.

I've had my system red ring twice. The second time, UPS lost it on the way back to me. They claimed they had delivered it and that it was signed for by the manager of the apartment complex, but the apartment office didn't have it. After spending two weeks dealing with the apartment owners and UPS, I gave up and bought a new one. A few days later, it was revealed that an elderly woman in a different building had it. UPS had tried to deliver it to the wrong apartment, one whose renter had gone on a month-long vacation. So this old woman was "holding" it for him. When he came home, he told her it wasn't his, so she handed it over to the office. Now I had two 360's. I decided to save it in case I got a 3rd red ring of death, but when the new 360 was announced at E3 2010, I decided to trade one in towards it.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro (complete w/box)
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 S (complete w/box)
  • DJ Hero Turn Table Controller
  • Guitar Hero Xplorer Guitar
  • Microsoft 20GB Hard Drive
  • Microsoft E3 05 Faceplate
  • Microsoft Hard Drive Transfer Kit
  • Microsoft Kinect Sensor
  • Microsoft Launch Team Faceplate
  • Microsoft Live Headset (x2)
  • Microsoft Live Headset (Black)
  • Microsoft Live Vision
  • Microsoft Memory Unit 64MB
  • Microsoft Messenger Kit
  • Microsoft Play & Charge Kit (x3)
  • Microsoft Wireless Adapter 802.11n
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller (Halo 3 ODST)
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller (Halo: Reach)
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller (Limited Edition Red)
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller (Special Edition / Twist D-Pad)
  • Microsoft Wireless Controller S (Black)
  • Microsoft Zero Hour Faceplate
  • PDP Mortal Kombat Fight Stick
  • Rock Band Fender Guitar (x2)
  • Rock Band Drum Kit
  • Rock Band Microphone
  • Rock Band 2 Universal Cymbal 2-Pack
  • Rock Band 3 Keyboard Stand
  • Rock Band 2 Wireless Drum Kit
  • Rock Band 3 Wireless Keyboard
  • Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard Controller

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