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    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Feb 16, 2023

    After nearly nine years, Theatrhythm returns with more Final Fantasy rhythm game action featuring over 500 songs and over 100 characters that celebrate the 35-year history of the franchise.

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    A Battle Stage in Final Bar Line.
    A Battle Stage in Final Bar Line.

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is the fourth Final Fantasy-themed rhythm game and the first to appear on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Players can recruit a team of four characters from throughout Final Fantasy history and play rhythm-based battles in a unique, franchise-spanning quest.


    • 385 songs from 46 games in the series' thirty-five year history.
    • 2-player local cooperative play.
    • 8-player online competitive mode that includes power-ups and opportunities to thwart other players.
    • 104 characters and monsters to discover and bring into the party.
    • Three primary difficulty settings plus a "Supreme" difficulty for some songs.
    • Music Player and Theatre modes that allow players to freely listen to tracks they've unlocked.



    Two slides and a hold-slide.
    Two slides and a hold-slide.

    Like previous games in the series, Final Bar Line is primarily a rhythm game, which means the gameplay mostly consists of precisely interacting with triggers that scroll across the screen in unison with the music. The color of the triggers indicates what type of interaction is required from the player.

    TouchRedTap any button.
    SlideYellow + ArrowPoint an analog stick in the direction of the arrow.
    HoldGreenHold any button and release it when the green line ends.
    Hold-SlideGreen + ArrowHold any button for the duration and point an analog stick in the direction of the arrow at the end.

    Series Quest

    Each song has specific goals.
    Each song has specific goals.

    The new campaign mode gives players the opportunity to choose one of twenty-nine games from the franchise to unlock new songs, characters, and items from that game. Each song includes a specific quest, which are like tasks or goals that must be completed during the song, and rewards for doing so.

    This mode is the primary method for unlocking more hero characters and songs. Villain characters can be unlocked by completing all the songs from that specific game in the franchise.

    In addition to the Standard style of play in Series Quest, players can also bring a friend for Pair Style, which is a cooperative mode where the triggers are divided between two players in separate lanes. A third option, called Simple Style, is a one-button mode designed for beginners who want to progress through the quests.

    Party System

    Choose a party of 4.
    Choose a party of 4.

    Players can choose a team of four characters from across the franchise. Each character has three abilities that will affect the combat sequences throughout the song. The party as a whole can also have one summon equipped using a Summonstone, which can be found and collected either in the Series Quest mode or by sharing with other players through ProfiCards. The player can also select an airship and a moogle to accompany them. The airship and moogle are purely cosmetic and do not affect the combat or song.

    Stage Types

    An Event Stage from Final Fantasy VII Remake.
    An Event Stage from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    Each song in the game is classified as one of three types of stages.

    • Battle Music Stages (BMS) feature waves of enemies culminating with a boss of some kind.
    • Field Music Stages (FMS) see the party battling enemies as they travel across the world that the song is from.
    • Event Music Stages (EMS) feature a cinematic presentation such as cutscenes from the specific game from which the song originates.


    Fat chocobos are very distracting.
    Fat chocobos are very distracting.

    Up to four players can play simultaneously in a competitive mode through any song in the game. During the song, players can earn and deploy attacks on the other players such as Fat Chocobo or Moogle to block their view of the notes. Winners of these battles earn CollectaCards, which feature all sorts of characters and items from through the franchise.


    Choosing Summonstones to share on a ProfiCard.
    Choosing Summonstones to share on a ProfiCard.

    A player's ProfiCard is used to share information and items with other players. Each player can customize their own ProfiCard and select Summonstones from their inventory to share with other players when their ProfiCard is viewed. Information shared includes:

    • Total Rhythmia (Experience Points)
    • Total Play Time
    • Feats Completed (out of 100)
    • Completion Percentage
    • Top 3 Songs Most Played
    • Current Team
    • Top 5 Most Used Characters


    Over 400 cards to collect.
    Over 400 cards to collect.

    The Museum section of the game is where players can view all of the unlockable extras that they've discovered.

    • Collection - Tracking the player's CollectaCard collection.
    • Theater - Watch any Event stage cinematics.
    • Music Player - Freely listen to any songs that been unlocked.
    • Records - Tracking a multitude of statistics.
    • Feats - An In-Game Achievements system.


    Final Bar Line includes four difficulty levels, which increase the number of triggers that appear within each song. Only certain songs offer the Supreme challenge.

    • Basic
    • Expert
    • Ultimate
    • Supreme

    Live Info Mode

    Tons of optional info.
    Tons of optional info.

    This brand new mode allows players to have live statistics and data on the screen at all times. This includes:

    • Controller Input Display
    • Song Difficulty Ranking
    • Current High Score
    • Damage Dealt
    • Enemies Defeated
    • Character Level and Abilities
    • Note Accuracy


    Final Bar Line features over 100 playable heroes and villains from across the franchises history. Once unlocked, any of these characters can be put into a player's four-person party of adventurers.

