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    Gil is the main currency used in most Final Fantasy games. It is used to buy everything from weapons to potions, food to headgear, and everything in between.

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    Gil is the currency used throughout the Final Fantasy universe and also in the Kingdom Hearts games (in the english versions of the Kingdom Hearts series, it is referred to as "munny"). It is collected by players to buy weapons, armor, magic, and accessories so as to improve the characters during the course of the adventure. Gil is obtained by defeating monsters and defeating bosses, but can also be acquired by selling vendors items that the player has come across. In addition to these methods, some of the more modern games have included mini-games that allow players to gamble to win additional Gil. This was first introduced in Final Fantasy VII as the game included an arcade in which players could play games in hopes of winning larger sums of money. Final Fantasy VIII continued this trend, allowing players to put money bets on a popular card game called Triple Triad.


    • According to Final Fantasy IV, the origin of the word Gil is due to the fact that populace referred to the royal family Damcyan as Gilbert. Thus as they lived in the royal family's kingdom, the currency used would be named in their honor.
    • In some of the older Final Fantasy titles, some characters would have the ability to use Gil as a weapon in battle. Such moves as "Coin Toss", "Gil Toss", "Zeninage" and "Spare Change" showed the character throwing Gil coins at the enemy and inflicting large amounts of damage.

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