Best Games on the PSP.

As the PSP era comes to a close I think it'd be a good time to look back on all the great games it had. This list will encompass all worthwhile games, reasons for them and light descriptors. It will be slightly in order(Pirates is not really the 43rd best game), as a lot of games are dependent on the type of person who wants to play them.

I'm also choosing not to include collections like PowerStone, Japan only games like Bleach(soul carnival is pretty cool though...), remakes such as Persona, or games that are based off interesting franchises but aren't great themselves(Third Birthday, Bloodlines) I'm also not including games I haven't played such as Tales of Vs.

Honorable mentions:

Pangya Fantasy Golf

Naruto series(strangely good controls on the 2D fighters released in the US)

Ys(check the DS games as well if you're interested)

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble(There's a great QL on it, and despite it not being one of the best it's one of my favorites)

Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron(Cool tech, poor design)

GTA Chinatown Wars(Remake)

Hammerin' Hero(Great look, Too Simple)

Knights in The Nightmare(Also a DS remake)

Riviera: The Promised Land(GBA remake)

Phantasy Star Portable(Mediocre game, Some cool ideas)

Exit(Worth a try, but not one of the best)

Space Invaders Extreme(DS version just as good, but a great PSP game)

Downstream Panic(Great Puzzle game)

Gran Turismo(It exists, and it's what you'd expect)

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law(It's really part Phoenix Wright, part VN. If you want some comedy pick it up for this or the wii)

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2(I hated it, everyone I knew loved it. I hate enough to keep it on the list, but not enough to take away what people might like)

Thrillville(Combination Minigame collection, and light Theme Park Sim. It has a weird charm about it, take that as you will)

Powerstone Collection(Still great)

Every Extend Extra(Weird shooter, interesting mechanics)

Killzone: Liberation(Isometric 3D shooter. Well reviewed, but personally not great)

WTF: Work Time Fun(Minigame Collection.The first minigame is capping pens, so it's not for everyone)

Me and My Katamari(More Katamari. If you want a portable version, wait for Vita. If you just want more then try this.)

Tokobot(Fun, but not great)

Metal Gear Acid(Not my thing, but a lot of people love it. There's also a sequel)

SSX: On Tour(I've never played an SSX title, but otherwise from what I've heard it'd be on the list)

Shadow of Destiny(Weird remake of a story focused game with time travel mechanics. It's interesting as not many games are similar)

Ace Combat: Joint Assualt(If you like Ace Combat it exists, however I don't think it's one of the best on the PSP)

Blazblue(Some love it, some hate it. Either way the control is unique and it's imperfect)

Darkstalkers(Again, good for people who haven't played the series)

Mercury Meltdown(The original is on the PSP but this evolved so much more. It's still not one of the best but what can you do)

Manhunt 2(It's suprisingly well designed for a PSP version, but other than the unique premise and polish, it's not one of the best)

Phantom Brave(I really must play this after what I've heard)

R-Type Command(Interesting sequel that never lived up to it's past)

Parappa The Rapper(Not just a port, but also just not as good as it was. Maybe it's just a bad port)

Prince of Persia 2/3(The lesser of the three, but still worth a run if you missed them)

Metal Slug Anthology/XX(Both maintain the look and feel, but Metal Slug isn't as good outside of the arcades)

Samurai Shodown Anthology(I'm not great at fighters but this seems like a well designed series. Having said that, I could be totally off and deserving of a beat down)

Persona 1/2/3(I've never beaten the Persona series, but I've seen both it's history and it's quality enough to add these ports to the list)

Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling together(Remake)

Tekken 6(Still intricately designed, but never reached the height of 5)

Final Fantasy Tactics(Not my game, but beloved by many)

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