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy II
    Final Fantasy III
    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy V
    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy VIII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X
    Final Fantasy X-2
    Final Fantasy XI Online
    Final Fantasy XII
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy XIII-2
    Final Fantasy XIV Online
    Final Fantasy XV
    Dissidia: Final Fantasy
    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
    Final Fantasy: Record Keeper
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Final Fantasy Type-0
    Mobius Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

    Song List

    The base game features 385 songs from across the franchise's 35-year history. When including the Digital Deluxe bonus songs, which are available as a separate "upgrade" purchase, and the Season Pass songs, there are a total of 504 songs available.

    Songs with no denotation in "Availability" are included in the 385 songs in the base game. Songs noted with "DD" are available as DLC in the Digital Deluxe and Premium Digital Deluxe versions or upgrades.

    Final Fantasy Main Series

    Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    The one that started it all.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Castle Cornelia"Field-
    "Final Battle"Battle-
    "Main Theme"Field-
    "Matoya's Cave"Field-
    "Miniboss Battle"Battle-
    "Mt. Gulg"Field-
    "Opening Theme"Event-
    "Opening Theme"Field-
    "Sunken Shrine"Field-

    Final Fantasy II

    No Caption Provided

    Firion's group of heroes join the Wild Rose resistance group to save the world. This is the first FF game to feature a chocobo and a character named Cid.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle Theme 1"Battle-
    "Battle Theme 2"Battle-
    "Battle Theme A"Battle-
    "Chocobo Theme"Field-
    "Imperial Army Theme"FIeld-
    "Main Theme"Field-
    "The Rebel Army"Battle-
    "The Rebel Army"Event-
    "Tower of the Magi"Field-

    Final Fantasy III

    No Caption Provided

    Four orphans set out to save the world from a looming darkness while new features include summons, a job system, and moogles.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Aria, the Maiden of Water"Event-
    "Aria, the Maiden of Water"Field-
    "Battle 1"Battle-
    "Battle 2"Battle-
    "The Boundless Ocean"Field-
    "Crystal Cave"Field-
    "The Crystal Tower"Field-
    "The Dark Crystals"Field-
    "Eternal Wind"Field-
    "The Invincible"Field-
    "Let Me Know the Truth"Field-
    "This is the Last Battle"Battle-

    Final Fantasy IV

    No Caption Provided

    Cecil Harvey leads a troupe of a dozen playable characters into a new generation of Final Fantasy.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Airship"Field-
    "Another Moon"Field-
    "Battle 1"Battle-
    "Battle 2"Battle-
    "Battle with the Four Friends"Battle-
    "The Final Battle"Battle-
    "Final Fantasy IV Main Theme"Field-
    "Lunar Whale"Field-
    "The Red Wings"Field-
    "Theme of Love"Event-
    "Theme of Love"Field-
    "Tower of Zot"Field-
    "Troian Beauty"Field-
    "Within the Giant"FIeld-

    Final Fantasy V

    No Caption Provided

    Bartz Klauser and a group of new friends embark on a world spanning quest to stop crystals from being shattered and the series introduces a revolutionary level of freedom with a new job system that features twenty different roles any character can choose.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Airship"Field-
    "Battle 1"Battle-
    "Battle 2"Battle-
    "Battle at the Big Bridge"Battle-
    "The Dawn Warriors"Battle-
    "The Decisive Battle"Battle-
    "The Final Battle"Battle-
    "Final Fantasy V Main Theme"Battle-
    "Four Hearts"Field-
    "Home Sweet Home"Event-
    "Home Sweet Home"Field-
    "In Search of Light"Field-
    "Library of the Ancients"Field-
    "Mambo de Chocobo"Field-
    "A New World"Field-
    "To the North Mountain"Field-

    Final Fantasy VI

    No Caption Provided

    Widely considered to be one of the greatest games of all time and features one of the most maniacal villains of all time as well.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Airship Blackjack"Field-
    "Battle to the Death"Battle-
    "Celes's Theme"Event-
    "Celes's Theme"Field-
    "Dancing Mad"Battle-
    "The Decisive Battle"Battle-
    "Edgar & Sabin's Theme"Field-
    "Grand Finale"Battle-
    "Kefka's Tower"Field-
    "Locke's Theme"Battle-
    "Protect the Espers!"Battle-
    "Searching for Friends"Field-
    "Terra's Theme"Field-

    Final Fantasy VII

    No Caption Provided

    Cloud Strife joins a group of eco-terrorists on a mission to save the planet in one of the most influential games in history and the first in the series to feature 3D environments and CD quality music.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Aerith's Theme"Battle-
    "Aerith's Theme"Event-
    "Birth of a God"Battle-
    "The Chase"Field-
    "Cosmo Canyon"Field-
    "Fight On!"Battle-
    "Gold Saucer"Field-
    "The Highwind Takes to the Skies"Field-
    "Judgment Day"Field-
    "Let the Battles Begin"Battle-
    "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII"Field-
    "One-Winged Angel"Battle-
    "Opening - Bombing Mission"Battle-
    "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony"Field-

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    No Caption Provided

    Released in 2005, Advent Children is a computer-animated movie that takes place two years after the events of the game where a trio of new villains are attempting to resurrect Sephiroth.

