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    A powerful biotic, Subject Zero is one of the new crew members for Mass Effect 2. Shepard first encounters her on the prison ship Purgatory.

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    Subject Zero was kidnapped at a young age by a renegade Cerberus operation testing on biotics. She was held at a Cerberus outpost science facility and constantly tested upon by the staff.

    Other children were present in the base but they were only there to act as test subjects that were expendable. Once a test was deemed safe, the test was then performed on Jack, known to the staff of the facility as Subject Zero. The children and staff alike hated Subject Zero while she was at the the facility, however it was not her choice, as she was kidnapped and given a small room with a desk and a bed.

    Jack's silhouette
    Jack's silhouette

    One day, a prison breakout occurred where all of the other children revolted. Subject Zero broke free and ended up killing many in her wake. She was able to make her way to a ship and jettison out into space. She was used as a sex slave on the ship before leaving and joining a cult. Commander Shepard finds Subject Zero in cryogenic confinement on the prison ship run by the Blue Suns and known to be called Purgatory. After meeting up with her, she reluctantly joins the team. She despises everything Cerberus but the player has a few options to choose from when trying to persuade Jack with a good enough reason to join.

    The story of Jack and Shepard is that Shepard needs as many powerful team mates as he can get his point to. Jack may get the point, whether she really cares is a different matter.

    Cerberus has intel that the Purgatory prison ship is holding Jack, it is a prison ship run by the merc group known as the Blue Suns. Shepard boards the ship with his team and they are given a tour of the ship by Warden Kuril, a turian Blue Suns leader and the prison ship warden. He explains how the prisoners are basically too expensive or too dangerous to be kept in prisons on the planet.

    Sometimes the Blue Suns or somebody else will capture the criminal and trade them to the Blue Suns Purgatory ship. Kuril goes on to explain, if prompted through conversation, that sometimes if the fee for the Blue Suns taking in the prisoner from the planet is not paid by somebody from the planet, they will release the prisoner at a random time, in a random place.

    Throughout the tour, Jack is only mentioned but not seen until shortly after the tour ends. Kuril will tell you to go ahead into one of the rooms behind the one you are currently in, so that you may meet somebody who will finalise and verify the transaction is complete.

    Jack has a lot of awesome tattoos
    Jack has a lot of awesome tattoos

    Little would the team know, that the transaction has actually been completed and paid, and that Kuril has bad intentions.

    As Kuril tries to lock down the team and possibly take them alive but incapacitated, Shepard must make his way to the control room for Jack's cryo-pod where she is contained, frozen and unconscious for the safety of everyone on the ship and of herself. By releasing it, Jack will break free from the shackles and literally blast her way through to the docking bay area of Purgatory.

    Shepard in the meantime must follow her bloody trail, quite literally carved through the ship's walls and attempt to persuade her to join when they find her. However, the player will encounter significant resistance as Warden Kuril attempts to take Shepard instead. "You're valuable Shepard, I could have sold you and lived like a king, but you're too much trouble!", ultimately he notices he may never capture Shepard.

    Defeating the warden, Shepard will continue and find Jack getting increasingly agitated and possibly paranoid by the fact that there is a Cerberus ship probably coming for her. The fact it is Cerberus which annoys her more than any other will be reveled in the loyalty mission for Jack.

    Abilities and Specialization

    Jack making good use of her Shockwave ability
    Jack making good use of her Shockwave ability
    • Shockwave
    • Pull
    • Subject Zero
    • Warp Ammo ** Unlocked by completing the loyalty mission **

    By ranking up the ability called "Subject Zero" to level 4, the following choices will be presented:

    • Primal Adept: "Jack can push her biotic abilities to the limit, greatly reducing recharge times of her powers."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 18%
      • Power Recharge Time: -25%
    • Primal Vanguard: "Jack focuses her ruthless energy into combat, heightening her weapon damage."
      • Health: 20%
      • Weapon Damage: 25%
      • Power Recharge Time: -18%

    Loyalty Mission: Subject Zero

    Jack's loyalty mission is brought up like the other missions mainly, some point after a few missions after you've recruited them.

    Speaking to Jack, she will tell you that she wishes to go back to the Cerberus base which she was raised in and she wants to destroy it with a bomb. Taking her there, you will see how fast the nature has already tried to take back the facility.

    There's also a softer side to Jack...
    There's also a softer side to Jack...

    Walking around the inside of the facility you will see different terminals around the rooms with the scientists documenting their progress and tests with Subject Zero. However, the team is alerted to the presence of somebody else in the building. Mercs, they are also there to claim the building as their own.

    Fighting and exploring, Jack will narrate certain memories of the rooms she had, such as the open room with the arena where she was made to fight against other children to test her abilities.

    Eventually bumping into some Krogan, one of which is communicating through to somebody called Aresh, they fight through and find Jack's room, there they find a man named Aresh. He would go on to explain that the scientists inflicted torture upon the children in order to see what would harm or kill Subject Zero, so that they would know what not to use.

    Jack throws Aresh to the ground with biotics and shouts how she still wants to blow the facility up with a bomb. Despite that Aresh calls the facility his home, he will not leave, he later explains how he wants to restart the facility as it was before Jack broke out, trapped in his own past, the bomb is set as the players leave by shuttle while the blast consumes miles of land behind them.



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