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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 14, 2006

    As Mr. ESC, a professional escapologist, you must save stranded people from natural disasters such as floods and fires in this stylish puzzler.

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    Exit is a 2D puzzle/action game on both the PSP and Xbox 360 Arcade. You are Mr. ESC, an escapologist, and you specialize in rescuing trapped or injured people from dangerous situations. Why he doesn't just let the firemen and other such orgnizations take care of the situation? Well they aren't profesional escapoligists obviously.


    As Mr. ESC you navigate through buildings usually hit by some natural catastrophe, in the idea to save people. The buildings may be flooded, in flames, in total darkness or any other such disaster. Each level has a goal, be it simply reach the Exit Door by yourself or bring x amount of people with you. Survivors, or "Companions" as the game likes to call them, will follow you once you go near them; they come in different shapes and sizes though. Normal adults will usually be able to do anything that Mr. ESC himself is capable of, but heavy people cannot climb high ledges without the help of other adults, yet they can push large objects like safes. Little children can crawl through small passages and cross weak bridges (as they are lighter in weight) but they cannot make long jumps like adults, nor go up or down high ledges without assistance. Also there are injured people and they must be carried or placed on a gurney in order to move them about.

    All (excluding injured people), and Mr. ESC himself, can pick up and use items strewn about the levels. They can use fire extinguishers to put out flames, pick axes to break down weak walls, use keys, and flashlights to see in dark areas, just to name a few examples. Bare in mind you only directly control Mr. ESC and you give commands to others by using a cursor to guide them point-and-click style. There is also a map that you can pull up, however it's not very detailed and it's more of a basic outline of the map.

    Exit is also a slow paced game; it's 80% puzzle and 20% action really. Before you cross a bridge or drop down to a lower level you should make sure you have a plan of action, by jumping blindly into a level it will get you in big trouble and may have to restart it.

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