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Characters to Assemble in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse

Only the best will do if we are to survive.

List items

  • Leader of the group of Paladins called "The Silver Hand", and mentor to Prince Arthas. Uther is one of the most experienced Paladin warriors in the world of Azeroth, and foremost expert on the destruction of the undead. His faith, and trust in the power of the Light gives him all the power he needs to cut a swath through the hordes of undead that unavoidably come with zombie apocalypses.

  • Chris Jacobs is a hardened mercenary, and former Delta Force operative. Plus, this dude is just plain awesome. He's hilarious, and I enjoyed his undeniable badass coolness whilst annihilating the entire North Korean military in Mercenaries. If he can do that to living targets armed to the teeth with rifles and rpgs, I see no reason why he couldn't kill hordes of single-minded zombies. So, Jacobs makes the cut easily for his sheer hardcore-ness.

  • Because she is awesome, and because every Zombie Apocalypse team needs a cute girl that's an amazing fighter.

  • Why in the heck would a random and strange character like Klubba be on my list? Simply because Klubba can't be stopped. He's the only Kremling that the Kongs can't beat. They can't even scratch him. Try to get into our base with Klubba standing guard you zombies. Just try it!

  • Hua Xiong was the top dog of Dong Zhuo's force before Lu Bu showed up. He's a complete beast in personal combat, and killed several talented officers in a row at the Battle of Si Shui Gate. Zombies? Zombies, stop a warrior like Hua Xiong?! Pfft! No chance!

  • Hey, why not? After all, Saint Jiub did drive all of the cliff racers from Morrowind, and cliff racers are much harder to deal with than zombies. Nuff said.

  • She could summon Bahamut, among other aeons. Imagine the effects that could have on the zombies.

  • The man is Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca!

  • While he would not be a part of the main fighting force, Sima Lang would make an excellent domestic leader for the refugees we'd be rescuing.

  • Do you really think that Zangief couldn't piledrive any zombie he came into contact with?

  • Even without the dagger of time's ability to manipulate time, the Prince has shown that he is more than capable of killing dozens and dozens of zombies alone. Now imagine with a team.

  • Hawk has dealt with mutant zombie things before.

  • He has an uncanny flying kick that always seems to hit you right in the...yeah, you get the picture. Take that zombies!!!

  • Like Zangief, except even more unstoppable.

  • Okay, so this guy sort of is a zombie...but he's not THAT kind of zombie. This is one brutal, undead warrior that will turn back the tide of his undead brethren.

  • Just give him a ball to throw, and watch as the zombies burst into pieces on contact.

  • As with any homage to Miyamoto Musashi, Musashi will kill you. His role in Shining Force is as a nearly immortal tank.

  • So far in my playthrough of Skyrim, Erandur has killed: Countless bandits, draugr, necromancers, vampires, wolves, sabercats, bears, Forsworn, dragons, Falmer, and Dwemer constructs. This is not to mention the fact that he helped me wipe out the entire cult of Boethia, and did most of the fighting himself well I provided cover.

    Needless to say, if Alduin can't handle this guy: Zombies are royally screwed.

  • Zombies could never have seen a dead-eye sniper like Garrus coming. He would have a field-day with the undead.

  • Grunt is a living wall. He slaughters husks and abominations left and right. Plain, old zombies? Pfft!

  • Jack's biotic powers would make short work of pretty much any number of zombies.

  • I'm pretty sure that Mitsurugi would actually be excited to join the team.

    At this point, he has come to the conclusion that no human being could bring him satisfaction in battle. Perhaps an endless horde of Zombies would do the trick!

  • Siegfried has overcome possession by an evil spirit, broken free and then faced said spirit in the form an evil knight, and killed him. Zombies? That's laughable.

  • Requiescat in pace...For real this time, guys.

  • He will mess those zombies up.