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    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released Nov 22, 1996

    In the final chapter of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are missing. It's up to Dixie Kong (and her younger cousin Kiddy Kong) to find them!

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    Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (known in Japan as Super Donkey Kong 3: Nazo no Krems Shima, or Mystery of Krems Island) is a 2D platformer developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on November 22, 1996.

    The third and final installment of the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Donkey Kong Country 3 has both the titular gorilla and his nephew Diddy Kong missing-in-action in the Northern Kremisphere. It's up to Diddy's girlfriend, Dixie Kong, and her younger cousin Kiddy Kong, to traverse the kremling-infested lands to search for them.

    The game was later ported to the Game Boy Advance on November 7, 2005 (adding new levels, a new soundtrack, and new mini-games) and digitally re-released on the Virtual Console for the Wii on December 24, 2007, Wii U on February 26, 2015, and New Nintendo 3DS on June 2, 2016.


    The game's first boss, Belcha.
    The game's first boss, Belcha.

    Donkey Kong Country 3 retains the same gameplay from the previous two installments but with some new additions. One of the new additions is the use of vehicles on the world map screen. Unlike the plane used in the previous games, these vehicles range from a motorboat to a helicopter and help Dixie and Kiddy Kong get to different locations throughout the northern Kremisphere, as well as secret places that would be unreachable otherwise.

    The two kongs make their way through various levels like woodland areas and mechanical factories picking up all sorts of items along the way whether it be bananas, coins or balloons representing extra lives. They are once again aided by animals to guide them in defeating the kremling krew and other enemies that are about.

    In this edition, the Kong family are joined by the Brothers Bears who are situated all throughout the northern Kremisphere. They have their own dilemmas and will help Dixie and Kiddy in their adventures in exchange for bear coins and certain items found throughout the world.

    Hidden throughout the northern Kremisphere are caves that contain an important part of the game, banana birds. In order to free the birds from their crystallised cages, the Kongs have to match the sequence of sounds that play for them when they enter the cave. Some are given to them by the bears in exchange for helping them out. In order to unlock the true ending, the player must obtain all 13 banana birds throughout the land.


    Playable Characters

    • Dixie Kong - Girlfriend of Diddy Kong who can use her ponytail to glide along and reach certain places throughout the land.
    • Kiddy Kong - Cousin of Dixie Kong who can use his weight to his advantage in certain scenarios.

    Supporting Characters

    The Kong Family

    • Wrinkly Kong - Having quit her job as a school teacher, Wrinkly now spends her time exercising, sleeping and playing games in her cave. She is always there to save the game's progress and keeps the rescued banana birds.
    • Swanky Kong - Is the host of his own sideshow attraction where Dixie and Kiddy can play for prizes including bananas, bear coins and lives.
    • Cranky Kong - Is the opponent in Swanky Kong’s sideshow attraction. Does not give advice in this edition of the series.
    • Funky Kong - Owns Funky’s Rentals and helps develop new vehicles for the Kongs in order to reach new areas of the northern Kremisphere.

    The Brothers Bears

    • Bazaar - Runs his own general store on the world map and helps the Kongs in exchange for bear coins.
    • Barnacle - Found in Lake Orangatanga and wants the Kongs to help him complete his shell collection.
    • Brash - Found in Kremwood Forest and is proud of his record for the fastest playthrough of Riverside Race, until the Kongs beat it that is.
    • Blunder - Found beside Kremwood Forest. He tends to blab out important information like the location of the lost world, Krematoa.
    • Blue - Found in Cotton-Top Cove. Is quite unhappy, as he believes his brothers have forgotten his birthday.
    • Bazooka - Found in Mekanos. Is an old general who operates a cannon known as Big Bessie.
    • Bramble - Has a flower shop near Cotton-Top cove.
    • Blizzard - Found in K3. The only bear of the family that actually got Blue a present for his birthday but needs the Kongs to deliver it for him.
    • Benny & Björn - Found in Razor Ridge. They operate the chair lifts so that Dixie and Kiddy Kong can get through the area.
    • Barter - Like Bazaar, also runs a shop on the world map.
    • Baffle - Found in KAOS Kore. He specialises in cracking codes that help the Kongs on their adventure.
    • Boomer - Found in Krematoa. Will help the Kongs make their way through Krematoa by blasting the rocks blocking their path. He does this in exchange for bonus coins.
    • Bachelor - Found in the GBA version of DKC 3 in Lake Orangatanga. Wants Dixie and Kiddy to get chocolates and flowers for a date he is having.