    • Released: September 14, 2005
    • Platform: DVD, UMD
    • Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Advent: One-Winged Angel"Battle-
    "Advent: One-Winged Angel"Event-
    "Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)"Field-
    "Battle in the Forgotten City"Battle-
    "Cloud Smiles"Field-
    "Divinity II"Battle-
    "J-E-N-O-V-A (AC Version)"Battle-
    "Those Who Fight (Piano Version)Battle-

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

    No Caption Provided

    The first ever prequel in the series is an action RPG that takes place seven years prior to the original and follows the rise of Zack Fair in the SOLDIER program leading up to the events of Final Fantasy VII.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Crisis Core Theme - Dreams and Honor"Event-
    "A Flower Blooming in the Slums (From FFVII "Aerith's Theme")"Field-
    "The Price of Freedom"Battle-
    "The SOLDIER Way"Battle-
    "Timely Ambush (From FFVII "Let the Battles Begin!")"Field-

    Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

    No Caption Provided

    A 25-minute anime movie that retells the events of the massacre at Nibelheim that was originally shown in flashbacks in Final Fantasy VII.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Last Order"Battle-

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    No Caption Provided

    After over a decade of speculation, a more action-based remake of Final Fantasy VII launched in 2020 by retelling the events within Midgar, but with some significant twists on the original.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Bombing Mission"Battle-
    "Collapsed Expressway"Field-
    "FFVII Main Theme - Sector 7 Undercity"Field-
    "High Five"Battle-
    "J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening"Battle-
    "Let the Battles Begin! - A Merc's Job"Battle-
    "Midgar Expressway - The Chase"Field-
    "One-Winged Angel - Rebirth"Battle-
    "Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven"Field-

    Final Fantasy VIII

    No Caption Provided

    Squall Leonhart and a group of students from a military academy set out to save the world from an oppressive government led by an evil sorceress and learn things about their connected, forgotten pasts along the way.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Balamb Garden"Field-
    "Blue Fields"Field-
    "The Castle"Field-
    "Don't Be Afraid"Battle-
    "Ending Theme"Field-
    "The Extreme"Battle-
    "Eyes on Me"FieldDD
    "Find Your Way"Field-
    "Fisherman's Horizon"Field-
    "Force Your Way"Battle-
    "Liberi Fatali"Battle-
    "Love Grows"Field-
    "The Man with the Machine Gun"Battle-
    "Maybe I'm a Lion"Battle-
    "The Oath"Field-
    "Ride On"Field-
    "Shuffle or Boogie"Battle-
    "Waltz for the Moon"Event-
    "Waltz for the Moon"Field-

    Final Fantasy IX

    No Caption Provided

    The series returns to its roots with a medieval fantasy setting and a focus on magical crystals. Zidane Tribal and his group of bandits attempt to kidnap a royal princess and things don't go exactly as they expect.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Aboard the Hilda Garde"Field-
    "Battle 1"Battle-
    "Battle 2"Battle-
    "Behind the Door"Event-
    "Behind the Door"Field-
    "Dark City Treno"Field-
    "The Darkness of Eternity"Battle-
    "Festival of the Hunt"Battle-
    "The Final Battle"Battle-
    "Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life"Field-
    "Ipsen's Castle"Field-
    "Melodies of Life: Final Fantasy"FieldDD
    "Not Alone"Field-
    "Over the Hill"Field-
    "A Place to Call Home"Field-
    "Roses of May"Field-
    "Something to Protect"Battle-
    "Swords of Fury"Battle-
    "Vamo'alla flamenco"Battle-
    "Vivi's Theme"Field-

    Final Fantasy X

    No Caption Provided

    The series enters its fourth generation of platforms by introducing cinematic presentations, fully voiced characters, a fully 3D world to explore, and a revolutionary "Sphere Grid" for character advancement.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle Theme"Battle-
    "Blitz Off"Battle-
    "A Contest of Aeons"Battle-
    "A Fleeting Dream"Field-
    "Fight With Seymour"Battle-
    "Final Battle"Battle-
    "Mi'ihen Highroad"Field-
    "Movement in Green"Field-
    "Servants of the Mountain"Field-
    "Spira Unplugged"Field-
    "Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?)"Event-
    "Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?)"Field-
    "Thunder Plains"Field-
    "To Zanarkand"FieldDD
    "Via Purifico"Field-

