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The Armory

All of my favorite weapons and armor from games.

List items

  • The Master Sword is an absolute classic. Filled to the brim with good magical power.

  • While not usually considered a weapon, one has to admit that it is possible, and that it would be a pretty cool one.

  • The Keyblade is pretty awesome. It's weird, and quirky, but it gets the job done.

  • Link's iconic shield. What would the famous Master Sword be without this sweet shield? Lonely. That's what.

  • Epic in every sense, Soul Calibur is a sword of light was forged to combat the evil of Soul Edge.

  • Squall's famous sword just had to make this list. This is easily one of Final Fantasy's coolest weapon concepts.

  • Capture a little of the Sands of Time in it's chamber, and voila! Instant ability to manipulate time! Rewind time, slow time, even slow enemies. Such a cool weapon!

  • My favorite of Prince's swords. It was able to kill enemies in a single strike, and it looked good doing it! It has a very cool, very ornate design.

  • Quite the sword, it was forged from the darkness in Riku's heart. It later transformed into the "Way to the Dawn" Keyblade.

  • Nerevar's legendary blade. Trueflame's blade is covered in enchanted flames which looks very cool, not that it didn't already look good. It's look, effects, and history make it a very cool weapon.

  • A cursed sword, wielded by only those it deems worthy. I only put it on here because it is one of my very favorite items from Morrowind, and it's wielder is one of my favorite NPCs. I'd love to own this thing, but only if I was immune to it's darker effects (like the player character of Morrowind seems to be).

  • Lu Bu's halberd has an awesome name, and a really imposing, yet ornate design. I love this thing.

  • The Cain is easily my favorite heavy weapon in Mass Effect 2.

    It blows the crap out of whatever it hits. I once dropped two heavy mechs in one shot.

  • I've had a lot of fun with the Avalanche. It's very different from other heavy weapons, and often results in frozen targets.

  • The Widow hits really freaking hard. It punches through armor, shielding and barriers with ease. No other sniper rifle gives quite the satisfaction that this one does in ME 2.