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    Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

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    Nobleman of Florence, and the main protagonist of the Assassin's Creed II "trilogy". In Assassin's Creed II, Ezio is on a journey of vengeance. In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, he unites Rome against the Templars. In Assassin's Creed: Revelations, he seeks to find out how it will all end.

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    Ezio Auditore da Firenze is an ancestor of Desmond Miles, but Ezio himself is not related to Altair from the first Assassin's Creed, It is assumed that Altair is an ancestor of Desmond's father, and Ezio is an ancestor to Desmond's mother. He is a Florentine nobleman who does not start the game as an Assassin, but is forced to quickly learn to become one if he wishes to survive. He is not alone however, as opposed to Altair, he likes to work with others and he will hire different people to aid him in his quest, like the Thieves, Mercenaries and Courtestans Guild. Most notably, Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous artist himself, who invents Ezio's weapons and deciphers his codex. Unlike Altaïr, Ezio is more likeable & more socially active. He is also depicted as a charming hero and a ladies' man. Ezio will help more people than his friends, and doesn't accept anything in return. Ezio is voiced by Roger Craig Smith. We see the continuation of Ezio's story in the new Assassin's Creed: Revelations where Ezio is said to be over 50 year's old. He is also in Assassin's Creed Embers, a movie showing Ezio's life after AC:R, where he is under threat of someone coming to kill him.


    Assassin's Creed II

    Assassin's Creed II first shows Ezio's birth, his parents Giovanni and Maria Auditore both present. The game then skips to Ezio's teenage years as a young noble, running along rooftops and sleeping with women of all backgrounds while having some friendly competition with his older brother Federico. Ezio can be heard saying to his brother, "It is a good life we lead brother. The best. May it never change." To which Federico responds, "And may it never change us." It is at this point that the young Ezio meets Leonardo da Vinci.

    Unfortunately change happens on both ends as Giovanni's secret life as an assassin puts his family in harm's way and men are sent by the Templars to capture him and his three sons. Ezio is not captured but can only watch as his Giovanni, Federico and Petruccio are killed by hanging. This begins Ezio's journey as an assassin in which he learns skills from assassins from all over Italy, meets up with his Uncle Mario and moves himself, his sister Claudia and his mother into Monteriggioni. Donning the Assassin's Robes originally worn by his father, Ezio begins to track down the Templars, led by Rodrigo Borgia. During his journeys, Ezio allies with many people, who by the end of the game are revealed to be Assassins that have been guiding ezio along so that he may become one of them. The most notable being his Uncle. By the end of the game, Ezio is in Rome confronting Rodrigo, in which he lets him live despite being responsible for the templar conspiracy.

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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    Ezio thinks that his life of war is behind him and returns to Monteriggionni to live his own life peacefully, people hail Ezio as their hero, after making love to Caterina, Ezio's village is laid under siege by Cesare Borgia, the antagonist of the game, who defeats Ezio and murders Mario, taking the Piece of Eden as a trophy. After the village is evacuated, Ezio leaves for Roma to liberate it from the Templar threat and get revenge on Cesare. Upon arrival he is presented with a new outfit, prepared for him by an anonymous ally, a custom-designed robe that incorporates elements of both Ezio's former uniform and the robes that made up the Armour of Altair. Recruiting Assassin help along the way, he confronts Cesare and liberates Rome by throwing him off the city walls.

    Assassin's Creed: Revelations

    Discovering a letter of his late father, Ezio learns of a vault of the legendary Altair, which has knowledge of the past and the future. To find it, Ezio goes on a journey to Masyaf, wearing an outfit deliberately reminiscient of the uniform worn by Altair, to honour his memory, as the ancient Assassin was his inspiration for setting out in the first place; however, the rough journey fades the colours of Ezio's outfit and frays the fabric somewhat. The end result is that the default colours of Ezio's final outfit are grey and tired, reflecting Ezio's somewhat advanced age and the fact tat this will be his final adventure.