    Final Fantasy X-2

    No Caption Provided

    For the first time in series history, a direct sequel to the previous game introduces a new level of freedom in terms of exploration and in combat plus a new "Dress Sphere" system that is reminiscent of the job systems in the older games.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix)"Event-
    "Bevelle Underground"Field-
    "The Farplane Abyss"Field-
    "KUON: Memories of Waves and Light"FieldDD
    "Let Me Blow You a Kiss"Battle-
    "Real Emotion"Field-
    "Resting Place"Battle-
    "We're the Gullwings!"Field-
    "YRP, Fight! No. 1"Battle-

    Final Fantasy XI Online

    No Caption Provided

    The first game in the series to go online. A subscription-based MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI allows players to create their own character among thousands of others while still implement series traditions like an in-depth story, a job system, and yes... chocobos.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle Theme"Battle-
    "Distant Worlds"FieldDD
    "FFXI Opening Theme"Battle-
    "FFXI Opening Theme"Event-
    "Fighters of the Crystal"Battle-
    "Heavens Tower"Field-
    "Iron Colossus"Battle-
    "Melodies Errant"Battle-
    "A New Horizon: Tavnazian Archipelago"Field-
    "The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah"Field-
    "Tough Battle #2"Battle-
    "Vana'diel March"Field-

    Final Fantasy XII

    No Caption Provided

    While not a sequel, the story takes place in the same universe as Final Fantasy Tactics in world called Ivalice. It takes the series in a new direction with a completely open world, a free-moving third-person camera, and a gambit-based combat system that allowed players pre-program party members actions in combat.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Arcadian Empire"Event-
    "The Arcadian Empire"Field-
    "Battle with an Esper"Battle-
    "Boss Battle"Battle-
    "The Dalmasca Estersand"Field-
    "Ending Movie"Battle-
    "Final Fantasy - FFXII Version"Battle-
    "Flash of Steel"Battle-
    "Giza Plains"Field-
    "Heart of a Child"Field-
    "Kiss Me Good-Bye - featured in Final Fantasy XII"FieldDD
    "Life and Death"Battle-
    "The Mosphoran Highwaste"Field-
    "Phon Coast"Field-
    "Streets of Rabanastre"Field-
    "Struggle for Freedom"Battle-
    "Symphonic Poem "Hope" - Final Fantasy XII PV ver."FieldDD

    Final Fantasy XIII

    No Caption Provided

    The series moves to its fifth generation of consoles with the first entry in a sub-franchise known as Fabula Nova Crystallis. Set in a floating realm of Cocoon, Lightning and group of allies set out to save her sister and take down a tyrannical government known as The Sanctum.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Archylte Steppe"Field-
    "Blinded by Light"Battle-
    "Defiers of Fate"Battle-
    "Defiers of Fate"Event-
    "Desperate Struggle"Battle-
    "Dust to Dust"Field-
    "Eden Under Siege"Battle-
    "Eternal Love"FieldDD
    "Fighting Fate"Battle-
    "The Gapra Whitewood"Field-
    "March of the Dreadnoughts"Field-
    "Saber's Edge"Battle-
    "The Sunleth Waterscape"Field-
    "Will to Fight"Battle-

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    No Caption Provided

    For the second time in series history, this direct sequel follows Lightning's sister, Serah Farron, as she goes through a time-bending journey to find Lightning.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Crazy Chocobo"Field-
    "Etro's Champion"Battle-
    "Full Speed Ahead"Battle-
    "Groovy Chocobo"Field-
    "Heart of Chaos"Battle-
    "Historia Crux"Field-
    "The Last Hunter"Battle-
    "Noel's Theme - Final Journey"Field-
    "Paradigm Shift"Battle-
    "Plains of Eternity"Field-
    "Warrior Goddess"Event-

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    No Caption Provided

    Another series first, Lightning Returns is a second direct sequel to a main entry. Also, unlike any previous game in the franchise, Lightning is the only controllable character in the entire game.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Crimson Blitz"Battle-
    "The Dead Dunes"Field-
    "The Glittering City of Yusnaan"Field-
    "Lightning Returns"Battle-
    "Savior of Souls"Battle-
    "Savior of Souls"Event-

