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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Aug 25, 2009

    Dissidia is an over the top, fast paced fighting game which features characters from the first ten Final Fantasies.

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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy is an action game for the PSP, developed by Square Enix as part of Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary lineup. Dissidia was released in Japan on December 24, 2008, and was released in North America on August 25th 2009. The European release is set for September 4th and the Australian release is set for September 3rd. The game was eventually followed by a refined edition in Japan entitled Dissidia: Final Fantasy Universal Tuning.


    Dissidia's story divides its cast into two factions fighting for opposing deities; the goddess of order, Cosmos, and Chaos, the god of discord. The game begins with the war nearing its conclusion, with Chaos's forces decimating the forces of Cosmos, leaving only ten warriors left to fight for her side. Cosmos asks her warriors to each search for their crystals so that they may find hope in turning the tide back in their favor.


    Combat Basics

    The amount of damage inflicted by attacks is augmented by a character's stocked Bravery.
    The amount of damage inflicted by attacks is augmented by a character's stocked Bravery.

    The player's goal in Dissidia is to win battles by defeating opponents in one-on-one battles. Battles end when one fighter's hit points are reduced to zero. There are two types of basic attacks in Dissidia; a single-strike HP attack using the Square button, and a BRV (Brave Point, or Bravery) attack with the Circle button. In order to deal physical HP damage to the opponent, the player must have BRV in stock. Each fighter has a default BRV amount that is determined by character level and equipment augments. By hitting the opponent with BRV attacks, the player will sap the opponents Bravery, thus increasing the effectiveness of their next HP attack while decreasing the opponent's strength. When an HP attack connects, the attacker's BRV will temporarily drop to zero before regenerating.

    Characters hit with a BRV attack that drop their Bravery to zero will temporarily enter a "Break" state, in which they are unable to damage the opponent with HP attacks until they have regenerated their full default BRV. When a character forces their opponent into a Break state, they also earn the Stage Bravery that accumulates over the course of the battle.

    EX Mode

    Squall performing an EX Burst.
    Squall performing an EX Burst.

    When a fighter is struck by an attack, they will expel small orbs of energy that, when collected, will fill a fighter's EX Gauge. Periodically, a glowing bell called an EX Core will appear somewhere in the stage, which will fill a large portion of the EX Gauge when collected. When a character's EX Gauge is filled, they can enter EX Mode.

    Characters in EX Mode have several stat bonuses granted to them as long as it remains in effect. They may also expend their remaining gauge energy by performing an EX Burst attack, which are analogous to the Limit Breaks seen in the Final Fantasy series. EX Bursts are triggered by quickly pressing X after striking the enemy with an HP attack. The player must then input a quick series of commands which affect the amount of Bravery gained while performing the attack. A perfectly executed EX Burst can drain an opponent of most of his or her hit points in one shot and bring a quick end to the match.

    If the player is on the receiving end of an EX Burst, they can evade by pressing Square before their opponent can initiate the attack. If that doesn't work and the attack is executed, the player can rapidly press Circle to fill a defense meter, decreasing the amount of damage taken.


    The battles take place in expansive arenas with a variety of pillars, platforms and destructible objects. Players can perform actions such as running up walls and grinding along rails by pressing Triangle when the appropriate icon appears near the character.

    By fulfilling certain in-game requirements, Omega versions of each stage will become available. In their Omega variants, the stages feature new effects that can change the flow of battle, such as trapped floors, or changes in the way Stage Bravery is accumulated.

    Character Customization

    In Story, Quick Battle, and Multiplayer modes, the characters can be customized using weapons, armor, and accessories acquired over the course of play. The characters also earn experience points in these modes, and as they grow in level will gain stat increases and new abilities. Additionally, summon stones may be equipped, allowing a traditional summon creature from the Final Fantasy series to affect the course of battle when the conditions to trigger its appearance are met.


    Dissidia features heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series.
    Dissidia features heroes and villains from throughout the Final Fantasy series.

