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    Generic level #23. About all dungeon crawlers have at least 1 mine in it. Most mines that are in games are the underground local and usually have plenty of booty hidden in the mine. Also, plenty of monsters usually inhabit mines in video games.

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    Typical Mines in Video Games

    A typical mine portrayed in a video game represents an underground mine built before the 1950's.  This is evident as wood support is used to hold up rocks instead of more modern techniques.  Also, almost all mines in games have mine carts' tracks which are not built in most modern mines.  

    Most mines in video games are accessed through a ramp or shaft.

    Mines in Dungeon Crawlers

    For some reason developers think that monsters live in abandoned underground mines because they are dark hostile environments, or it is easier to make a level that looks like a mine. Odds are, in a dungeon crawler, there will be a mine that the player will visit (Ex. Elder Scrolls IV).

    Mines in Donkey Kong

    Some of the mine levels in Donkey Kong Country involve Donkey Kong riding a mine cart on an erratically sloping and discontinuous track. Also there are Kremlings in mine carts going the other way. Strategically timed jumps is the name of the game here, as there is no steering aspect to the stage, nor brakes of any sort. This type of level returned for both sequels, however in different skins, such as a disco rollercoaster in Donkey Kong Country 2 (much different from rollercoaster disco), and a toboggan in Donkey Kong Country 3. Donkey Kong 64 had a mine cart stage, however instead of taking risky jumps at high speeds, you pulled levers at low speeds and collected tokens. Mine Carts were also included in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

    Mines in RTS Genre

    Mines are usually built in RTS ( Age of empires & Viva Pinata) to build up resources.

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