    Final Fantasy XIV Online

    No Caption Provided

    The series' second foray into the MMORPG genre was met with such an unfavorable response in 2010, that it was shut down entirely in 2012. After a year of continued development, it was relaunched as A Realm Reborn and became a massive success.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Exponential Entropy"Battle-
    "Fallen Angel"Battle-
    "Good King Moggle Mog XII"Battle-
    "Hard to Miss"Battle-
    "Ink Long Dry"Field-
    "The Land Breathes"Battle-
    "A Light in the Storm"Field-
    "A Long Fail"Battle-
    "Metal - Brute Justice Mode"Battle-
    "Ominous Prognisticks"Battle-
    "On Westerly Winds"Field-
    "Primal Judgment"Battle-
    "Promises to Keep"Battle-
    "Through the Maelstrom"Battle-
    "To the Sun"Field-
    "Torn from the Heavens"Battle-
    "Under the Weight"Battle-
    "Wayward Daughter"Battle-
    "What Angels Awake Me"Battle-
    "Who Brings Shadow"Battle-
    "The Wyrm's Tail"Battle-

    Final Fantasy XV

    No Caption Provided

    After a decade in development that saw the game originally begin as a spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII, the fifteenth installment sees Noctis Lucis Caelum, a royal prince, and his three best friends embark on an action-packed road trip of a lifetime.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Apocalypse Noctis"Event-
    "Apocalypse Noctis (Uncovered Trailer)"Battle-
    "Battle with Regis"Battle-
    "Episode Ignis Theme"Field-
    "The Fight Is On!"Battle-
    "Final Fantasy Main Theme"Field-
    "Flying R"Field-
    "Home Sweet Home - Theme of Episode Prompto"Field-
    "Magna Insomnia"Battle-
    "Omnis Lacrima"Battle-
    "Shield of the King: Theme of Episode Gladiolus"Field-
    "Stand Your Ground"Battle-
    "Up for the Challenge"Battle-
    "Valse di Fantastica"Field-
    "Veiled in Black"Battle-

    Final Fantasy XVI


    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability

    Final Fantasy Spin-Offs

    Dissidia Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    As part of the series' 20th anniversary, this fighting game pits characters from across the franchise in a battle between order (Cosmos) and discord (Chaos).

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle 1 -arrangement- from Final Fantasy IX"Battle-
    "The Decisive Battle -arrangement- from Final Fantasy VI"Battle-
    "Dissidia -ending- from Dissidia Final Fantasy"Battle-
    "Dissidia Final Fantasy [Final Trailer]"Battle-
    "Keeping the Peace"Field-
    "The Troops' Advance"Battle-

    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    Even more warriors are summoned into an alternate dimension to fight in the eternal struggle between order and discord.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Cantata Mortis from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy"Battle-
    "Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle- from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy"Field-
    "Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy [Final Trailer]"Battle-
    "Gate to the Rift from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy"Field-
    "Lux Concordiae from Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy"Event-

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

    No Caption Provided

    Developed by Team Ninja, the first arcade game in the franchise moves the Dissidia series to a 3-on-3 battle system where warriors are once again summoned to an alternate dimension; this time new gods known as Materia and Spiritus.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Antipyretic -arrange- from Final Fantasy Tactics"Battle-
    "The Beginning of the End -arrange- from Final Fantasy Type-0"Battle-
    "Dancing Mad -arrange- from Final Fantasy VI"Battle-
    "Eternal Wind -DFF arrange- from Final Fantasy III"Battle-
    "God in Fire -arrange- from Dissidia Final Fantasy"Battle-
    "Massive Explosion (Short ver.) Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade"Battle-
    "Ominous Prognosticks -arrange- from Final Fantasy XIV"Battle-
    "The Rebel Army -arrange- from Final Fantasy II"Battle-

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

    No Caption Provided

    The console version of the arcade game introduced over a dozen more characters plus an additional ten through DLC.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Dare to Defy"Battle-

    Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

    No Caption Provided

    Opera Omnia brings the fighting game sub-series full circle to a turn-based RPG featuring over 100 characters.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Spark from Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    No Caption Provided

    After a decade away, the franchise returns to Nintendo with an action-adventure multiplayer RPG.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Across the Divide"Field-
    "Kaze No Ne"FieldDD
    "Monster Ronde"Battle-
    "Moonless Starry Night"Event-
    "Promised Grace"Field-
    "Sad Monster"Battle-
    "Today Arrives, Becoming Tomorrow"Field-
    "United, Heaven-Sent"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

    No Caption Provided

    Taking place 1000 years after the original, the sequel does away with the multiplayer aspect in favor of a single-player action-adventure with a deeper storyline.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "This is the End for You"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

    No Caption Provided

    A spin-off of the main series that was marketed as an entry-level RPG with simplified mechanics for players unfamiliar with the genre. It was the first in the franchise to be released in North America before Japan.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle 1"Battle-
    "Battle 2"Battle-
    "Battle 3"Battle-
    "Doom Castle"Field-
    "Hill of Destiny"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    No Caption Provided