    Bosses (In Order)

    Baron K. Roolenstein
    Baron K. Roolenstein
    • Belcha: Giant man-eating barrel that resides in a mill at Lake Orangatanga.
    • Arich: A large red spider faced at Kremwood Forest.
    • Squirt: An odd looking face that squirts jets of water, encountered at Cotton-Top-Cove.
    • Bleak: An evil living snowman met at K3, utilizes cannonballs in the form of snowballs.
    • Barbos: Some sort of spiked...clam. It fires needles and nautilus (type of shelled fish) missiles at the Kongs, faced at Razor Ridge.
    • KAOS - Considered to be the new leader of the Kremling Krew. However, it is actually being controlled by the true leader, Baron K. Roolenstein otherwise known as K. Rool. It is first encountered at Makanos and then at KAOS Kore at the end of the game.
    • Baron K. Roolenstein (K.Rool) - Created and operated the mechanical robot known as KAOS in a bid to stop Dixie and Kiddy thwart his evil plans; The final boss, faced at KAOS Kore and at the lost world of Krematoa.


    In Donkey Kong Country 3, there are eight worlds altogether (nine in the GBA version) including the lost world of Krematoa. Each world has 5 stages and a boss at the end for the Kongs to defeat. The worlds are as follows: Lake Orangatanga, Kremwood Forest, Cotton-Top Cove, Mekanos, K3, Razor Ridge, Pacifica, KAOS Kore, Krematoa.

    Lake Orangatanga

    1. Lakeside Limbo
    2. Doorstop Dash
    3. Tidal Trouble
    4. Skidda's Row
    5. Murky Mill
    6. Boss: Belcha's Barn

    Kremwood Forest

    1. Barrel Shield Bust-Up (SNES version)/Springin' Spiders (GBA version)
    2. Riverside Race
    3. Squeals on Wheels
    4. Springin' Spiders (SNES version)/Barrel Shield Bust-Up (GBA version)
    5. Bobbing Barrel Brawl
    6. Boss: Arich's Ambush

    Cotton Top Cove

    1. Bazza's Blockade
    2. Rocket Barrel Ride
    3. Kreeping Klasps
    4. Tracker Barrel Trek
    5. Fish Food Frenzy
    6. Boss: Squirt's Showdown


    1. Fire-Ball Frenzy
    2. Demolition Drain-Pipe
    3. Ripsaw Rage
    4. Blazing Bazukas
    5. Low-G Labyrinth
    6. Boss: KAOS Karnage


    1. Krevice Kreepers
    2. Tearaway Toboggan
    3. Barrel Drop Bounce
    4. Krack-Shot Kroc
    5. Lemguin Lunge
    6. Boss: Bleak's House

    Razor Ridge

    1. Buzzer Barrage
    2. Kong-Fused Cliffs
    3. Floodlit Fish
    4. Pot Hole Panic
    5. Ropey Rumpus
    6. Boss: Barbos' Barrier (SNES version)/Kroctopus Krush (GBA version)

    Pacifica (GBA version only)

    1. Dingy Drain-Pipe
    2. Stormy Seas
    3. Sunken Spruce
    4. Cliffside Blast
    5. Ripcurl Reef
    6. Surf's Up
    7. Boss: Barbos' Barrier

    KAOS Kore

    1. Konveyor Rope Klash
    2. Creepy Caverns
    3. Lightning Lookout
    4. Koindozer Klamber
    5. Poisonous Pipeline
    6. Boss: Kastle KAOS


    1. Stampede Sprint
    2. Criss Kross Cliffs
    3. Tyrant Twin Tussle
    4. Swoopy Salvo
    5. Rocket Rush
    6. Boss: Knautilus


    Playable animals

    Once again, the animals aid the kongs on their adventure to rescue Donkey and Diddy and stop the kremling krew.

