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    A popular weapon from the Final Fantasy series that blends qualities of guns and swords.

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    Final Fantasy VIII

    Squall's Gunblade case
    Squall's Gunblade case

    The original gunblade is exclusive to the characters Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII.

    In this universe, although being a fusion of what seems to be a working revolver (Squall) or Pistol (Seifer) and an actual sword, it is not designed to shoot projectiles.

    The idea is instead that the blade is used as a normal sword, and when an enemy is struck the trigger is then pulled to cause extra damage via the reverberation of the blade. When Squall and Seifer are using in the player's party, this technique can be used to deal more damage to the enemy. When either are attacking, if the R1 button is pressed while in the slashing motion, Squall and Seifer will pull the trigger of their respected gunblades to do the additional damage.

    In Final Fantasy VIII gunblades, instead of bought, are upgraded.

    Squall's original gunblade is the Revolver, refering to its Revolver hilt gun.

    His gunblade can be upgraded to the models:

    • Shear Trigger
    • Cutting Trigger
    • Flame Saber
    • Twin Lance
    • Punishment
    • Lion Heart (Squall's ultimate weapon)

    Seifer's gunblade is the Hyperion model. Instead of a revolver like Squall's weapon, Seifer's gunblade has a pistol grip. Being lighter than Squall's gunblades, Seifer holds his in one hand and slashed up instead of down when he attacks.

    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

    Certain enemies encountered in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII wield a gunblade in battle. Although their properties are different than in Final Fantasy VIII. Most likely take from the film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children the gunblades in this game actually double as both a sword and gun, being able to shoot and slash.

    Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

    Two bosses in Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII use types of gunblades.

    Rosso's dual Gunblade
    Rosso's dual Gunblade

    Rosso the Crimson - Rosso carries a gunblade that is different from the setup we're used to. She has as dual-bladed gunblade with a right angle barrel in the center of the blades. The blades are able to fold in when not in use (sort of like the way Final Fantasy XIII's weapons break down when not in use for portability).

    Weiss the Immaculate - Weiss wields dual gunblades. His being in the style of a single shot rifle infused in a katana.

    Final Fantasy XII

    Gilgamesh holding Revolver among others
    Gilgamesh holding Revolver among others

    In Final Fantasy XII, The Elite Mark Gilgamesh is seen with Squall's Revolver in one of his hands.

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII uses a Gunblade that can either be a sword or a gun. Depending on which way she wants to use it, it will quickly transform between a long range gun and short range sword. It even folds up for compact storage when put back in it's holster.


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