    Within the archives of Dr. Mog, a researcher named Tyro is given access to stories from different worlds, which allows players to relive some of the most memorable events from through the franchise in sprite-based reenactments.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle at the Big Bridge -Ver.2- FFRK Ver arrange from Final Fantasy V"Battle-
    "Blinded by Light FFRK Ver. Arrange from Final Fantasy XIII"Battle-
    "Chaos Shrine FFRK Ver. arrange from Final Fantasy I"Battle-
    "The Chase FFRK Ver. arrange from Final Fantasy VII"Battle-
    "The Decisive Battle FFRK Ver. arrange from Final Fantasy VI"Battle-
    "The Man with the Machine Gun -Ver.1- FFRK Ver. arrange from Final Fantasy VIII"Battle-
    "Stand Your Ground FFRK Ver. Arrange from Final Fantasy XV"Battle-
    "Utakata FFRK Ver. Arrange from Final Fantasy Type-0"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    No Caption Provided

    The series' first foray into the genre of turn-based strategy games is often considered one of the greatest games of all time, not just within the Final Fantasy franchise. It is so popular that it spawned multiple other tactics games as well as other games in the same universe included Final Fantasy XII.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Crash on the Bridge"Battle-
    "Ovelia's Theme"Field-
    "Ultima's Transformation"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Type-0

    No Caption Provided

    Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub-franchise, this action RPG features fourteen classmates from a magical academy who are deployed to defend their nation's crystals from an invading empire.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "The Earth Under Our Feet"Field-
    "Tempus Finis"Field-
    "Vermillion Fire"Battle-
    "War: The White Weapon"Battle-
    "War: Warrior Worth a Thousand"Battle-
    "We Have Come"Event-

    Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

    No Caption Provided

    As the name would imply, this spin-off was designed to return the series to its roots with a new story about a 14-year-old boy who is sent by a king to save the princess, only to return to find the entire kingdom turned to stone. The game features a classic job system.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle with Monsters"Battle-
    "The 4 Heroes of Light"Field-

    Mobius Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    A turn-based RPG designed specifically for mobile devices, which featured new story chapters via online updates for several years.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Dancing Edge"Battle-
    "Femme Fatale"Battle-
    "Magic Madness"Battle-
    "Warrior of Light - Mobius Final Fantasy"Battle-

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    No Caption Provided

    A reimagining of the original Final Fantasy told through a different perspective and in an action RPG format developed by Team Ninja.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle: Chaos Advent"Battle-
    "Battle: False Knight - Motif from 'Battle'"Battle-
    "Jack's Theme"Battle-

    World of Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    Designed in part to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, this entry sees two siblings traveling between different art styles in a world called Grimoire, which is populated with characters and monsters from throughout the series.

    • Released: October 25, 2016
    • Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
    • Composer: Masashi Hamauzu
    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "World of Battle"Battle-

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

    No Caption Provided

    A touch-screen-based rhythm game featuring songs from the first thirteen games in the main series.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle at the Big Bridge -TFF Menu Arrange- from Final Fantasy V"Battle-
    "Chaos Shrine -TFF Menu Arrange- from Final Fantasy I"Battle-
    "Return of the Warrior -TFF Menu Arrange- from Final Fantasy III"Field-

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

    No Caption Provided

    More songs, more characters, more games represented (including ones outside of the Final Fantasy series), and multiplayer.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailabilty
    "Attack Team -TFFCC Menu Arrange- from Final Fantasy Tactics"Battle-
    "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Special Arrange Medley"Event-
    "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Special Arrange Medley (Long Version)"Battle-

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival

    No Caption Provided

    An arcade adaptation of the rhythm game sub-series.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "Ahread on Our Way -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy V"Battle-
    "Battle at the Big Bridge -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy V"Battle-
    "Fight with Seymour -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy X"Battle-
    "JENOVA -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy VII"Battle-
    "Locke's Theme -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy VI"Battle-
    "Matoya's Cave -TFFAC Arrange- from Final Fantasy I"Field-
    "Prelude -TFFAC Menu Arrange- from Final Fantasy I"Field-
    "The Red Wings -TFFAC Arrange- from FFIV"Field-
    "Special Arrange Medley -TFFAC Arrange- from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call"Battle-

    Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

    No Caption Provided

    Two brand new arrangements are included here.

    Song TitleStage TypeAvailability
    "FFVII Special Arrange Medley -Theatrhythm FBL Arrange- from FFVII"Battle-
    "Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Special Arrange Medley"Battle-

    Final Fantasy Albums

    No Caption Provided

    Over forty compilation albums have been officially released including all types of remixes and covers in a variety of styles ranging from full orchestras, vocal arrangements, heavy metal remixes, and piano solos.

