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Games That Deserve Sequels

But they haven't got them...yet.

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  • Gladius is an amazing game put out by LucasArts in 2003. It's a tactical, turn-based RPG that is set in a mythical world that is inspire greatly by Roman, Norse, Celtic, and Egyptian mythologies. It allowed you to choose out of two very different main characters: Ursula, the daughter of the Barbarian king and Valens, the son of a famed war hero who was recently murdered. It allows you to assemble your very own school of gladiators. The gladiators come in all shapes and sizes: From the shield-slinging Murmillo, to the monstrous minotaurs, to the mad berserkers, to the mysterious yeti. Even animals such as bears, wolves and giant scorpions! The two characters have unique story-lines as well. This is truly a hidden gem and it's fantastic ending begged a sequel with is currently to no avail.

  • Warcraft III has yet to have a sequel. I know that there is WoW and all that, and "it's so great" and blah, blah, blah. But ever since I beat Warcraft III I've been craving a sequel with some real story attached, and RTS gameplay like Warcraft should have. No offense to MMO players themselves, but damn you WoW.

  • Okay, so TSL was a little broken, but even broken, it is one of the greatest RPGs ever made. It just looks a little shabby in some ways in the shadow of it's illustrious predecessor (even though it did improve on it in certain ways). My point though is that in spite of it's flaws, I was most definitely looking forward to a KOTOR III, and I think a lot of people were. The Old Republic pissed me off so bad when I heard it was being released. Bioware lied, saying they weren't making it, and then LucasArts canceled KOTOR 3 because of "budget restrictions" when all the concepts were laid out and it was just about all set for production.

    What the hell dude? KOTOR was one of the most acclaimed games of all time, do you idiots not see that you'd get more than your full return? But I look forward to at least watching it and WoW kill each other for a while at least.

  • I loved this crazy game. Marking your bounties and cashing them in was great! And a jetpack always a plus. I'd like to see a sequel with Boba Fett as the star!

  • Jedi Power Battles should have a sequel that includes characters from all of the films, and should span the entire saga. That would be SO epic.