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The second expansion in the series was released on Sept. 21, 2004

Highlights of the expansion

  • Adds five new Regions
  • Adds a new storyline tiled Chains of Promathia Missions.
  • New Quest
  • New Equipment

New Mission Chapters

1. Ancient Flames Beckon
2. The Isle of Forgotten Saints
3. A Transient Dream
4. The Cradles of Children Lost
5. The Return Home
6. Echoes of Time
7. In the Light of the Crystal
8. Emptiness Bleeds

New Areas

  •     Apollyon
  •     Attohwa Chasm
  •     Al'Taieu (also known as sea)
  •     Bibiki Bay
  •     Carpenters' Landing
  •     Garden of Ru'Hmet
  •     Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi
  •     Lufaise Meadows
  •     Misareaux Coast
  •     Newton Movalpolos  
  •     Oldton Movalpolos
  •     Phanauet Channel
  •     Pso'Xja
  •     Sacrarium
  •     Sealion's Den
  •     Riverne - Site A01
  •     Riverne - Site B01
  •     Phomiuna Aqueducts
  •     Promyvion - Holla
  •     Promyvion - Dem
  •     Promyvion - Mea
  •     Promyvion - Vahzl
  •     Tavnazian Safehold
  •     Temenos
  •     Uleguerand Range


 Chains of Promathia OST
 Chains of Promathia OST
The Chains of Promathia soundtrack was released on November 22, 2004, and was re-released as part of the FINAL FANTASY XI Premium Box on March 27, 2008.
1. Unity
2. Moblin Menagerie - Movalpolos
3. Depths Of The Soul
4. Faded Memories - Promyvion
5. Currents Of Time
6. First Ode: Nocturne Of The Gods
7. A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago
8. Onslaught
9. Forgotten City - Tavnazina Safehold
10. Second Ode: Distant Promises
11. Ruler Of The Skies
12. Turmoil
13. Third Ode: Memoria De La Stona
14. Happily Ever After
15. Conflict: You Want To Live Forever?
16. Conflict: March Of The Hero
17. Fourth Ode: Clouded Dawn
18. Words Unspoken - Pso' Xja
19. Fifth Ode: A Time For Prayer
20. Celestial Capital- Al' Taieu
21. Gates Of Paradise - The Garden Of Ru'hmet
22. Dusk And Dawn
23. A New Morning
24. Gustaberg (Bonus Track)

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