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    A warrior of Spira, Auron was the legendary guardian who, alongside Jecht, protected Braska on his pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Years later he becomes Tidus' mentor and the guardian to Braska's daughter, Yuna; one of the protagonists of Final Fantasy X.

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    Auron, silent as usual.
    Auron, silent as usual.

    When Auron was twenty-five, he became a warrior monk of Bevelle and was well regarded by Yevon. He was considered for a high-ranking position with the clergy but when he refused to marry the daughter of an upper-class priest, it put a stop to his career. Auron was shunned by the Yevon elite and the promotion was eventually given to his friend, Wen Kinoc who eventually became a Maester of Yevon. A short time after, Auron was asked by Braska to serve as his guardian on his pilgrimage to destroy Sin. Before going on the pilgrimage, Auron and Braska visited a cell in Bevelle, where Jecht was being held. He was claiming he was from Zanarkand but the monks did not take him seriously because he was drunk. Braska however, believed his claim and asked him to be his guardian. Auron disagreed at first but eventually agreed and the three began their pilgrimage. After they arrive at Zanarkand, they meet Lady Yunalesca whom explains that to cast the Final Aeon Braska must choose one of his guardians as a sacrifice. Auron disagrees as he believes that their sacrifice would be in vain as Sin would only return again. Jecht volunteers to become the fayth needed for the Final Aeon and asks Auron to find a way to Zanarkand and look after his son. Both Braska and Jecht lose their lives fighting Sin and just as Auron predicted, Sin arises anew with Ject becoming the new Sin. Auron returned to Yunalesca and in an outrage he attacks her and she scars his face, blinding him in one eye. Wounded, Auron crawls down Mt. Gagazet and rests in a travel agency before continuing to Bevelle. However, he falls down Mt. Gagazet from a great height and lands on the outskirts of the city where he is found by Kimahri. While on his death bed, Auron asks Kimahri to protect Yuna but due to his strong emotional tiesto the world, he becomes unsent. Not long before the events of Final Fantasy X, just after Tidus' father disappeared, the now-unsent Auron became a discreet, unofficial mentor to Tidus.

    Final Fantasy X

    Auron in Luca fighting fiends.
    Auron in Luca fighting fiends.

    Ten years later, Auron rides Sin out to sea, where he finds the Dream Zanarkand that Jecht came from and he enters it to find Tidus. Auron revealed himself unexpectedly to Tidus as Zanarkand was being attacked by Sin. He escorted Tidus to safety as they battled Sinspawn together, before he allowed Sin to suck them both up. The next time Auron is seen in Final Fantasy X is in Luca, after he helped clear the Blitzball stadium of fiends. It is from there that he decided to join Tidus and his newly acquired friends, one of whom was the now-grown Summoner Yuna. He asks to join Yuna's party on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin, as he had promised Braska on their own pilgrimage. Yuna and her companions accepted this offer; on their pilgrimage he would defend Yuna, like her father before her. This also gave him an easier time keeping an eye on Tidus, whom he was guarding as a favor to Jecht.

    In Guadosalam, outside the entrance to the Farplane, Auron refuses to enter, fearing that his status as an unsent may not allow for him to ever return and complete his task. It is not until the party reach the ruins of Zanarkand, enter the temple there and meet Yunalesca, that Auron's condition is truly revealed. He tells his story to Tidus, not surprising him in the least. At the end of the game, Auron is finally sent to the Farplane by Yuna, finally at peace with his past. He can be seen later on in the farplane, (beside Braska and Jecht) where Tidus joins them.

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Auron's voice can also be heard during the final boss fight of Final Fantasy X-2. Here he motivates Yuna, Rikku and Paine to defeat Vegnagun. He is also seem in a backflash during Chapter 5 meeting Gippal in the Bikanel Desert if the player views 'Gippal's Sphere' of which they can obtain.

    Appearance and Personality

    Auron wears a red haori with a brown shoulder pad on his left shoulder. He wears black pants and shoes as well as a black shirt underneath. Auron has black, long hair with gray streaks and stubble on his chin. There is a large scar over his right eye which is always shut and his left eye is amber in colour. On his hip, he carries a jug with the word ‘Nog’ scrolled on it in Spiran which is used to describe rum. Auron is mostly silent, speaking only when necessary and when he does he often says something important. He can be very strict and has a dry wit, devoting himself to protect those in trouble and putting their safety before his own well being. He is often compared to Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII as they are both very quiet and only speak when necessary.


    Auron is a very skilled Samurai and he wields katanas during battles and defends himself with bracers. Most of his weapons have the ability Piercing by default, which allows him to cut down armor automatically.


    Auron's Overdrive in FFX is called Bushido. It has the player input a different button sequence for a specific limit break. To unlock more of Auron's Overdrives you need to find and play the various "Jecht Spheres" scattered around Spira. His different overdrives are listed below in order of least to most powerful:

    Dragon Fang (Default): Press Down, Left, Up, Right, R1, L1, Circle, X. Hits all foes. If executed successfully it also causes Delay Attack.

    Shooting Star (Find 1 Jecht Sphere): Press Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Left, Right, X. Hits one opponent. If successfully executed the enemy is ejected from the battlefield (if it is a boss, they only take damage).

    Banishing Blade (Find 3 Jecht Spheres): Press Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle. Hits one opponent. If executed successfully it also causes Power, Magic, Armor and Mental Break.

    Tornado (Find 10 Jecht Spheres): Press X, Right, R1, Left, L1, Triangle. Hits all enemies twice. If successful the attacks do more damage.

    Other Appreances

    Kingdom of Hearts II

    Auron appears in Kingdom of Hearts II as a party member whom Hades revives so that Auron could aid him, but he refuses to do so and joins up with Sora instead.


    Auron as the older, wiser character in FFX has produced many memorable quotes:

    • "Every story must have an ending."
    • "Enough!"
    • "This, is your world now."
    • "Outside the dream world, life can be harsh--even cruel, but it is life."
    • "The red carpet has teeth."
    • "Pray...NOW!"
    • "Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow!
    • "Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!"
    • "Some just can't wait to die!" (In a battle sequence)
    • "There were fewer fiends in my time"
    • "Fine, we rest. She's worse than the storm." (referring to Rikku's fear of lightning and thunder)

    Other Information

    • Auron is voiced by Matt McKenzie in English and Hideo Ishikawa in Japanese.

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