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    Seifer Almasy

    Character » appears in 10 games

    Squall's rival, a candidate for SEED, and the only other wielder of a gunblade.

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    Seifer was one of the many future SeeDs at the old orphanage run by Edea Kramer, simply referred to as Matron. She was like a mother to Seifer and the other children. Seifer, along with Quistis Trepe and Squall Leonhart, enrolled in the Balamb Garden, training and learning. This went on for several years, up until the events of Final Fantasy VIII.

    In FFVIII, during a training session that he takes too seriously, he gives Squall his signature scar and gains his scar from a counter attack. Later on, Seifer leads a mission of SeeD applicants through a real battle, held in the sea town of Dollet. He ends up defying orders, and as a result doesn't become a SeeD. He remained bitter of the others, especially Zell and Squall. Always wanting to prove he's better, he ends up screwing up a mission for SeeDs by attacking the President of another country, which ends up with him joining forces with a mysterious woman, later discovered to be the Sorceress Edea. Seifer becomes her bodyguard, or as he thinks of it, a knight. He has always had a romantic fantasy of becoming a sorceress' knight. Edea controls Seifer somehow, and always has him do her dirty work, including torturing Squall regarding what the SeeD really is. Seifer shows no remorse, and quickly becomes a high-ranking official for the Galbadian army. He knows something about sorceresses and SeeD that the others don't, which is revealed in the end.

    Balamb Garden Disciplinary Committee  

    Seifer is in charge of the Balamb Garden "Disciplinary Committee", which includes himself, Fujin and Raijin. Fujin and Raijin later follow their friend Seifer to the Galbadian army.


    • Physical:
    Seifer is a relatively large person, very muscular and tall. He has a thick yellow color to his hair, and has a large scar running from his right cheek to his forehead (which is from Squall). He is a powerful fighter, who proves his worth in several fights against our heroes. He wears a large white coat everywhere. His coat has a variant of the Cross of Saint James, which is a cross that is fashioned after a sword, the symbol of a warrior.The character designer at Squiresoft wanted Seifer's appearance to the the opposed to the main character squall. Ware Squall has a black leather hip jacket and longer dark hair, Seifer wears a long light colored coat and short blonde hair.  

    • Attitude:
    Seifer is a bitter, grudge-holding, and egomaniacal person. He hardly cares about others beside himself, and never treats anyone with respect except for Sorceress Edea. He's also fearless, and does many dangerous things without second thought. While he doesn't have the smarts to be a worthwhile leader, he is good at barking orders.
    While it seems he is evil, Seifer does have a good side. He cares deeply about Edea, knowing who she was as their Matron years ago. He is a romantic, and cares deeply about his dreams and aspirations, which come true. In the end scenes, he is even nice and smiling while fishing with his buddies Raijin and Fujin.


    Seifer is only briefly a playable character, and he has only one Limit Break, called Fire Cross, which allows the attack No Mercy. All other skills he has are used on the party as an enemy. All of his other skills are just magic and physical attacks.

    Seifer is also another gunblade wielder, using a weapon he calls Hyperion (which is a Titan from Greek mythology related to the sun). His gunblade is based off a pistol instead of a revolver, unlike Squall's gunblade, Revolver. It seems that this difference makes Seifer's gunblade lighter, since he uses a one handed, up-slashing attack compared to Squall's two-handed downward slash. He may also just fight that way because of his cocky attitude.

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