    Knowing that Masyaf has been under control of the Templars for the past 300 years, Ezio has doubts over what is waiting for him when he arrives. Upon discovering an artefact inside Masyaf's stronghold that needs five seals to be opened, he embarks to Constantinople to find the seals, and in doing so, relives Altair's life through them. By the end of the game, Altair gets married and has children, passing the genetic torch on to the next of Desmond's ancestors.

    Other appearances

    Ezio's Assassin's Creed II attire can be unlocked in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and Little Big Planet (which then carries over to Little Big Planet 2). Ezio is a guest character in Soul Calibur V, in which he wears his Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood outfit. Additionally, he is referenced on occasion in Assassin's Creed III, and has an Animus Database entry (in which he is depicted in his Assassin's Creed: Revelations outfit), but it is made clear that Ezio has been dead for hundreds of years by the time either of Assassin's Creed III's storylines take place, and that he plays no real part in the stories of Desmond or Connor Kenway.

    Weapons and abilities

    The most distinct difference between Ezio and Altair is the fact that Ezio now wields dual hidden blades, which goes well with the fact that he seems to be more of an assassin rather then a warrior. Ezio will be able to carry other weapons like Altair, but he has the ability to disarm his enemies and use their weapons against them, which can be useful for heavily armored opponent or those who can block. Developers have stated there will be 30 different weapons in the game, including swords, axes, staffs, spears, and more. Although, if you play the PSP Assassin's Creed game you will be able to have 5 extra weapons to kill your foes.

    In Assassin's Creed Revelations, Ezio gains a hook blade to hover lines and long distances, the hook blade can also be used for close combat against enemies and to swing down to take out enemies. In addition to that, Ezio also gains the ability to craft bombs using crafting stations, he can make over 300 bombs using ingredients he finds throughout Constantinople. Ezio's Eagle Vision is now upgraded to Eagle Sense, in which he can now see where enemies are going and where they were so he can now plan ambushes and traps. Ezio's Combat style has also changed, allowing for more aggressive actions.


    Weapon NameDamageSpeedDeflectCostUnlock
    Fists1120Starting Weapon
    Metal Cestus3512,000Sequence 6 - Memory 1


    Weapon NameDamageSpeedDeflectCostUnlock
    Dagger112500Sequence 3 - Memory 3
    Knife1231,300Sequence 3 - Memory 4
    Stiletto2412,200Sequence 4 - Memory 1
    Dark Oracle's Bone Dagger2440Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP

    Short Blades

    Weapon NameDamageSpeedDeflectCostUnlock
    Channelled Cinquedea3344,100Sequence 4 - Memory 1
    Sultan's Knife3534,300Sequence 6 - Memory 1
    Butcher's Knife4356,400Sequence 7 - Memory 1
    Notched Cinquedea5549,300Sequence 8 - Memory 1

    Small Hammers

    Weapon NameDamageSpeedDeflectCostUnlock
    Mercenario War Hammer1131,900Sequence 3 - Memory 3
    Maul2123,600Sequence 4 - Memory 1
    Frederick's Hammer2220Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP
    Mace of the Bull2250Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP
    Flanged Mace33310,500Sequence 6 - Memory 1
    Cavalieri Mace44220,800Sequence 7 - Memory 1
    Condottiero War Hammer53430,600Give 50 feathers to Maria


    Weapon NameDamageSpeedDeflectCostUnlock
    Common Sword1220Picked up in Sequence 3 - Memory 3
    Old Syrian Sword1232,300Sequence 3 - Memory 3
    Venetian Falchion1311,900Sequence 3 - Memory 3
    Maria Thrope's Longsword1330Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP
    Florentine Falchion2345,200Sequence 5 - Memory 1
    Captain's Sword2435,200Sequence 5 - Memory 1
    Twin's Rapier2530Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP
    Bouchart's Blade2550Complete AC Bloodlines and sync PSP
    Scimitar33511,300Sequence 6 - Memory 1
    Milanese Sword35311,300Sequence 5 - Memory 1
    Schiavona45425,000Sequence 8 - Memory 1
    Sword of Altaïr55545,000Sequence 9


    Ezio, diving into the canals of Venice
    Ezio, diving into the canals of Venice

    At the start of Assassin's Creed II, Ezio is not an Assassin and has less experience than his predecessor, Altair, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a few tricks in his bag. Ezio is able to scale buildings faster, as well as use any crowd of people as cover, much the way Sam Fisher ( Splinter Cell) uses the darkness.

