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Acrylia Caverns
Acrylia Caverns

Acrylia Caverns is a locale that is constantly fought over. Its entrance lies along the western edge of the Grimling Forest on the dark side of the moon. The marble-like, phosphorescent rock discovered here, known as acrylia, by the Vah Shir allowed them to build their elaborate home city of Shar Vahl. Not long after their arrival on the moon, some shaman discovered several veins of the beautiful ore and commissioned a dig site. Whether it was greed or necessity, the search for acrylia led to the unearthing of a primitive, ferocious race of people known as Grimlings. The Grimlings had lived underground presumably since Luclin first touched the moon with life, and the Vah Shir had inadvertently introduced them to the outside world. The Grimlings drove the Vah Shir from the mines, but the acrylia found here is too valuable to ignore, and the Vah Shir often send expeditions to gather more.

A great secret is also kept here, unbeknownst to the Vah Shir. For one of the original settlers of Shar Vahl, a hero named Khati Sha, was one of the first to set out and explore Luclin. On one such expedition, he was captured by the Shissar, who then took him prisoner and performed vile experiments on him. The Shissar planned to create a god-like master to govern the daft Grimlings, who were becoming a nuisance to the Shissar. Well, the experiments went horribly wrong, yet still got the job done. Khati Sha the Twisted now reigns over the Grimlings from deep within the caverns. Many Vah Shir have openly wondered why the architecture of the fortress found in the caverns so closely resembles that of Shar Vahl, and this is why. The beastlords of Shar Vahl have named their guild in honor of the lost explorer.

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