    Twenty tracks from a handful of these albums have been included in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. Most of them are part of the Digital Deluxe Edition's bonus tracks, but can also be purchased separately as a DLC upgrade.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Acoustic: The Decisive Battle from Final Fantasy VI"Square Enix Acoustic ArrangementsBattleDD
    "Aerith's Theme -collabo arrange-"Collaboration TitleBattleDD
    "Battle at the Bridge"Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo 2Battle-
    "Battle Scene 2 - Modulation FF Arrangement"Modulation - Final Fantasy ArrangementBattleDD
    "Battle SQ: Not Alone from Final Fantasy IX"Battle SQBattleDD
    "Blinded by Light Jazz Arrangement"Square Enix Jazz Final FantasyBattleDD
    "Clash on the Big Bridge - Modulation FF Arrangement"Modulation - Final Fantasy ArrangementBattleDD
    "Clash on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V"Black MagesBattleDD
    "Cosmo Canyon -collabo arrange-Collaboration TitleFieldDD
    "FF Medley"Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de BravoField-
    "FF Moogles Theme"Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de BravoField-
    "Fighters of the Crystal"Sanctuary: The Star OnionsBattleDD
    "Final Fantasy III Sailing Enterprise - The Invincible"SQ ChipsFieldDD
    "A Long Fall - Otherworldly Ruins Syrcus Twinning"Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy XIV - Arrangement AlbumBattleDD
    "Mambo de Chocobo"Bra Bra Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo 2Field-
    "More SQ: Final Fantasy Dugem de Chocobo"More SQFieldDD
    "Opening Theme"Final Fantasy Tribute - ThanksBattle-
    "Rise - Mechanical Castle Alexander: Heavenly Motions Part"The PrimalsBattleDD
    "The Skies Above"The Black Mages II: The Skies AboveBattleDD
    "Zephyr Memories ~Legend of the Eternal Wind~Distant Worlds IVFieldDD

    Other Square Enix Franchises

    Bravely Default


    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability


    No Caption Provided

    The Chrono series of RPGs centers around traveling through time to save the world. Both entries in the series are among the most critically acclaimed games in history. The first game was also a collaboration between Squaresoft and Enix Corporation long before the two merged.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle with Magus"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "Boss Battle 2"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "Chrono Cross -Scars of Time-"Chrono Cross?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2
    "Chrono Trigger"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "Corridors of Time"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "Frog's Theme"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2
    "Radical Dreamers -Le Trésor Interdit-"Chrono Cross?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "Robo's Theme"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2
    "To Far Away Times"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2
    "Wind Scene"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2
    "Wings That Cross Time"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 1
    "World Revolution"Chrono Trigger?SP2 / Chrono Pack 2

    Live A Live

    No Caption Provided

    A cult classic RPG developed by Square in 1994 that features seven scenarios with seven different protagonists from different time periods that can be played in any order. A remake was released in 2022.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Birds Fly, Fish Swim"Live A Live?SP1 / Live A Live Pack
    "Go! Go! Steel Titan!"Live A Live?SP1 / Live A Live Pack
    "LIVE · A · LIVE"Live A Live?SP1 / Live A Live Pack
    "Megalomania"Live A Live?SP1 / Live A Live Pack


    No Caption Provided

    A series of action RPGs developed by Square beginning with Seiken Denetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Final Fantasy Adventure) in 1991. Originally conceived as a Final Fantasy spin-off series, it became its own franchise with Secret of Mana in 1993.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle 2"Sword of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Bejeweled City in Ruins"Legend of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "Danger"Secret of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "Darkness Nova"Legend of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "Hometown of Domina"Legend of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "In Search of the Sword of Mana"Sword of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Into the Thick of It"Secret of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "Meridian Child"Trials of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Meridian Dance"Secret of Mana?SP3 / Mana Pack 2
    "Nuclear Fusion"Trials of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Powell"Trials of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Sacrifice Part Three"Trials of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1
    "Swivel"Trials of Mana?SP2 / Mana Pack 1


    No Caption Provided

    A series of action-adventure RPGs created by Yoko Taro as a spin-off from the Drakengard series set in the distant future after an apocalyptic event. NieR:Automata's soundtrack is considered by many to be one of the best OSTs of all time.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Amusement Park"NieR:Automata?SP1 / NieR Pack 1
    "A Beautiful Song"NieR:Automata?SP1 / NieR Pack 1
    "Dependent Weakling"NieR:Automata?SP1 / NieR Pack 1
    "Emil's Shop"NieR:Automata?SP1 / NieR Pack 1
    "Fleeting Words / Outsider"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Hills of Radiant Winds"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Kainé / Salvation"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Shadowlord"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Song of the Ancients / Devola"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Song of the Ancients / Fate"NieR Replicant?SP2 / NieR Pack 2
    "Weight of the World Kowaretasekainouta - Marina Kawano"NieR:Automata?SP1 / NieR Pack 1

