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Fabula Nova Crystallis (roughly translated from Latin, "The New Tale of the Crystals") began as an off-shoot Final Fantasy franchise in which the games developed as part of it share a common mythology from which they all draw. Initially, this franchise was meant to encompass three games:

Over time, however, plans changed. Agito XIII had its name changed to disassociate it from Final Fantasy XIII and became the potential start of another franchise in Final Fantasy Type-0. Additionally, the public reaction to Final Fantasy XIII led Square Enix to create Final Fantasy XIII-2, largely to address issues that players had with the original game. They have since created a third game in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which closes the story of the series protagonist Lightning.

The remaining game, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, an action-RPG being developed by Tetsuya Nomura's Kingdom Hearts team, went dark for years after its debut trailer with limited information trickling out only every once in a while. During E3 2013, however, Square Enix unveiled the game once more, and also revealed that it is now Final Fantasy XV.

The degree to which the games in the Fabula Nova Crystalis franchise hold to the mythos varies from game to game. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy delves heavily into it, frequently ultilizing its concepts and terminology. The latter games in the trilogy also see more direct action from the pantheon goddess Etro and the almighty god Bhunivelze. By comparison, Final Fantasy Type-0 does not feature a heavy reliance on the mythology, and Final Fantasy XV will make use of its own interpretation.

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