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    Every Extend Extra

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 17, 2006

    Every Extend Extra is a rhythmic puzzle shooter where instead of trying to stay alive, the object of the game is to self destruct your ship in order to defeat as many enemies as possible.

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    Every Extend Extra is a rhythm game created by Lumines developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi.  The game can best be described as a puzzle and shooting game with musical elements. The main draw of EEE is the intense techno music, vivid colors, and combo-heavy gameplay. Instead of trying to survive the longest, the purpose of this game is to detonate your "ship" to try to rack up as many points as possible by destroying enemies in combination.


    How to Play

    In Every Extend Extra, the goal is to make the largest chain reaction explosions by self detonating your ship when the most enemies are chained together. Once you detonate, your blast will destroy all enemies within its radius. Once those enemies have exploded, all following enemies in their blast radius will explode. The longer you hold down the charge button, the larger your blast radius will be, which means you will most likely hit more enemies. This is how the chain reactions work. The more enemies you destroy this way, the more points you obtain. The maximum points you can obtain through the chain reactions is 2560 points. Be sure to keep your eye on the time limit, because once time has run out, your game is over. Crashing your ship without detonating it first (by running into an enemy, or by getting hit by enemy weapons) causes a 5 second penalty to your time.

    Game Modes

    There are six different game modes available:
    • Arcade

    In arcade mode, the player will play through 7 different levels (and two hidden stages) by defeating enemies and a boss for each stage. The difficulty of each stage depends on how well the player performed on the previous stage.

    • Caravan

    The player gets to choose which stage from arcade mode and plays for a high score. The performance of the player during the level dictates how difficult the boss is at the end of the stage. This mode is solely for high scores only.

    • Boss Attack

    This mode lets the player face off against the bosses in the game for high scores. There are two different types of Boss Attack: Solo and Rush. In Solo mode, the player takes on just one boss for a high score, but in Rush mode the player takes on every boss in the game.

    • Original

    In Original mode, the player plays the stages from the original Every Extend game from which EEE was inspired. The music is not the same as in the original and some text were retranslated. The player is also limited to a maximum of eight quickens, which wasn't the case in the original.

    • Multiplayer

    Multiplayer lets the player play against a computer opponent.

    • Vs. Mode

    This mode will display up to 6 potential opponents for head-to-head play. Only Ad-hoc play is supported, but the game also has the GameSharing feature, where only one disk is needed to play the multiplayer portion of the game.


    There are six different types of enemies in EEE, each with their own attacks and unique abilities:
    • Normal Enemies (no items)
    • Green Enemies (Point Bonus items)
    • Pink Enemies (Quickens)
    • Mini-bosses (Time Extension items)
    • Pulse Bombs
    • Stage Bosses

    Special Items

    • Point Bonus Items

    After defeating Green Enemies, a green Point Bonus may be left behind. Each Point Bonus item is increases your score in increments of 800 points. So, the first one is worth 800, the second is 1600, etc.

    • Pulse Bombs

    Once an enemy is defeated, if a Pulse Bomb is left behind, the bomb will charge and explode, destroying all enemies within its blast radius.

    • Quickens

    Once a quicken is collected, the speed of the level will increase. This means that more enemies will come at faster rates, and also the tempo of the music will speed up. These items are essential to creating massive chains for high scores.

    • Time Extensions

    Each Time Extension that is collected increases your time by 10 seconds.

    Other Information

    A demo for Lumines II, another game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is included on the disk. Also, Every Extend, the original game that inspired EEE can be found as a free download here.


    Music by qp:
    • Saturday Night Keeper
    • Summer Party
    • Extra Tube
    • CambRhythm

    Music by USCUS
    • Golden Cross
    • Beautiful Old Days
    • Lowdown
    • GABBA Rocker
    • Space Chamber
    • You Can Feel It
    • EEE Menu

    Music by h.euda
    • happy in one

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