    Dissidia's playable roster features ten heroes and ten villains from Final Fantasy I-X, and two secret characters from Final Fantasy XI and XII, as well as Chaos who can be played against but cannot be played as, for a total of twenty-two playable characters.



    Secret Characters

    • Shantotto (Final Fantasy XI)
    • Gabranth (Final Fantasy XII)
    • Chaos (Final Fantasy I) (Although he is not a playable character, he can be unlocked and can be played against in Quick battle mode)

    Differences for North America

    Some adjustments were made to the game prior to its North American release, differentiating it from the Japanese version.

    • The US version begins with a mandatory gameplay tutorial.
    • When an ability is a equipped in the Japanese version, it has an E placed besides it to indicate that it is being used. In the US version, it's a check mark.
    • Some songs have English vocals in them in the North American version.
    • The ability to dash towards the opponent is given from the start in the North American version. This ability had to be unlocked and equipped for each character individually in the Japanese release.
    • Arcade Mode was added to the US version; a mode where you select pre-equipped characters to battle against other opponents of the same equipment sets. In Arcade Time Attack mode however the opponents are pre-equipped with much more difficult setups to beat, such as 'Lai Strike' or 'Sustained EX' builds.

    Universal Tuning Edition

    This version of Dissidia, released in Japan, features the arcade mode added for the Western release of the original game, as well as over 100 extra character customization options, and English voice acting (with Japanese subtitles). Previous save data from the original Japanese release can be transferred to the Universal Tuning edition.


    Disc 1

    1. ""DISSIDIA -opening-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    2. ""Prelude -menu-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"


    4. ""Keeping the Peace" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    5. ""Cosmos" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    6. ""Victory Fanfare -Cosmos-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    7. ""Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I"

    8. ""Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I"

    9. ""Dungeon -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY I"

    10. ""Main Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II"

    11. ""Battle Theme 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II"

    12. ""Battle Theme 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY II"

    13. ""Warriors of Light" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    14. ""Eternal Wind -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III"

    15. ""Battle 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III"

    16. ""This Is the Last Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY III"

    17. ""Battle Preparations" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    18. ""Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV"

    19. ""Battle with the Four Fiends -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV"

    20. ""Battle 2 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IV"

    21. ""Victory Fanfare -Chaos-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    22. ""Four Hearts -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V"

    23. ""Battle at the Big Bridge -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V"

    24. ""Battle 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY V"

    25. ""At Presentiment's Edge" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    26. ""Terra's Theme -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI"

    27. ""The Decisive Battle -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI"

    28. ""Battle to the Death -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VI"

    29. ""The Quickening" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    30. ""The Troops' Advance" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    Disc 2

    1. ""Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VII"

    2. ""One-Winged Angel -orchestra version-" from FINAL FANTASY VII"

    3. ""Fight On! -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VII"

    4. ""A Brief Respite" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    5. ""Blue Fields -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII"

    6. ""Don't Be Afraid -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII"

    7. ""The Extreme -original-" from FINAL FANTASY VIII"

    8. ""Defeat Fanfare" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    9. ""Over the Hill -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IX"

    10. ""Battle 1 -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY IX"

    11. ""Battle 2 -original-" from FINAL FANTASY IX"

    12. ""Mambo de Chocobo -original-" from FINAL FANTASY V"

    13. ""Movement in Green -arrange-" from FINAL FANTASY X"

    14. ""Otherworld -original-" from FINAL FANTASY X"

    15. ""Battle Theme -original-" from FINAL FANTASY X"

    16. ""Victory Fanfare -original-" from FINAL FANTASY V"

    17. ""The Federation of Windurst -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XI"

    18. ""Battle in the Dungeon #2 -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XI"

    19. ""Theme of the Empire -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XII"

    20. ""Boss Battle -original-" from FINAL FANTASY XII"

    21. ""Answer" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    22. ""Chaos -Last Battle 1-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"


    24. ""DISSIDIA -ending-" from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY"

    25. "THE MESSENGER (Bonus Track)"


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