    Ellie The Elephant.
    Ellie The Elephant.
    • Enguarde - The swordfish returns once again to poke at any enemies wishing to hurt the heroes.
    • Squitter - The spider from the previous game is back to help the Kongs whack enemies with his webs and to reach certain places that can’t be reached on their own.
    • Squawks - The parrot helps the Kongs reach places that couldn’t be reached on foot and helps them defeat enemies by spitting out nuts.
    • Ellie - A new addition to the lineup. Ellie is an elephant who can pick up barrels using her trunk and can use them in various ways. Also, can suck water and shoot it from her trunk to defeat enemies. Is afraid of mice and runs when she sets her eyes on one.

    Unplayable animals

    • Parry - When released from the crate, Parry flies above Dixie and Kiddy Kong’s heads and helps them reach certain treasures that couldn’t be obtained otherwise.
    • Nibbla - Only appears in one level to feed. If the Kongs feed him the right food when going through the level, his mood will stay high but if he feeds on the wrong food or waits too long, the mood worsens and can become an enemy to the Kongs.



    Bear Coins - These are situated throughout the northern Kremisphere and are used in exchange for items and helpful information. Can be considered the replacement to Banana coins from DKC 2.

    Bonus Coins - Replacing the Kremcoins from DKC 2, these coins are obtained by successfully completing a bonus level. These are used to travel through Krematoa successfully.

    DK Coins - Like in DKC 2, one is hidden in each level but unlike DKC 2, it is guarded by an enemy known as Koin. The only way to obtain the DK coin is by hitting Koin with a metal barrel in his unprotected back, as he has a shield on his front.

    Game Boy Advance Version

    Released in November 2005, Donkey Kong Country 3 for the Game Boy Advance is a port of the original game with a few changes. It features a brand new world, Pacifica, as well as a new boss, Kroctopus.

    The game also sported a completely new soundtrack from David Wise, composer for Donkey Kong Country 2, although the music has been criticised for not holding up to that of the original by Eveline Fischer (now Novakovic).

    The port has also replaced the original Swanky Sideshow minigames with some new boat games from Funky, a star-collection game set in a sewer tube with Swanky, and an echidna-blocking game with Cranky Kong. Wrinkly's save caves have been replaced by Cranky's Dojo now that the game allows the player to save at any time on the world map by hitting the start button.

    The port has slightly changed physics from the original game which may be noticeable when playing them side by side; most notably that characters will move at a much slower rate in the port, including in the toboggan levels. There are also a few levels which have had objects shifted to fit with these slower character speeds, but sometimes this affects the original puzzles of levels, such as platforms being lowered to be accessible from points unreachable before, and some DK coins being accessible without figuring out a puzzle and collecting them the way the game had originally intended.


    The soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country 3 was the first soundtrack in the Donkey Kong Country series to not be solely composed by David Wise. Instead, Eveline Fischer was responsible for most of the composition with some help by David Wise.


    Soundtrack cover
    Soundtrack cover
    1. Dixie Beat
    2. Crazy Calypso
    3. Northern Kremisphere
    4. Hangin' at Funky's
    5. Wrinkly's Save Cave
    6. Get Fit A-Go-Go
    7. Wrinkly 64
    8. Brothers Bear
    9. Sub-Map Shuffle
    10. Swanky's Sideshow
    11. Cranky's Showdown
    12. Showdown Win
    13. Showdown Lose
    14. Bonus Time
    15. Bonus Win
    16. Bonus Lose
    17. Stilt Village
    18. Mill Fever
    19. Jangle Bells
    20. Frosty Frolics
    21. Treetop Tumble
    22. Enchanted Riverbank
    23. Hot Pursuit
    24. Water World
    25. Nuts and Bolts
    26. Pokey Pipes
    27. Rockface Rumble
    28. Jungle Jitter
    29. Cavern Caprice
    30. Rocket Run
    31. Boss Boogie
    32. Crystal Chasm
    33. Krematoa Koncerto
    34. Big Boss Blues
    35. Mama Bird
    36. Chase
    37. Baddies on Parade
    38. Game Over

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