    Octopath Traveler

    No Caption Provided

    The first of Square Enix's HD-2D Series that stylistically takes 2D sprites and puts them in a 3D world with dynamic lighting. The game focuses on eight protagonists from different parts of the world whose prologues can be played in any order before they all cross paths.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Battle at Journey's End"Octopath Traveler?SP2 / OT Pack
    "Daughter of the Dark God"Octopath Traveler?SP2 / OT Pack
    "Decisive Battle II"Octopath Traveler?SP2 / OT Pack
    "Octopath Traveler -Main Theme-"Octopath Traveler?SP2 / OT Pack
    "Primrose, the Dancer"Octopath Traveler?SP2 / OT Pack


    No Caption Provided

    Marketed in North America as The Final Fantasy Legend on Game Boy, the SaGa was not originally envisioned as a Final Fantasy spin-off. When the series reached the SNES with Romancing SaGa, it quickly separated itself as a series of non-linear, often non-traditional RPGs.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Alone"SaGa Frontier?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Battle #4"SaGa Frontier?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Battle #5"SaGa Frontier?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Battle Theme"Unlimited SaGa?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Beat Them Up!"Romancing SaGa?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "The Celestial Protectors"SaGa Scarlet Grace?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "The Conflict"Romancing SaGa?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Coup de Grace"Romancing SaGa?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Encounter with the Seven Heroes"Romancing SaGa 2?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3
    "Enraged Battle"The Final Fantasy Legend?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Ever Higher"Romancing SaGa Re: Universe?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3
    "Feldschlacht III"SaGa Frontier 2?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Four Sinstrals Battle I"Romancing SaGa 3?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3
    "Four Sinstrals Battle II"Romancing SaGa 3?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3
    "Horrible Shadow"Romancing SaGa?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Last Battle -T260G-"SaGa Frontier?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Mißgestalt"SaGa Frontier 2?SP1 / SaGa Pack 2
    "Passionate Rhythm"Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song-?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Struggle to the Death"Final Fantasy Legend II?SP1 / SaGa Pack 1
    "Title Screen"Romancing SaGa 2?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3
    "The Ultimate Confrontation"Romancing SaGa 3?SP3 / SaGa Pack 3

    The World Ends With You

    No Caption Provided

    An action RPG series originally developed by Jupiter that was acclaimed from its incredible use of the Nintendo DS' dual screens, its fast-paced action, fashion sense (pin collecting), as well as its stellar soundtrack.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Breaking Free"Neo: The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack
    "Calling"The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack
    "Someday"The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack
    "Twister"The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack
    "World Is Ours"Neo: The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack
    "Your Ocean"Neo: The World Ends with You?SP1 / TWEWY Pack


    No Caption Provided

    An RPG directed by Tetsuya Takahashi that is renowned for its philosophical, sci-fi storyline that spans thousands of years and its blending of real-time and turn-based combat. It was lauded for its adult-oriented themes compared to typical RPGs that feature teenagers saving the world.

    Song TitleFromStage TypeAvailability
    "Awakening"Xenogears?SP3 / Xenogears Pack
    "Blazing Knights"Xenogears?SP3 / Xenogears Pack
    "Soaring"Xenogears?SP3 / Xenogears Pack

    Downloadable Content

    Each of the three Season Passes contain five packs that consist of thirty additional songs from various Square Enix franchises outside of the Final Fantasy series. The packs can also be bought individually.

    In addition to the songs, each pack also adds some characters, stages, and items from that particular series.

    Season Pass 1

    Included with the Digital Deluxe Edition and Premium Digital Deluxe Edition. Also available as DLC.

    February 16, 2023SaGa Pack Vol. 17 Songs
    March 1, 2023Live A Live Pack4 Songs
    March 15, 2023The World Ends With You Pack6 Songs
    March 29, 2023NieR:Automata Pack5 Songs
    April 12, 2023SaGa Pack Vol. 28 Songs

    Season Pass 2

    Included with the Premium Digital Deluxe Edition. Also available as DLC.

    April 26, 2023NieR Replicant Pack6 Songs
    May 17, 2023Chrono Pack Vol. 16 Songs
    June 7, 2023Chrono Pack Vol. 26 Songs
    June 28, 2023Mana Pack Vol. 17 Songs
    July 19, 2023Octopath Traveler Pack5 Songs

    Season Pass 3

    Included with the Premium Digital Deluxe Edition. Also available as DLC.

    August 9, 2023SaGa Pack Vol. 37 Songs
    August 30, 2023Mana Pack Vol. 26 Songs
    September 20, 2023Xenogears Pack3 Songs
    October 11, 2023Bravely Default Pack6 Songs
    November 1, 2023Final Fantasy XVI Pack11 Songs

    Special Edition Versions

    Digital Deluxe Edition

    No Caption Provided

    This edition includes access to Season Pass 1 (30 songs) plus an additional twenty-seven songs including:

    Premium Digital Deluxe Edition

    No Caption Provided

    This edition includes everything from the standard and Digital Deluxe Editions plus Season Pass 2 and Season Pass 3 (60 songs) for a grand total of 502 songs.


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