    Ezio, unlike Altair, is able to swim, and also get around water areas by gondola. Developers worked hard to make Ezio more deadly and versatile than Altair. Ezio is able to assassinate in many different ways, including, assassinate with hidden blades while climbing, jumping, assassination from a hiding spot and by injecting poison. Ezio is able to assassinate two targets at once from any of these stances after unlocking the second hidden blade. He has a small rudimentary pistol at his disposal later in the game, as well as the ability to cause a distraction by throwing money to the ground, using smoke bombs to cover his escape, and hiring mercenaries, thieves and courtesans (female escorts) to lure away guards.

    He still has the use throwing knives, but can purchase different swords, warhammers, daggers, maces and an armor-plated glove for one hand, as well as the ability to disarm opponents using bigger weapons like great axes and spears, and use these in combat, although they cannot be kept permanently in his arsenal. He can also kill from horseback, throw sand at enemies, and kick enemies off buildings while using Leonardo's flying machine. There are also a variety of armor that can be unlocked by discovery or purchase.

    Romantic Life

    Ezio is shown as a flirting womanizer and he has been with a number of girls across his years, they include Vieri De Pazzi's sister, Viola.

    Cristina Vespucci

    Ezio was also in a forbidden relationship with Cristina Vespucci, as her father disapproved of it. when Ezio returned to Cristina two years after he became an Assassin, he had found out she is engaged, however she still loved Ezio. After paying her fiancé a visit, he finds out he is a gambler and almost lost his life for it, he ensures that he will never betray Cristina, in which he finds out he loves her more than Ezio thinks.

    A couple of years later, Ezio posed as Cristina's fiance and lead her to him during a festival, they were both wearing anonymous mask and she didn't recognise Ezio until he kissed her, to which she reacted angrily saying she never wants to see him again. Years later, Ezio returned to find that Cristina's husband was wounded and said that Cristina was being handled by some guards. He finds her trail and takes down the guards, he tries to take Cristina to a doctor, but it's too late, she dies in Ezio's arm admitting her love to him.

    Caterina Sforza

    Another Woman in Ezio's life was Caterina, who he met with Leonardo as he helped her to get from a place she was stuck in. He shortly finds out that she is a powerful woman and is married, to which Ezio responds that she is his type of girl. Later on, Ezio meets her again on an assassin conquest with Machiavelli. In which he finds out she ordered her husband's death upon finding out he is a templar, Ezio helps her recover her children from templars and then embarks again. After Ezio's Assassin conquests with Rodrigo, during the beginning of Assassin's creed Brotherhood, Caterina comes into Ezio's room while he is relaxing and the two share a moment of love with each other as they spent the night together. After being captured by Cesare's troops the next morning, Ezio rescues her later, as she reveals she didn't love him the other night and that she only needed to ensure his allegiance. This hurt Ezio.


    Rosa is a member of the thieves guild who Ezio met in Venezia with an arrow wound, he escorted her to safety and they spend months together on missions and teaching him how to climb. Rosa was flirtatious towards Ezio and brightened up when he came to see her. During the book of Assassin's creed, it is shown that Rosa kisses Ezio.


    Ezio had later left behind a legacy as shown in the pages of Assassin's Creed: The Fall in which you can see a statue of Ezio in the Assassin's Stronghold. He had also warned the modern day assassins of the tragedy that is to befall Earth.


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